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UHA Health Insurance supports members to live well and be well

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UHA Health Insurance

Since its formation more than two decades ago, UHA Health Insurance has embraced the idea that wellness and prevention are the cornerstones of better health, and a better life.

“UHA was founded by physicians that felt medical plans were focusing too much on the business side of things and not enough on the clinical side of medicine.” says UHA CEO Howard Lee. As Hawaii’s only physician-founded health plan, UHA Health Insurance offers quality healthcare plans to Hawaii’s employers. Their physician-crafted plans are designed to support members in having the tools and support needed to maintain their health so that they can live a better life.

UHA initiated its “Live Well” and “Be Well” health and wellness programs to help its members improve their well-being and encourage them to live a happier, healthier lifestyle through prevention and management measures.

The Live Well programs include: Fit Flex Gym Membership, which provides fitness center membership to a variety of locations statewide for just $25 per month; Prediabetes/Diabetes Prevention as part of a first-of-its-kind effort with the YMCA to assist qualified individuals in a small-group setting with eating healthier, being more active and losing weight; Smoking/Tobacco Cessation through classes, prescribed medication and nicotine replacement products; and Weight Watchers® Weight Loss Assistance, a program based on the SmartPoints system that encourages participants to eat more fruits, vegetables and lean protein and cut out sugar and unhealthy fats.

The Be Well approach focuses on preventive care to help members stay healthy through benefits such as a free annual physical examination and coverage of the full spectrum of recommended* vaccinations for both children and adults – including the annual flu shot; and chronic condition management programs to help members living with asthma, chronic kidney disease and diabetes manage these conditions to help improve their quality of life.

To learn more about UHA Health Insurance and our Live Well, Be Well health and wellness programs, visit

*All ACIP recommended

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