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What to expect regarding your Medicare Insurance NEEDS?

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Plan Advisors Hawaii

Plan Advisors Hawaii

With so many choices and options among different Medicare health insurance plans, choosing the right plan can be quite confusing. During your working years you have a Human Resources Department that you can go to for guidance. In retirement, typically most retirees do not have a Human Resources to rely on. Guidance in retirement is hard to find. A Plan Advisor can become Your Human Resource for LIFE.

Top 2 concerns for retirement
• Finances
• Health Care

Recent research show top concerns in retirement are Finances and Health Care. Fidelity estimates a couple might need almost $300,000 in today’s dollars just to cover medical expenses in retirement. Also medical costs are rising at a rate that’s well above average inflation, meaning you may need to have even more set aside for when you retire (

To add to the confusion, there are different groups with different Health Care benefits in Retirement. Are you one of these?
• Federal retiree
• Military retiree
• Veteran
• Business Owner
• Non-Union retiree
• General population

What if you can find someone who can help you save money in retirement and at the same time help choose a health plan for you? Depending on what category of retirement you fall into, a Plan Advisor can help find a plan that can save you hundreds of dollars a month while helping you with wellbeing initiatives and being a “Human Resource” for you for life.

Each year, health plans come up with new and innovative ways to help keep the consumer engaged with Additional benefits above and beyond Original Medicare which include:
• Gym membership
• Vision
• Dental
• Therapeutic Massage therapy
• Acupuncture
• Chiropractor
• WELL BEING incentives that reward you with gift certificates/cards (Walmart/Amazon/Gasoline)
• Transportation

New Benefits for Oahu in 2021:
• Part B “give back” that gives credit back to your Social Security for your Medicare Part B premium (up to $360 per year, Plan year 2021)
• Diabetes programs that keep level co-pays and no donut hole (great for people with type 2 diabetes with meds over $45)
• Dialysis patients are now accepted by Medicare Advantage Plans for the first time in 2021

Key factors in selecting the right plan for you:
• Primary Care Providers are in Network
• Specialists are in Network
• Prescription drug cost
• Covers your specific needs
• Servicing
• Budget

At Plan Advisors Hawaii, we work with you to ensure you are in the right health care plan each and every year. Set up a free 15-minute consultation to see how we can save you money, while servicing you for life.

Plan Advisors Hawaii

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