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What do you think of U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s trip to Syria, where she met with President Bashar Assad?

  • C. Oppose entirely; should not have gone (1030 Votes)
  • A. Fine; fact-finding mission (625 Votes)
  • B. OK with trip, but oppose Assad meeting (261 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Gabbard a Democrat or Liberal has my approval. Uses common sense and not swayed by Politics, enough of the political party politics and doing what she tinks is right for her Country and constituents. This is what makes a great leader working for what they believe in and not what they believe what their political party stands fer.

      • I feel the Crooked News Media plays Gabbard as and adversary to Trump’s thinking but you read carefully and you’ll see she’s in step with Trump. Trump already stated he’d like to work with Putin to destroy ISIS once and for all! Never mind for now who ends up leading Syria. The problem of the World is ISIS

        • Rep. Gabbard seems level headed on many issues. I just wish she didn’t skip the inauguration. Of course, in HI if you don’t follow the rules (to be a Democrat), you’re “out”.

      • Tulsi is standing up for what is right – for the U.S. to stop the counterproductive, regime-change wars that we have been engaging in in the Middle East, causing nothing but death, destruction and chaos. Look at what happened in Iraq – 5,000 American soldiers’ lives lost, over $1 trillion spent, 500,000 Iraqi children killed. And what was the result? ISIS gleefully commandeering our tanks and heavy weaponry, which they then used to massacre innocent people. Yet instead of learning from this insanity, now they have been beating the drums of war for Syria, “Assad must go!” And simultaneously the U.S. and our dictator allies, like Saudi Arabia, have been arming jihadi extremists to fight Assad and take over all of Syria. Tulsi is the only person in Congress who is standing up to this insanity!

    • IRT Katk234, Rep. Gabbard exposed the critical error of Hawaii born ex-President Obama on the Syrian issue. Big screw up for the Democrats and Obama. The trip may have cost her some support from the liberal Democrats.

  • tulsi i thought you was a rock star. but you did it to purposely omit the inauguration of potus trump. now you are listed as a no show
    why tulsi why? tell us the truth
    auwe as wy hod

      • Agree. 400,000 people have been killed and millions have fled Syria. We don’t need another 30 year war in the Middle East that accomplishes nothing but death and destruction! The U.S. and our allies must stop arming the terrorist “rebels”, led by al-Qaeda, in Syria.

  • Still don’t trust her. This is a career move. She is getting some attention. But, then again, what have those other Jawaii Reps done in the past 2 weeks?

  • Maybe Gabbard’s angling for a State Department job instead of dealing with the concerns of rural Hawaii. Da Drumpf likes the ladies so she may have a shot if she plays her cards right.

    • If you know Tulsi, then you know she cares. She went to Syria as a person of peace; as someone who wants to help stop the insanity of the U.S. arming terrorists who are destroying Syria, raping and murdering little children and attempting to establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria. Tulsi’s trip and legislation have been endorsed by the U.S. Peace Council. You can learn more about the situation in Syria from the U.S. Peace Council here:

    • Might as well have left. She doesn’t seem to be as involved as the other Hawaii reps are in legislating in Congress.

      She’s taking off at a time when a lot of Democrat initiatives are being planned in response to Republican challenges to the Obama legacy.

      Worse yet… it seems that she is being cultivated as a Democratic supporter for this new Republican legislation. She will be deserting the party in its effort to stop the Republicans.

      • That’s not true. Tulsi’s certainly doing her job for Hawaii. What do you think legislative aides do? They work on initiatives coming up under the direction of each legislator. Her fact-finding mission of peace to show some aloha for the war-torn Syrians was taken during Congressional recess.

        • A recess is a good time to do political work like meeting with her constituents and other representatives in Congress. Aides cannot do that for her.

          I’d rather see her do her aloha work during the session if she doesn’t intend to vote with the Democrats.

        • She meets with her constituents all the time – but since you’re not in her district, you wouldn’t know that now would you?

          According to voting records, she votes at least 90% with the Democrats.

    • Certainly not a team player like Trump. Not original, antics taken from Trumps’s playbook to do the unorthodox for shock treatment. Separate self from the the mundane day to day mound and shock with unusual antics politically. Whether it will work on the long run is questionable. Trumps antics is a recent phenonmenom and whether it will work again is questionable after it is proven as unworkable. Iimprovements or changes come only after drastic consequences is experienced. Shock treatment has a cleansing affect that invite improvements..

  • US Representative Gabbard was just doing her job. A fact-finding mission, or even a congressional junket, is a permitted by prior congressional practices.

    Her bumping into the President of Syria, was just an accident. She did not plan on meeting the President of Syria. When questioned by the President of Syria, she could not snub him. That would be the equivalent, of not talking to POTUS Trump, if a Syrian Legislator bumped into him.

    News media control, over our elected ruling elite, will be taking a drastic shift, under POTUS Trump. Political & News Media boundary lines, are about to be redrawn.

    • Her job? How? She should be focused on domestic issues and Hawaii’s interest instead of messing up with lives in Syria. Easy to pick a topic there to show off, I guess. Also, she’s a loner and bragger, just couldn’t get any other international affairs committee people to go with her?

      • Do you think spending trillions of U.S. dollars on regime-change wars, which do nothing but put the people of Middle East into misery, is not related to what is going on at home? We have a limited amount of resources – if we have stop enriching the military industrial complex at the expense of the people of the Middle East, then we’ll have a lot more money to invest here at home! Tulsi has long advocated for greater spending at home, which could easily be done with the trillions we could save by stopping counterproductive, regime-change wars.

      • I believe, that she is making sure, that no more local people, go off to war.

        I believe, she is also trying to stop, Syrian migration to the USA. That would stop the financial hemorrhaging, of our tax dollars for refugee welfare.

    • Keonimay , “Her bumping into the President of Syria, was just an accident.” you really believe that ?
      But I do give her credit for going. Somebody has to help undo Hussain and Hillary and Kerry’s messes.

  • What a complete JOKE. This lady is so concerned about these 3rd world countries but she was elected to help the STATE OF HAWAII !

    I have lost all respect and would NEVER vote for her again.

    ITs very disgraceful that she missed the Presidential election, who does she think she is ?

  • With a full plate of issues that need attention immediately in Hawaiii, Ms. Gabbard choose to self promote herself again by petting herself in the political limelight instead of doing her job. Auwe!!! She already wasted almost a year of Hawaii taxpayers money during the election by promoting herself as an operative for Bernie. We are not Chicago, but we sure need our politicians to do there job

  • How can we form any opinion without really knowing all the details? She met with Trump prior to going to Syria? We don’t know if he knew or not, whether she had his blessing or that of the state department or anything else. Without more info the poll is rather useless.

  • More political posturing? I think so. Don’t get me wrong out of the Bunch Tulsi is the Best! “However” I do believe Aunty Tulsi should focus on her work,Working for the State of Hawaii and her constituents. This “Fact Finding Mission” is a waste of tax payer dollars. Fiscally responsible….I don’t so. “I do believe”(as many do) that this Venture or Fact Finding Mission should be left up to the designated committees in Congress as a whole ! Why does only one have to have all the lime light,without the rest of the member of the Arms Svcs committee sharing that light?
    Trust me ,this is all in preparation for her 2020 Presidential bid for the WH. Since Bernie Sanders failed presidential bid? And thus becoming irrelevant in the deceptive DNC? She may “Go It” alone.Watch!
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm….Is it Me? Seeking motherhood now could be an indicator of bigger things to come?
    Yes,this Fact Finding Mission has indeed Raised a lot of eye brows in Hawaii nei . And some of us knows an ulterior motive with Tulsi Gabbard exists. She’ll run for POTUS . Watch for it! But by that time and at the present speed President Trump is moving ,he will already have finished defeating ISIS and bringing Peace once again…….. to Syria and the Middle east. IMUA

    • I’m fine with Rep Gabbard doing this. She went during recess and was back bright and early when time for work – a ‘work=cation’ I guess you’d call it. Wonder how many other legislators actually did that. As far as the huhu on her going, when you fight for what’s right, those who think you’re wrong will throw punches to try and stop you.

      According to many articles (and Gabbard’s own press release) Gabbard’s fact-finding mission was not paid for by taxpayers, and the 2nd ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee has her back:

      “Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), the second-ranking Democrat on the Foreign Affairs panel, defended her trip, arguing that legislators have every right to examine the foreign policy they influence, even if it puts them face-to-face with loathsome folks.

      “Congress has an equal role in the conduct of American foreign policy even if Congress doesn’t negotiate directly on behalf of the United States,” Sherman said.

      “Sometimes we have to hear from and meet with leaders that are detestable,” he added. “I have my disagreements with Tulsi on Syria policy, but knowing Tulsi, I am confident she comported herself admirably on this trip.””

  • Representative Gabbard’s fact finding trip should have been left to the new administration since the State Department would convey the information to the President along with assessments and recommendations on how to proceed in dealing with Syria….

    • One would hope that on an issue like this the various vainglorious politicos could get together just for humanity if nothing else. If she is serious about trying to help she and Trump need to get together. Hell , she thinks more like a Republican than a Dem anyway. At least she well saw that the Clinton Cartel wasn’t the right way to go.

  • Of course Tulsi should have gone! She’s walking the talk. You can’t just be against regime-change wars and not act. Time for the rest of our delegation to show some guts and back the bipartisan “stop arming terrorists’ bill that Tulsi and 3 others introduced.

  • Tulsi is intelligent and ambitious enough to know that her career is brighter representing the nation, not being another sheep following politics as usual in a one-sided political nothing state as Hawaii. Sheep like Shatz, Hirono, and Hanabusa who will blindly follow any and all orders from Democratic HQ. Her political talents are wasted here.

  • At 1 AM on Saturday there were already 1030 unfavorable votes. I think the state Democratic Party got a heads up and voted for Maisie. Really I have never seen so many votes so early.

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