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Should fluoride be added to Hawaii’s water to help prevent tooth decay?

  • A. Yes, overdue for public health (805 Votes)
  • B. No, leave as is (647 Votes)
  • C. Undecided; need to hear more (91 Votes)

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      • Wrong. Government brought water to all even to those that don’t pay taxes. We don’t need Government to force a foreign substance into our water, that needs not be. If you brush your teeth even once a day you’d be okay without fluoridated water. Don’t tell me… . “smh”

      • It’s already been proven on the mainland that kids teeth are rotting despite fluoride in the municipal tap water due to consumption changes over the years. Kids drink carbonated drinks these days and bottled water so putting fluoride in our tap water is pointless and will not add any worthy value but make the taste slightly worse and add needless costs.

        You want the kids to have healthy teeth? Then have them brush like they are supposed to and then tell them to go and suck on a coconut. (Coconut oil pulling is healthy -

  • It’s already been proven on the mainland that kids teeth are rotting despite fluoride in the municipal tap water due to consumption changes over the years. Kids drink carbonated drinks these days and bottled water so putting fluoride in our tap water is pointless and will not add any worthy value but make the taste slightly worse and add needless costs.

    You want the kids to have healthy teeth? Then have them brush like they are supposed to and then tell them to go and suck on a coconut. (Coconut oil pulling is healthy -

  • Follow the money. Somebody is getting paid from the fluoride company at taxpayer expense. I’m sure the dentist isn’t behind this. I have no problem with cavities. Why fix something not broken? I see no benefit.

    • Krook Caldwell will then come forward and announce that your fluoride water is on time and on budget albiet a small Floride surcharge tax that’ll raise your water bill by 300% as he hires the same Union thugs from the mainland to supply the floride that are building the rail! haaaa

    • You see no benefit because you are living in the past, lived on the little 10th world Nei too long. The world outside the Nei is much higher tech, better set up for health.

      Fluoride has proven to reduce cavities and is no health risk. Sad to say there are those tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory believing, weak minded people who think government is trying to control and monitor them.

      Sad but so true.

      • Localguy, I have nothing against fluoride, I grew up with it on the mainland but don’t feel that it is useful this day and age. Read my other post about it not benefiting us in this day and age as kids no longer drink tap water like many years ago. It’s you that’s living in the past with a tinfoil hat thinking people still drink pure tap water! Proof is on the mainland, tooth decay has been rising over the years as the kids have been drinking more carbonated sugar water and bottled water with fluoride already in it than tap water from the faucet.

    • “paulokada says:”, Hit the nail on the head, “Follow the Money”. Donʻt be surprised if itʻs our own State Government who will not hesitate to sacrifice our valuable resources for money. STATE/CITY: “But you know how much Federal money we will get”.

  • Our pediatrician recommended giving our newborns fluoride drops every day. I also did not give them soda to drink when they were young and made sure they brushed their teeth twice a day. My oldest son never had a cavity while he lived at home. My younger daughter had a few cavities but I think it may have been because I wasn’t consistent in giving her fluoride drops. Fluoride to prevent tooth decay should be a topical treatment and not ingested.

  • Leave our water alone. It’s some of the best in the world. Don’t need government intervention. We’ve been fine without it. There’s absolutely always an ulterior motive. Follow the money.

  • Fluoride is poison, and has many awful side affects. Anyone that supports this plan should spend 5 minutes doing research, and I guarantee you will change your mind.

    • I went to college in Colorado springs which has high levels of natural fluoride. It was too late to prevent cavities, but I didn’t see any adverse affects from having it in the water. This is just an imaginary fear with no basis in reality. Chloride is a poison and that is put into our water. Hell if you drink too much water, that can be deadly.

        • I was already a democrat when I went off to college. I still remember the Oahu country club not admitting minorities in except to work. Talk about zombies, you are describing yourself. Voting for the town butcher for brain surgery? Good luck with that. Enjoy the corruption that will flow from this president. He will make GW look like a saint. Sadly the country will end up in the same place as it did under GW.

      • IRT Peter (Boots), you’re still with us. Hey, saw the DOW? It hit 19,000. What happened to your Demo’s and Ms Hillary? Crow does not have much meat, huh.

        • ^5 and let’s not forget…”Sept. 7, 2016, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday that the stock market would “tank” if Trump is elected”

      • Boots and the Democraps know whats best for us. They will do it no matter what we the taxpaying public says. Keep voting in the same know-it-alls and see what we get!! Boots is still hurting from his personal loss!!! lol!!!

      • Naturally occurring fluoride is not the same as industrial grade and highly toxic fluoride that is a by product of the production of chemical fertilizer.
        This is not to say that drinking high amounts of naturally occurring fluoride is good for you but they are not the same thing.

      • Get a clue boots. Just because you don’t think there were adverse effects, does’t mean anything. Does BJ Penn think that his brain has had no adverse effects? After reading all your bull on HiLIARy, I can tell you-Boots, it must have been the fluoride that caused the damage. Go HiLIARy!

      • Boots – you say you “didn’t see any adverse affects from having it in the water”. You just don’t notice it but “fluoride damages brain development and leads to significantly lower IQ levels in humans”. Everyone here can see the effect it had on you.

  • Listen if you can’t brush your own teeth then TOUGH LUCK. Please DO NOT POISON our water for people who are LAZY or have BAD PARENTS.

    WHY does government think the know what is best ? Sick of this B$

    IF anything the DOH should visit every school and have a program to EDUCATE the KEIKI if the parents are to S T U P I D …

  • I agree with all those saying NO! If people want fluoride, tell them by a system that can put it in their water supply, but don’t contaminate anyone elses

  • No poison in my water, please! What happened to the elementary school program where we would get topical application of fluoride? I remember these vividly. Let people have a choice. If it’s in our water, you’ve taken away our choice.

    • My kids had topical application of fluoride and never had a cavity. Lucky kids. They never experienced the awful pain and sound of that dreadful drill. During my time, the dentist did not numb your gums so you had to bear the pain. My younger sister would scream and I wanted to run in the room and punch the dentist. To this day, I hate going to the dentist! I rather bear the pain of childbirth…LOL

  • The water in Hawaii, has gotten progressively bad, over the last 50 years.

    Anyone ever notice the white deposit, left by the water, around faucet fixtures? That didn’t exist in the old days. Anyone ever smell the water lately? It didn’t smell before.

    The tape water, no longer tastes sweet.

  • The ignorance, and, I fear, willful ignorance, of most of these comments is staggering. That is why, generally, I no longer read comments or make comments here. This time, however, I could not resist. Sayonara.

  • Teach your dam kids to brush their teeth and quit buying them all that sugar in drinks and candy. I don’t need to water my 2 acres w/fluoride. Nor do I want to drink it.

  • The industrial grade fluoride into the water is a poison containing many metals and chemicals all detrimental to human health and is known to permanently reduce a person’s
    IQ. Those that think adding this poison to the water need to do some research on this and you will find that this is a very bad idea and is being promoted by the producers of chemical
    fertilizer as it is a hazardous by product of making fertilizer and would have to be properly disposed of if not sold. The fluoride (stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride) found in toothpaste and mouthwash are not the same as the industrial fluoride put into the water.
    In China, adding fluoride to the water is not allowed as they understand that it is a serious health threat to people but ironically they are more than happy to sell us all the industrial grade fluoride we want.
    And those that suffer from chronic and serious health conditions cannot drink fluoridated water and would have to either drink only distilled water or water filtered to remove the
    fluoride. Lastly, adding fluoride to the water has not been shown to be effective in preventing dental caries in children and its application to teeth as is done when you visit the dentist/dental
    hygienist is the only way fluoride has been shown to have some positive effect in preventing dental caries.
    But as already noted, this fluoride is a pharmaceutical grade and is night and day different from the industrial grade fluoride that would be added to the water.

    • In persons with low thyroid (hypothyroidism), fluoride can worsen thyroid function. Many with thyroid disease avoid even fluoridated toothpaste for that reason. As our population ages more people, especially women, are developing thyroid disease.

  • I spent 55 years drinking fluoridated water in the Seattle, WA, area and few if any cavities and I did not get poisoned. I wonder how many of the MIMBY folks have the medical credentials to accurately evaluate the effects of fluoride being added to the water in Hawaii? I hope that any kids that get more cavities then other states that do fluoridate their water can thank their elders who did not want it here.

    • Try drinking fluoridated water when you suffer from a chronic, health condition. The effects are very detrimental and I would bet that you know people who would be
      adversely affected. The elderly and the very young would be affected adversely. industrial fluoride which is a hazardous waste by product in the production of chemical
      fertilizer is extremely toxic and contains many chemicals and heavy metals all known to be very toxic.
      Please do yourself a favor and do some research into this. I believe you will be very surprised by what you learn and this may change your opinion on this public health issue.

    • It could be because you brushed your teeth regularly. Fluoride is not a magical panacea for dental diseases. Many studies indicate that fluoride has many harmful effects.

  • They have toothpaste with fluoride in it. Let the parents take care of the kids’ teeth. What is wrong with Hawaii parents today? They want preschool to have someone babysit their children; now they want the government to reduce their kids’ cavities. Next thing you know these parents will want government to send someone to cook and feed their children and even change their diapers. Geeeeez! These people should not have kids.

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