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Overall, what do you think of President Donald Trump’s first week?

  • C. Bad; I'm pessimistic (1160 Votes)
  • A. Great; I'm optimistic (687 Votes)
  • B. Fair; OK (198 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • His lack of experience is clearly showing. Choosing the town butcher to perform brain surgery is generally not a wise course of action. Picking a fight with Mexico over the wall is not very bright either. The great negotiator is going to be taken down a few notches. Hopefully one cannot just continue lying through his presidency.

        • You’re upset if he does what he says he’ll do, and you’re upset if he doesn’t.

          You should form an opinion and return, but he’s not going to suddenly turn into Hilary Clinton for you.

        • Boots is welcome to leave the USA —-and let her know to please shut the door behind her.
          Bye Bye Bootsie —- BUT if you decide to stay please open your brain and help us make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No need to join a PUSSAY March or cry in the corner – just leave the gates out are open and empty
          because everybody is fighting to get in because of Mr. Trump and the powerful message he brings into the picture. wow he is actually doing what he promised Go Trump Go

    • IRT Peter (aka Boots), past post on Congress undoing 8 years of Hawaii born ex-President Obama’s two terms. Now, who is experienced? “IRT LesPark, hey, have you heard of the 60 day rule on executive orders and administrative rules? This afternoon, it was explained by Congress. Any executive order or administrative rules can be overturned by Congress with a majority vote of both houses. Okay, now the kicker. The 60 day rule applies to executive orders and administrative rules only if they are presented to Congress and approved by Congress. Now, if the Obama administration in 2009 developed administrative rules and did not present its revised rules for Congressional approval, the 60 day rule continues to apply. What is being requested by Congress is for each of the Administrative Departments submit all administrative rule(s) not submitted to Congress from 2009. As soon as Congress receives the amended rules, the 60 day rule applies. The Hawaii born ex-President Obama attempting to conceal his actions did not submit the amendments to Congress and will all be over turned by the majority Republican Congress under the 60 day rule. It’s becoming very exciting, that eight years of Obama orders and rules could be overturned.” The 1996 Congressional Review Act was signed by President Bill Clinton. Go check it out.

  • I am very impressed with President Trump, he seems to be a bundle of energy, the likes we haven’t seen in my lifetime and certainly more than his terrible predecessor. Now, his schedule increases, as he works with labor, business, and world leaders. America needed him, and as if by destiny, the right leader was elected. Now as far as our home, we need a transformational leader like President Trump, but not if we elect the same old, same old corrupt Democrats again and again.

    • Why exactly are you impressed with him about? Please be specific. Do you really think it is wise to tax the American public to build a wall along Mexico? Why exactly? Immigration is way down and might even be negative This wall might actually be to keep people in instead of keeping people out.

  • i can see why potus trump will not aid the soon to be bankrupt rail..
    hawaii will get nothing..86% vote democrat for presidential elections
    he will throw a crumb or two for the plantation lunas (democrats) but he still loves you!
    aloha my friends and remember
    keep voting democrat

  • Did not have high hopes for him but the alternative would have been the repeat of a failed administration. His narcissism bothers me and his desire to deliver outrageous promises is scary?? Infra-structure rebuilding is my main concern. World events to some degree is currently manageable, yet any future “shoot from the hips” actions can be devastating. Spur of moment actions is really scary.

    • If only republicans couold have such failed results as Obama and Clinton. lol

      We shall soon see how the Donald actually does. Since he is not a typical republican there is some hope for him. But I suspect he will still end up crashing the economy.

  • Refreshing change to the “business as usual” mentality. There are those who point out why something cannot be done…or the “Why Nots!” Then there are those who ask, “Why Not?” I am and prefer the later. 🙂

  • We finally have a real leader who knows how to get stuff done to help America.

    I just love how the liberals are losing it. Get ready because you have not seen anything yet. Go Trump Go !!

    Sad thing is Hawaii will never learn nd will keep electing Incompetent politicians who get NOTHING done !

    • Wazdat I agree! Obama looks good sitting on the cover of People magazine, and Trump, well, he ruffles feathers while getting things done, love it!!

      The people of Hawaii don’t vote they just complain, Go President Trump!!

      • Scuddrunner, you know what you are talking about! The people who did not vote for Ttump are just poor losers. You are right, they will probably be complaining for the next 8 year!

  • Sorry Dems & Libs.
    Trump is doing a great job.
    Obama was weak.
    Until you can present a candidate for POTUS who’s more effective for America than Obama was and can be trusted more than Hillary Clinton your parties will continue to lose. Over 1000 elected positions lost in the past 8 years means something. Figure it out. Continued fanatical anti-patriotic protests, riots, hissyfits, harassment of fellow Americans and resistance won’t help you in any way.

  • He keeps bringing up voter fraud. ABC News last night said that his daughter, Tiffany Trump registered to vote in New York and Pennsylvania; son-in-law Jared Kushner in New York and New Jersey; WH Chief Strategist Steve Bannon in New York and Florida; and his press secretary Sean Spicer in Rhode Island and Virginia. Who else in his inner circle did that? He should ask all his staffers and family. BACHI…

    • Being registered to vote in multiple states is not against the law. Voting more than once is. Do you have anything to prove these people voted more than once?

  • The POTUS is working at Light Speed…….At some point he’s gonna have to slow down and wait for our typical politicians to catch up! lol. Remember he’s not a Career Politician. Right? All the Executive Orders he’s been passing in only a week will make your head spin! So Pay Attention!
    Should be of no surprise…..He is doing Exactly what he said during his campaign. People need to also remember , not everyone is perfect they’ll be mistakes along the way. But if he keeps his promise to the American Voters ? His next 4 year term will be easy enough. Ohhhhhhh NOOOO!Gasping the Mainstream Liberals. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (yep!California is sounding better & better every day.)

    Now, how many past politicians have you experience working at the “Speed of Light”, getting things done,working for the People of our country…… That person is Donald J. Trump.
    With that in mind;I call out all my fellow Liberal Trolls! Do you want to be part of the Solution OR Part of the Problem? Let’s fix this mess together……..I know ,.I know . I had to try. IMUA President Trump! MAGA

  • President Trump is doing what he said he would do as candidate Trump and I applaud him for that. The reason the political elite and the driveby media cannot comprehend him is that
    they cannot imagine anyone in politics today who does what he promised to do. Kind of novel and unheard of from the type we have in both political parties who essentially work for the same masters.

  • Gee just off the top of my head….froze the EPA, paused immigration until they figure a better way, cleared out the top border patrol guy, along with several lifetime state dept lolo’s, got the Winston Churchill bust back in the Oval Office, got the US out of the ptp, did an abc news interview, paved the way for the end of the unaffordable careless act, and managed to get a whole lot of people worked up, which I find hilarious.

  • Trump is doing more in a week than someone whose first 100 days is a dot to Trump’s work week! Good or bad work , we have yet to find out! It does gives a person some semblance of hope!

  • Business likes him…. Because they think he believes in deficit spending. I agree with them there. Increased govt spending would juice up our economy. It’s what many economists including Paul Krugman are recommending.

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