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Overall, what do you think about the result of the presidential election?

  • C. Appalled; despondent (1132 Votes)
  • B. Open-minded; wait and see (656 Votes)
  • A. Happy; excited (537 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Truth prevails, an old idiom could have been the key? At least for me, did not care for Trump’s demeanor, but a no vote was a yes vote for Hillary! Have tried to live my life as honestly as I could although not a religious freak? It has worked for me as is attested by my over 25 years of comfortable retirement with a small portfolio of investment. Although Comey tried to protect Hillary’s image as stretching the truth,plus the clandestine meeting by the AG and Bill, it glaring portrayed a “fix”. When the Justice Department portrays a questionable character, honest people will revolt. A testament of the American people proven over and over. Do not think people liked Trumps politics, they hated Hillary’s character more??????

        • Don’t lump non-college educated folks with uneducated bums. I have more respect for blue collar skilled folks like mechanics, electricians, carpenters, technicians of all kinds, etc than college educated fools that have no common sense, no skills, and can’t support themselves except to work in government jobs.

  • Political diplomacy, is the best way to deal with Trump. Otherwise, if you retaliate against him, you may suffer from 4 years, of political wrath.

    To the victor, goes the spoils.

  • After hearing Trump’s victory speech, seems like his entire campaign was just an act. Hopefully this is the case and he comes to his senses and governs responsibly but I’m not holding my breath on this. As long as you bow down to Trump, he’ll treat you fine. You’ll see that the first time this country faces a big crisis after Trump officially takes the throne early next year.

  • I was very happy with the electoral college results. My concern was the U.S. Supreme Court nominees, the Keystone Pipeline, Jobs and the Economy, the National Debt, the U.S. Military, the centralization of power in D.C., the Executive Orders, the Separation of America by Race, the Illegal Immigration problem, and caused by the Liberal Democrat ideology.

  • I am disgusted that a lying, bankrupt filling, phony was able to win the presidency of the United States. People have truly lost their minds on the mainland. At least we voted the logical way in Hawaii. Well here is to Groper in Chief elect. How sad and pathetic.

    • What a crybaby you are Bootsy. Reality check, the sunrise was beautiful this morning, the skies are blue, stock market is up, and leaders of the world congratulated the winner with invitations for open collaboration. C’mon Chicken Little the sky is not falling.

    • I am tempted to point out how WRONG you and The Gang of 8 were!Sooooo tempted!
      BUT I’m not! Just suck it up,gain your composure and accept defeat! Hillary Clinton Did! Move ON!
      FYI: Polling numbers will surface (Next Week) that Bernie Sanders Supporters did in fact support President Donald Trump.

    • Indeed, what are they thinking on the mainland? We have elected the least qualified candidate in decades. At least Trump is smarter than Bush. Maybe he will do less st**id things than Bush.

    • Boots you are pathetic. Sour grapes indeed. Need to stop as much as you criticized those who spoke to about Obama now the shoe is on the other foot and you are no better. Calling the kettle black. You are worse because the Obama critiques cause you know better or at least said you did.

  • What do I think? I think, looking out from our lanai for the week at Kalia Tower and seeing the ocean, that this is a really pretty day in Hawaii to go to the beach, listen to my audiobook, and swim.

  • First off, stock market is not up, it has not regained the losses from last night.
    Trump is the least qualified president ever.
    He is not a good human being and even the republicans didn’t get along with him.
    Religion has no place in politics or government. Fanatical religious people either Muslim or Christian are both off their rockers and are no different than each other.
    I hope america will be better but I seriously doubt it.
    Last year of Bush we had 9% unemployment and Gas was $5, we are now at 5% unemployment and $3 gas.
    I am much better off today than I was 8 years ago, and so are most of my family and friends.
    Life goes on but I doubt things will get better for the retired white people, hold on to your wallets because your medical cost is going sky high !!!!!!!!

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