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What should President Trump do about the travel ban against 7 Muslim majority nations, now blocked by the courts?

  • . Drop altogether; bad idea (759 Votes)
  • . Recraft ban/order (613 Votes)
  • . Appeal to Supreme Court (204 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • no brainer. craft another executive order to ban immigration. they will be coming. how can people be so stupid?
    support your president keep america safe!

  • There is so much hate towards President Donald Trump by the liberal Democrats and paid Soros protestors. When former President Bill Clinton (slick Willy) banned muslims, the liberal Democrats were silence. There was no protest at all at all airports. Flash way back to Jimmy Carter when he banned Iranians from entering the United States because of the hostage crisis, the Democrats in Congress and nationwide were silence. There was no protest at the airport.
    Now that President Donald Trump trying to use extreme vetting (not banning like the media is putting out) on those muslim countries that harbor terrorist, the liberal Democrats are up in arms. I call it “sour grapes” still smelling after their liberal messiah Hillary Clinton conceded to Donald Trump on that election night last year.
    Was it 60 minutes program they had a special of Terrorist say they are already in the United States via the Immigrant visa program. They probably infiltrated during the Obama’s tenure when he let thousands of Muslims in without the extreme vetting.
    If there is another terrorist attack in the future, undoubtedly, the liberal Democrats will blame President Donald Trump for it. The Liberal Democrats have filled their minds with “hate” towards our President who want to protect Americans. Did you ever hear that from our former liberal Muslim President Barack Hussien Obama? Hell no!!!. He only protects Muslims not American.
    When President Donald Trump moved into the White house to arrange things his way, it was reported they removed Obama’s Muslim prayer room in the White house. Of course the Liberals are silence. Most of America is glad the worst President of the United States in the history of this country, Barack Hussien Obama is gone for his retirement in his true home in Chicago or is it Kenya?.

    • “When President Donald Trump moved into the White house to arrange things his way, it was reported they removed Obama’s Muslim prayer room in the White house.” Really? Reported by whom? Are you insane?

      • I wouldn’t doubt there was a multi faith prayer room in the White House. Many of the large Federal buildings have multi faith prayer rooms. As part of the resilience program in the military, meditation room were created, and part of the room was meant for people to do silent prayers to include the muslim prayer. I think the real question is if Trump removed the prayer room, not if there was one.

  • SA where is the reporting that many European countries are now organizing to get back their own respective countries. There are hundreds of reports from women not on mainstream media about the rapes happening on women by the migrants. The hatred many of these young male migrants have. (young male migrants are the majority of the influx) Once safe and peaceful countries are turning into a place that the local citizens are afraid for their lives and rights. Censorship lash back on those in important and popular position who are against the migrants creating havoc in their country.

    Send a reporter to Europe and start asking the people there and get their story of what is truly going on. Tourism is starting to slow down in Europe. People who are aware are beginning to know better.

  • You should play “social games” with National Security. Vetting and restrictions have always been used to protect the US borders and needs to be fully utilized.

  • Trump promised he would win so much after becoming president that you would be tired of seeing him win, but all he has done is sign flawed executive orders that probably were written by his puppet master Steve Bannon who’s whole philosophy is hell bent on destroying the government from the top down.

  • The three Liberal judges should be held responsible should something happen from those very refugees making it into our country.Heck even President Bashir al Assad said there were indeed ISIS terrorist coming into the US. How crazy is that? And yet these “Politically Correct” Judges still allow them to come in? BRAAH! This is our LIVES they are playing with.”Playing with Matches” and someone will get Burned.
    The signed executive Travel ban signed by Pres. Trump IS within the realms of presidential executive powers!
    It’s the way these judges had misinterpreted it! This is the dilemma! The President is not without options though,he can choose to “Re-Draft” a new ban,which will take effect immediately! Then the judges will scramble around and will need to refile an injunction,appeal (What ever!) to that new Travel Ban, which takes more time.Good thing about it, you are still being Protected.Hey! Idea,ding,ding! What about ,for the Safety of All Americans? The President can maybe do Both? Issue a New Travel Ban, get that in place, simultaneously get The Supreme Courts to interpret the “Original” Travel Ban” and let them rule on it,if he was indeed acting within Presidential Executive Powers.
    In the meantime,all President Trump can do is keep monitoring the Refugees.IMUA!

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  • Main stream media (including HSA) attempting to make our President look cruel. Do your research Hawaii. You’ve been ripped off too long – but now you’re settled on not being safe?

  • I believe, that many people strongly believe, that Trump will just disappear, under political pressure.

    He keeps on coming back, after many people thought, that he was down.

    Expect that pattern of behavior, over the next 4 years.

    He is a sleeping political dragon. No one has correctly figured him out.

    His is not a politician. He is a highly successful billionaire businessman.

    The book on his political strategy, has not been written yet.

    • Trump is never going to give up. The left seems to think that their tactics are bad for Trump, but actually it has the opposite effect. The MSM just won’t learn.

      • It seems to this reader that these protesters are somehow stuck in the 60’s. Their tactics were what they used during the Vietnam war. Times have changed but they have not.

  • I think while this ban is being blocked, terrorists will refrain from attacking us for if they do public opinion will change. And I hope there isn’t any terroist attack on us by an immigrant as people’s thinking about a ban will definitely change.

  • President Trump has a duty to protect all Americans, even the fascistic Anarchists wing of the corrupt Democrat Party. He will do this because he is committed to keeping you safe. One day, these Anarchists will grow old, and probably still hate America, but they will still be around because of the hard work of our great president, President Trump.

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