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Should the state create a kupuna caregivers program to give $70 daily to help caregivers stay in the workforce?

  • B. No, not state responsibility (550 Votes)
  • A. Yes, caregivers need relief (475 Votes)
  • C. Maybe; need to hear mor (260 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • Maybe it’s not the States responsibility and I always hear it’s the family’s problem but if you have ever had a family member need looking after, absolutely no one steps forward to do it or can afford to pay for it.

    If you think your children will step in to care for you, you’re dreaming! This new generation will absolutely have no time or money for you. I see it everyday! You will never have enough money to support and pay for care for youself. If you didn’t set up a plan while you were still working in you late 20 or 30’s until now, you won’t have enough.

    Don’t be fooled!!!! Your children will say and absolutely mean it whrn they say they will be there for you but when the time comes when you need help…..crickets!!!

    • Depends if you have an unemployed 55/56 years old relative and if provided with sufficient funds(checking account) which is replenished regularly. Our relative has been visiting daily and prepares our daily meals and grocery shopping. Occasionally he takes time off for dates with friends. On these occasions he purchases bentos.

        • You may find that someone who doesn’t have a job will be always to busy to have time for you…LOL

      • I think that’s more of an exception rather than the norm….that today most people are busy with their own lives whether they’re working or raising their own families or self absorbed doing their own thing and don’t feel it’s their responsibility to help look after their aging parents…..I see that all the time since I’m a caregiver for my mother and other people who are in the same situation tell me the same thing that they’re the sole caregiver for their parents while other siblings haven’t lifted a finger to help their parents… one day when they get old they too will know what’s it’s like when their kids neglect them as well….

  • Is the State under the impression that it can afford to do so? Always easy to offer up someone else’s money. No, NOT the States’ or OUR job to make up for THEIR lack of planning.

    • 99% don’t plan or don’t plan enough…if by 20 years old and you don’t have some type of supplemental extra care insurance by now, you won’t be ready either. You may think you are or plan to do it later, you won’t. You’re not alone!

      People refuse to think about what will happen or might happen in the future. They think they’ll be independent forever…trust me…you won’t.

      At 40 my insurance company wanted to charge me $1000 a month just to start the extra insurance…they said if I started by 20 it would have been way cheaper…of course I didn’t think I needed it then….it wasn’t until my mother went through it that I saw what could happen….and of course “family” was no where to be found….until she passed of course then they popped up to try and grab what ever was left….they will contest everything…Wills…Trusts…etc…etc…

  • Plus a lot of companies and especially government are going to 30 year retirements…if you think you’re going to make it to a 30 year retirement?…dream on! If you do great but most likely not…that’s what they’re counting on…less full retirements…less benefits….

    Think of it this way, you bought your new home…town house…apartment, is it already handicap accessible? Do you think you’ll never need it? Hmmmm by 35 everything could change. Sickness…accident….anything! An aging parent may need to move in….handicap ready? Care giving funds already in place? I highly doubt it you’re ready…kids? They won’t return your calls. Okay you kids may want to but the spouse may not let them…LOL

    • Or…how about your child?….fine today, accident, sickness, or even drugs tomorrow! Permanently disabled, now you have to care for them. One of your bread-winner family members has to be a stay-at-home caregiver. Income cut in half or by a major amount. You were already prepared?…FANTASTIC! I bet not….

  • Long-term Care insurance is available…many levels of care and of course price!

    Provides someone to just sit and watch to call 911 if something happens.

    Then to someone to watch and feed pre prepared food that YOU provide.

    Then to someone to watch, prepare food, and feed.

    Then to someone who would do all that and bathe n stuff…etc. etc.

    For my mom it would have cost an extra $10K a month but she didn’t last long…can you afford that? Will your other family members chip in? I doubt it…

  • We need care givers! But, this could end up being a scam for some. They gonna say they work 7 days a week and see 8 patients a day and spend 1 hour with each. First of all, are they worth $70 an hour? And what do they really do?

    • I don’t think it said $70 an hour….but whatever it is….certified…not certified…regulated…not regulated…what ever it is it’s not really appreciated until it’s too late!

      I see families with dependants with mental health issues….they don’t have resources to pay private professionals, no one does….so they call 911….YOUR 911, that we ALL pay for. They want the State to take the family member in for treatment so WE ALL can pay for it. But yes the STATE can’t afford it so the doctors release them after a few hours to go right back home. Eventually the families kick them out because they can not handle anymore….right onto the streets. Then WE ALL pay again anyway for all the interactions that happen afterwards anyway. So WE still pay in the end!

    • The question says $70 daily……big difference from $70/hour. Keep in mind that we’re not talking 8 hours like a regular job. Imagine ALL DAY whereby you need to make meals, clean up after them, REPEAT things like 1,000 times. It wears on anyone.

      • Especially changing the the adult diaper part…or just sheets!

        Roll em over to the right…pull the sheet…roll em over to the left…pull the sheet…stuff the the new sheet under and roll em over back to the right….pull the sheet….tuck all the sides and corners under…pull on the slider pad to position them back in the right spot…then they try to help you and exert a little strength…splat! Ahhhhhhh! start all over again!

  • There is a saying that there are only 4 types of people in the world: those who are caregivers, those who have been caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers. This is an issue that affects all of us, and so it will take all of us to solve.

    • The solution is for everyone to plan for their lives. Of course, nobody can plan for some unexpected catastrophe, but those are not common. If government had to support all elderly people, taxes would be so high that nobody can save enough for the future.

      • I’m not saying government should pay for it or subsidize it but it is an unspoken issue that does need help. It’s not even a catastrophe that needs to happen, let’s say you hurt your back in a non-work activity like moving a heavy box at home or hurt your neck falling off your bike and now you can’t work. So now you cut back on spending, long term care insurance would be the first to go I bet. So now years later things come and go but you always meant to restart that policy. Now it’s too late, divorce, more injury, added sickness, etc. etc. Easy to talk but now you need the care taking…but your kids say, “but we have our own family to take of!” “YOU SHOULD HAVE PLANNED AHEAD!’

        • Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, then one day you brother or sister calls and says (not asks), “HEY YOU HAVE TO TAKE DAD IN” “SHE SAID SHE’LL DIVORCE ME IF HE’S NOT OUT BY TOMORROW” “OH BY THE WAY, HE’S OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR!” (ding dong!)

        • If you get hurt and can’t work, there already is available help – unemployment, disability, social security (for disabled), welfare, etc. The government should not have to take care of everybody for their entire lives – it can’t be done, the country will go bankrupt, and the U.S. will turn into a third world country.

    • You are right. It is extremely hard to do and not many are able or willing to do it.
      This is an area where the development of artificial intelligence and the use of robots may lead to a breakthrough in meeting this need. Japan is doing a lot of work in the area of robotics in caring for the infirm and elderly and it is not far off perhaps in 4 to 5 years unless we exterminate ourselves before then.

    • Masami – yeah, it’s not easy but you did it without government assistance, didn’t you? People have been doing it since time began without government help.

  • At $70/day or $2100/mo, caregivers will come out of the woodwork! I think the idea is a good one, but where is the $$$$ coming from?
    We took care of our parents with no $$$ relief for 9 yrs. We all paid for it. Not easy, but had to be done!

  • I was at this care home once,

    This lady comes walking out the door real fast and jumps into her Mercedes Benz, reverses, and zooms out the driveway. A few seconds later an old man comes shuffling out the door after her yelling in a soft frail voice, “DON’T LEAVE ME HERE, DON’T LEAVE ME!”

    A nurse comes out to tend to him and she tells me later that he used to live with her, his daughter but her new family has no time for him.

  • So besides giving caregivers $70 a day, maybe the state should also give homeless people $70 a day and $70 a day to help people pay for child care and $70 a day to help people pay for taking care of a disabled child or other family member so they can stay in the workforce (except for the homeless).

  • Instead of cash what about a tax credit (Income Tax Credit)?. However, there also needs to be a more comprehensive program to provide relief to the caregiver(s). I, being one who had provided same can attest it is a daunting task…financially, physically and financially 🙂

    • Did you need government “relief”? You and millions have done it already without government “relief”. That’s part of having a family. Maybe people should not have kids and keep all their money for their old age.

      • It would be nice. However, having kids and the costs associated with raising same is unavoidable. An option would be not having any and investing $’s appropriately. You could then secure LTC insurance (this applies for elder care and disability) or hybrid LTC policies. If applicable you could leverage your home with a Reverse Mortgage. These need to be carefully evaluated by each individual’s needs.

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