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What do you think about Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) now?

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  • Obama care or what should be referred to as Nixon care was never as good as a single pay system but at least it was an attempt to bring health care costs and availability under control in this country. Health care should be viewed as a basic human right and not a privilege. Hopefully someday this country will have medicare for all.

    • You forget that the Veterans medical is single pay and is a shambles. It depends on other peoples money and runs out of other peoples money. And takes foreve to get anything processed.

    • Obamacare ( ACA) has destroyed quality healthcare in America. It now takes a month to see a doctor and the good ones have quit (retired) or moved to another country. A family plan for HMSA for 3 persons in Hawaii is now over $2000.00 per month + co-pays on everything. Up from $1200.00 in 2009 thanks to OBUMMER ==== BOOTS is an I-D-I-O-T and needs to actually think with her brain instead of her arse

  • The elderly and senior citizens, do not fare well with Obamacare.

    It seems that the younger generations, do not fully understand, the long term damage.

    The refugees and illegal aliens, are doing quite well, within the USA.

    • Can’t beat them so I say join them! lol Next time you go to an ER tell them you name is Jesus Moses Rodriguez and you have no SSN. You’ll never have to pay a dime for services as you walk out, let Obama pick up the tab since he made it mandatory!

  • Not good. Reminds me of the direction our rail is going. One common denominator- the political party who voted for these massive failures. This is what happens when you let a single party control everything. What happened to “blue dog” democrats who seem to have held things in check?

  • It is an inevitable failure….. Doomed from the start. The public should’ve expected this failure when very few (if any) of the members of congress who voted on it even read the entire bill before they voted for it. Even Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, confessed not reading it as she strongly urged all congressional members to “Read it after you vote for it.”

    • The ACA has had a negative effect on the quality of care. It was sold on a lie because they knew it would not reduce costs, and you could not automatically keep your doctor, and your premiums would not be reduced on average of $2500.00 per year. Remember what Gruber said about the “stupid public”. Notice that it was only Fox News that openly reported on Gruber, the rest, not so much because it wasn’t favorable to the administration to do so. It’s difficult to judge the quality of healthcare overall. If you want to look at a government run system, consider the VA. Having Veterans die or not be seen on a timely manner, years after the problem was identified, is a great example of just how efficient the government is at running business. Voters need to pay attention and not simply listen to the hype. By the way, the politicians conveniently exempt themselves from the ACA. They have access to better care than most of the citizens of Hawaii, unless you are wealthy.

  • Obama Care was designed to make the people so fed up they will accept a totally government run medical insurance plan. Obama care was never meant to be the final product… only a means to another end. And so far it’s going according to plan. The only major legislation to NOT receive one single vote from the opposition party.

  • I will stipulate that prior to Obamacare that there were situations where individuals were denied coverage or had their insured cancelled because of medical history and could not get coverage at any price. That was wrong. At the same time, there were hundreds of millions of people in this country that had reasonable comprehensive coverage including a wide choice of providers at an affordable price for most everyone.

    In attempt to fix the first problem Obamacare made life difficult for the hundreds of millions that already had coverage. Now everyone have plans with reduced provider networks, more limited choice in carriers (for both individuals and businesses), more limited drug formularies, higher deductibles and co-pays and higher maximum out-of-pocket costs. Out taxes and national debt have both gone up to support this scheme.

    In looking at the totality of those now insured, the relatively few who have benefited from Obamacare has come at the expense, in both dollars and services, of the masses who were relatively satisfied with the status quo ante.

    • BINGO! The only thing that Obama should have touched in regards to laws is to not allow insurance firms to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions albeit with higher premiums and deductibles for them.

      Thanks a lot Obama, thanks to your scam, I’m paying 30% more in premiums this year and will pay another 40% more next year, while our “yes we can” dictator plays golf and swims at Hanauma Bay and closes the entire reserve down to the public because he’s more important than the average citizen on the island.

  • Had my hard earned health insurance coverage mostly paid by my employer and my coverage was ample in my retirement. Now wondering how I will get screwed in the remaining years of my life since it seems that it will be imploding if the Republican is elected as the new commander-in-chief. Hope it is not the nana looking broad?

  • Foe seniors like me, Obamacare is medical care financial nightmare. For almost 20 years, I require diagnostic laboratory services for drawn blood due to type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Due to dual HMSA PPO medical/hospital care coverage until age 65, I paid nothing to have these diagnostic lab services done every 3 months until recently. According to Diagnostic Laboratory Services, claims for these lab tests are now being rejected by Medicare. If i desire to have these lab blood tests done from now on, my co-payment will be approximately $150 quarterly. My secondary medical coverage from HMSA will pay only approximately $66 every 3 months. It looks like I will reduce these diagnostic lab services to once every 12 months (and against my personal doctor’s advice), rather than 4 times per year due to financial considerations.

    • Unfortunately, it puts the burden on seniors like yourself who’s probably on fixed income.

      I guess Obama wasn’t thinking of the seniors when he shoved this down everyones throat.

      When Obama retires he’s given this lucrative medical package for him and his family so it’s of no
      concern to him. His only concerns was to provide medical costs to everyone at whatever costs.

      • yobo: I voted in every election (both primary and general) since 1970, and voted for Democratic Party candidates 99.999% of the time until 2008. I even campaigned for Governers Burns, Ariyoshi, and Cayetano, and Randy Iwase for Governor in 2006. Since the 2010 elections, I have voted strictly for only Republican Party candidates, but not one has won yet. I am a retired State employee and recently sent written notification to HGEA terminating my membership in their Retirees Unit to save $6 per month membership dues. I can now pay for Zippy’s plate lunches 6 times per year with the money saved. Ha! Ha! Ha!

        • Why would you vote republican? With few exceptions, republicans just are all talk and no action. You need to remember this is the party that after they took over the government in 2001 soonsaid deficits don’t matter. Democrats are far from perfect but at least they are somewhat capable. Republicans are just the party of No.

  • The whole scam of ObamaCare was to allow those who had no medical insurance – to be provided with the necessary care at the expense of the Seniors/working class. Period !

    The scheme was to draw the millennial population and have them contribute their ‘fair’ share in medical costs. Millennial’s found it more advantageous to pay the cheap fines rather than pay the overpriced premiums that certain plans offered.

    The master architect of ObamaCare Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is blaming the Republicans for His mistake.

    Isn’t this typical ?

    • I just saw another nincompoop Obamacare architect on Fox News Channel yesterday making excuses and blaming everyone except himself. It could have been that same Jewish guy or another one of President Obama’s cronies. Too much of middle income U.S. citizens’ personal income is being funneled into Obamacare and non-Obamacare medical care coverage and very high deductibles, and is having a very negative effect on the rest of the national economy. Once Federal Reserve interest rates start to increase, a very severe national and possibly world-wide depression very likely by 2018-2020.

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