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What do you think about a proposal to decriminalize prostitution in Hawaii?

  • B. Oppose (922 Votes)
  • A. Support (532 Votes)
  • C. Need to hear more (264 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • Like much else in liberal Five-O land, its already happening, but we’re in denial. Its already happening here illegally. Waikiki, downtown, and even Leeward. And out of state. Thus we’re not keeping the money in our economy. So many ‘gentlemen’ already go to places like Vegas, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and even the west coast, not just for gambling at casinos, but sex tourism. Just ask your nearest businessman, contractor, urologist, HPD officer or public official. I hear and see all the crazy stories. Its a big part of what we’re not benefiting from, fiscally. Much like gambling, marijuana, and more that we’re losing out on, that other economies are reaping the sweet punani flower…

  • What about the sex slave industry? Will it help curb or enhance the industry? Where or what are the civil rights or the liberal women rights positions on this proposal? Caught them by surprise?

    • The sex slave industry expect too high profit margins. This industry can’t stand the competition from legal sources of prostitution.

      It’s the same with marijuana. Legalizing it is a good way of putting organized crime out of business.

      • kuroiwaj, so you want to keep women down and oppressed? It’s their body, they can do whatever they want! Who are you to degrade women and their choices?

    • They don’t want to lose the CONTROL. You are right on one point, lots of married women are against. Prostitutes and Transvestites make lots of money off of married men. The pros here target tourist, Asian, and generally stay away from Americans and locals, no money, might be a cop risk are higher. If they don’t make money, pimps beat them up. They also make up the lost by stealing. Transvestites do things women won’t do… can figure out the rest. Learnt that from my father, a prison guard. Also told me they can provide the best information if you looking for somebody, treat them fairly with respect. Prostitution was legal here during WW2. Rape was down, so was STDs. Public Health controlled the activity. Houses were at Iwilei and served soldiers coming and going from the military installations at the time. Stumbled on this doing a research paper at UH on deviant behavior here in Hawaii.

      • Thank you! Good post. Porn industry is exactly the same, highly regulated and safe. Only difference between a porn set and prostitution is a camera! 😉

  • History confirms; Prostitution is one of the oldest businesses in the world! Like Marijuana,which our esteemed politicians have passed,with proper legislations laws? Pros can in fact be of some service to society.

  • What is “the oldest profession ” ? Basic business 101 explores the topic of supply and demand. If there is a demand someone will seize the opportunity. Hormonal influences are genetically powered. Morality is subjective.

  • Legalized prostitution? Sometimes its called marriage. Sex is a service with a smile and I am guessing this proposal applies to the male gender servicing females as well? I oppose but would hold nothing against those that wish or need to employ themselves by selling their services. Health regulations must be strict however.

    • Prostitution is not a victim less crime, the psyche of both participants are damaged because of it and if you dont believe me, ask any former prostitute who is still alive and is off the drugs they used to hide their pain. Then go talk to the husbands that committed adultery and if you can get them to be honest, they will tell you the damage they feel too.

      • I repeat that I would oppose. However, I will also not be judgemental since sex is a basic human function and it is your choice of who your partners are. No law will prevent a determined couple from copulation. Honestly.

  • Although I need to hear more…maybe support is driven by those who see this as another means of generating State tax revenue via increased tourism. I mean we’re thinking of becoming a sanctuary state, promoting to the LBT community…but no gambling?…I don’t get it. Just think about it…we could have a string of casinos (perhaps smack dab in the middle of Kakaako) and within the same community offer refugee counseling / job placement / benefits processing, legalized prostitution, activities geared towards the LBT community. A surcharge could be applied to all $’s billed and that will go to fund the infrastructure for the pending Kakaako Community Association. Who knows Kakaako could become a county unto itself…a sanctuary within a sanctuary. By the way, is there some well funded opposition to legalized gambling 🙂

    • Existing laws are ineffective in stopping prostitution and just put the victims in jail.

      Far better to go with something that we know works. Legal competition.

      Trafficking should stay illegal and we should be able to stop the extreme violence and exploitation.

  • Only the Democratic party incumbants could think like this that is so immoral. They don’t have compassion for the unborn (abortion), they don’t care if God says my convenant for marriage is for one man and one woman. Democrats prefer perversion marriage.
    Now they want to dig dipper into the sewage moraless of prositution by allowing it legally in Hawaii.

    • I think it would decrease human trafficking IF rules and controls were properly placed. You increase the penalty for illegal prostitution and de-criminalize legal prostitution, have license, have health certificate, subject to unannounced inspections, restrict to certain geographical locations…..then tax it. We are doing it with marijuana.
      Along the lines of trafficking, when we did massage parlors when I was a Vice officer, we dragged Immigrations with us. Lots of worker were illegal immigrants working the circuit, usually southeast Asians. Likewise with gambling. Lots of these people would have outer state driver’s license, but if you ask the right question, they have to have their passport, visa, or green card on them.

      • But there are a lot of unsavory sordid characters that prostitution attracts….for one the prostitutes……the clientele that patronizes, gamblers, drug pushers and users…not to mention it would attract and encourage into prostitution more people who are looking to make a quick easy buck….I don’t think we need to make anymore problems than we already have……

  • Instead, Legalize: (1) All forms of gambling in Hawaii, including casino gambling, sports wagering, cock fights and horse racing; (2) All forms of now prohibited drugs and accessories, and allow all doctor-prescribed drugs to be sold “over the counter”; and (3) All forms of prostitution in a permanent location (such as a portion of the Hawaii Convention Center which will then become a leading revenue source for the State as the only pimp allowed on the premises).

  • My opinion, about prostitution, has changed.

    No matter what laws are passed, prostitution will never go away. The Bible has recorded its existence.

    Maybe it is finally time, to legalize it, so that it can be fully regulated.

    There could be provisions made; to stop sex trafficking, institute taxes, have a government agency oversee it, health inspections, age enforcement, abolishing pimps, removing violence, etc…

    Maybe it is time, to follow the path of marijuana.

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