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What do you think about the use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

  • A. It’s too much; they should be banned (599 Votes)
  • D. It’s fine, except for the illegal ones (436 Votes)
  • B. Too many restrictions; let us use more (360 Votes)
  • C. It’s fine the way it is (112 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • Why can’t the State do something about stopping the importation of illegal aerials? It just seems the State and local law enforcement are turning a blind eye to the importation and distribution of illegal fireworks.

  • I remember back in the 60’s when we used to celebrate the new year . Everyone would be on the street setting of their fireworks. Those were the good old days. There were so many aerials that it would be insane if it was being used today! Stay away from the illegal fireworks!

  • For those of you who voted to ban it all, what you are dealing with is the unintended consequences of a prohibition. No sparklers or fountains allowed and firecrackers are so restricted they might as well not be allowed. When most of the consumer grade fireworks with the exception of aerial ones were allowed, there was very little being shot off every night starting in October. Once the prohibitions took effect, it has gotten far worse. Easy choice for many people when fireworks were legal. Go to Longs or the fireworks stands and buy legally or deal with interesting people out of their garage or car trunk. Now, most of the fireworks at large is sold out of garages or car trunks with no oversight as to when they may be sold. Want to buy some so you can start lighting them on Halloween and the UH games, no worries. I do not remember this being a problem when sales were legal and limited to the week before New Year’s Eve.

      • I just looked it up. In many states that do not restrict consumer grade fireworks, there is a ban on firecrackers. Oahu got it way backwards. Ban consumer grade fireworks and control sales of firecrackers. If you were, in say Washington State, small Roman Candles would be allowed. So would fountains and sparklers. But no firecrackers. Which is ok with me. I would not miss picking up the rubbish caused by neighbors who want to burn huge strings of firecrackers.

    • None of us got to vote. The State legislature created a law to allow the city council to regulate this. They created this crazy ban on sparklers and other items. This whole situation was caused by mainland transplants putting pressure on politicians. Had banning fireworks been put to a vote with the public it would never have gone through. For those that use pets as an excuse I recall the line from Stripes, “Lighten up Francis”.

      • The Lawmaker pushing the bans is from an area full of transplants. Does not help that within that district and around that district, there are a lot of locals that love their fireworks.

    • back then we had respect for our days no more respect..don’t blame the starts from parenting which went out the window..we live in an ainokea about anyone but myself state now

  • IIn a majority rule society .. put it to a vote. The way I see it for every person who sets one off and gets a “oh wow” or “Gee whiz” there are many who consider it excessively loud and objectionable. For some pet owners it is a crisis. I won’t even start on the negative health implications and safety issues. Happy New year!

  • The laws in effect should be vigorously enforced to relive the unnecessary loss of digits, limbs and eye-sights. Also require higher bonding of sellers to insure that damages can be paid should accidents result.

    • That would be a police officer in front of every house and inspectors going through every bit of freight arriving here. When that actually happens, it is time for me to move.

  • To me it all comes down to “how much effort” is placed in enforcing any laws. Like if your gun or other personal property is stolen, good luck with it being recovered. But notice that whenever something is stolen from the police, like a gun or badge, most times it is found because more effort is put in finding it.

  • Growing up, there was no banned on Fireworks in Hawaii – IT WAS OUR LOCAL TRADITION. There were more potent fireworks during our era during New Years. I mean everyone had a lot of fun during those years.
    Don’t know if more mainlanders are moving to Hawaii and more locals are moving to the mainland because of the high cost of living. To me, I blamed that on the new arrivals from the mainland who don’t share with our local tradition during New Years.

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