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Who do you think won Monday’s presidential debate?

  • A. Hillary Clinton (946 Votes)
  • B. Donald Trump (388 Votes)
  • C. Draw/tie (197 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • abuela looked old, tired and scripted and i felt sorry for her until her venom came out at the closing. she is a witch
    trump was rough around the edges but he is not a politician and lacked tact but has the acumen to make america great again

    • Trump supporters will continue to support him no matter how lousy he does in these debates. Trump was totally unprepared and looked like he was high on some kind of drug during the debate with his red eyes and couldn’t keep still like somebody suffering from ADHD.

      • It’s called energy, he’s got’s lots of it and lots of it to drive hard like a businessman. Hilary looked as if she was going to collapse from pneumonia again.

        She had delusional smiles, all fake to save face as she did nothing during her many years in government and getting absolutely nothing done. Typical career politician that does nothing for you but tell you that everything will be all right no matter how blatantly incompetent her decisions make out to be!

      • krusha, that’s kind of an interesting comment. My wife and I both have many decades of experience with some of what you were mentioning and during the course of the “debate” we were going through the list of diagnostic indicators in the DSM IV and making kind of a game of checking them off. We both noticed the same thing.

      • IRT Krusha, it’s because Mr. Trump will nominate Conservative Origianlsists to the Federal Courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court where decisions impacts a lifetime.

      • I don’t like either of them but I will vote against Clinton every time. At lease in Trump we have someone who is NOT an attorney and who has good knowledge of how business works. And remember, it is business that creates the jobs – not the government – and generates the tax revenue paid by business and the employees hired by business. 47% of adults don’t pay squat in taxes and are leeches. They’ll vote for “Lying Hillary” cause she’ll give them free stuff!! Zero pride! And this is why so many people want the changes Trump will bring and not the false promises of the Obama’s failed changes.

        • And when your head gasket blows, you take your car to the dentist to get it repaired, someone completely ignorant of auto mechanisms, yeah?

          Smart. Um-hmm! Reeally smart.

        • Since Trump commented during the debate that he was “smart” for not paying taxes (and later denied saying it even though 80 million viewers heard it), then he is one of those “47%” or “leeches” whom you want as our nation’s leader? Interesting choice.

  • We seriously need the libertarian candidate on the stage with those two jokers. Johnson who has been a governor is a decent option for those of us who cannot stomach voting for Donald Clinton.

  • The punchline of this debate was given non other than Hillary Clinton, who said: “Everyone should obey the law.” I don’t if I should cry or laugh. This crooked individual lied to Congress, to the American people on bengazi and was given a free pass by the FBI.
    Hillary Clinton deserves some jail time not the Presidency.

  • How much time does a president actually spend debating? The job is much more about conferring and finessing and orchestrating team work. The moral compass is hard to squeeze out of a debate.

  • Hillary clearly won the debate. Even republican commentators said so after the debate. Poor Donald. He was just out of his league. I didn’t expect him to do so poorly though.

  • If voters want Hillary as President, they’ll get what they deserve. I’ll bet Hillary knew every question ahead of the debate. In fact, Her team and the media likely decided the questions. For Trump to win the election he must defeat Hillary and the media.

  • I see that the Trump Trolls are at it again, with sexist, rude comments about Clinton. Apparently, in some quarters rudeness and bragging is mistaken for strength. Analysis is seen as for wimps. I rarely post here anymore as it is infested by the Trolls. I’m sure I’ll get many rude comments about me today. I’ll brush them off. Kaneohe Cat, J.D

  • No question, the moderator will vote for HilLIARy as another Candy Crowley moment occurred when he said stop and talk was unconstitutional. But Trump must be ready for this, the liberal establishment chose him thinking HilLIARy would clean his clock, unfortunately for them what is emerging is that the undecideds are leaning more towards Trump, because he looked more Presidential.

    • Bullseye…Hawaii is a liberal Democratic State who control our State government hook line and sinker since 1959 when Hawaii became the 50th State.. Hillary Clinton is heavy favorite to win in this State, obviously.

  • MSNBC is an Democratic party clone network. I’m sure conservative Republicans knew that. They knew no matter who the network had for their moderator, you could have placed Barack OBama himself asking the one sided bias question on Donald Trump.
    Their Moderator Lester Holt. This liberal was targeting Trump weaknesses whole avoiding Hillary Clinton’s. He was decidedly aggressive when challenging Trump’s claim on always being against the IRaq war. He ignored any questions about the Clinton foundation – which has been very much in the news lately for all the wrong reasons – and any direct inquiries about destroying evidence and deleting tens of thousands of emails.
    This wasn’t a debate between two people. It was the Liberals going after Donald Trump relentlessly. I’m sure the millions of viewers caught that.
    Lester Holt was simply an Obama clone for the Democratic party.
    I was a little disappointed that Donald Trump did not go after Hillary on her lies to Congress, responsible for the death of Americans by not sending help in Bengazi Libya. I’m you remember the FBI director giving Hillary Clinton a free pass that would send an ordinary citizen to prison for a long time for her criminal email acts.

  • If this were a three-round fight, Trump clearly won the first round. Clinton then went to a rope-a-dope strategy in Round 2 and, sadly, Trump took the bait and got pummeled in the last two rounds, and the post-fight interview when he denied saying he was “smart” by choosing not to pay federal taxes. Hmm, only 84 million viewers heard you.

    That said, I’m still on the fence. I so wanted Trump to give me a reason NOT to vote for Clinton and he got my attention from the opening bell. Then, he slowly made an an okole of himself. Now, we have tRUMP vs. hiLIARy. Slim pickings.

    • The mikes were always on…. “Smart” is NOT Donald… That word will resonate from this debate.

      Is it smart to pay no taxes when you claim that you grossed about 700 million last year?

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