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Will you, or someone you know, be attending Saturday’s Women’s March?

  • C. No (789 Votes)
  • A. Yes; important issues (405 Votes)
  • B. Perhaps; considering (47 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • We are about to have the most corrupt president in history. Time to protest and March against the Groper in Chief. Loved the report of some GOP being arrested for doing the Donald on some woman. So typical.

  • i going get in trouble for saying this but…
    my woman stays home and i take good care of her. i love her and she loves me and she says she enjoys taking care of me
    she says that she has no idea what these wahines want and she voted trump
    auwe as wwy hod

    • My comment is awaiting moderation.

      @ deepdiver311
      You have a wonderful conservative spouse.
      I’m in that same boat ^5

      1 day til a REAL POTUS & his FIRST FAMILY begins their #MAGA agenda.

  • No idea where this march is or where it’s going, but if these women are marching in protest of Trump then they should keep marching till they reach Canada and not come back again. If you’ve ever seen some of these non-shaving, non-bathing liberal hags on MSNBC then you’d know it’d be no loss at all for our great nation. Most of them probably lunch in the pastures, anyway. NEXT!

    • The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the United States Congress from enacting legislation that would abridge THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ASSEMBLE PEACEABLY. The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution makes this prohibition applicable to state governments.

      YOTARE, why do you hate America?

    • The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the United States Congress from enacting legislation that would abridge THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ASSEMBLE PEACEABLY. The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution makes this prohibition applicable to state governments.

      962042015, Why do you hate America?

  • Don’t they have anything more important to do? Like spending quality time with family. Maybe educating younger people on how the Presidential election process work. Maybe just going to the beach and relaxing with the grand kids. That march does not make a difference, they can’t change the results.

    • You mean going to the beach is more important than protecting the Rights of Women in the United States of America? Where Republican State Legislatures across the country have been attacking women’s rights on many fronts, for many decades, with no clear end of this blatant assault in sight. And now, the incoming Trump Administration literally promising to take that attack against Women even further on the Federal Level….

      Go Read A U.S. History Book ….. PLEASE!

  • WOW…while most of us are here just having fun, this thread has really gotten “yasuko73” quite riled up. Forgot your meds today, Yasuko?

    But just for the sake of novelty, I believe I know her type and I’ll see if I can put together a profile. Just like Criminal Minds!

    1) “Yasuko,” which I’m assuming is likely her middle name (since judging by her grasp of English I do not believe her to be Japan-born and therefore unlikely to have Yasuko as her first name) is a very archaic Japanese name. Whether that be in Japan or here in Hawaii among Nikkei generations, people generally stopped naming their kids variations of Yasu (Yasuko, Yasue, Yasuo, etc.) at least fifty years ago. Therefore, I predict Yasuko73 is likely between the ages of approximately 55 to 75 years old.

    2) Putting her in that potential age bracket means she could very well be–and I strongly suspect this, based on her language and obvious mental instability–a member of the Vietnam-war generation, probably in her late sixties to early seventies.

    3) If she is a member of that generation, the kids who came into adulthood in the mid-late 1960s to early 1970s, and considering the kind of extreme and irate remarks she’s making here, I think we can safely assume she spent her youth as a rabid activist, protester and radical. She probably consumed a staggering amount of illegal drugs. She probably participated in a shameful number of anti-American activities. And she’s probably very proud of this.

    4) Given her enthusiasm for espousing your garden-variety feminist yammering and generic protest chants (women’s rights, conservative attack on women, assault on women, yada yada yada) it’s obvious she’s of the radical feminist leaning, but given her assumed age and generation, and also assuming that she didn’t just suddenly discover radical feminism during a mid-life crisis, we can therefore assume that she has likely held this kind of radical mindset since her youth–a time when the anti-war and anti-American female radicals were far more occupied with hating on America, our military and our government, than hating on men as a whole. Far from it, most of them were probably sexually-servicing more males on a given Friday night, while high on LSD and PCP and marijuana, than most college cheerleaders do all throughout sophomore year.

    Therefore, another assumption we can also make about Yasuko is that, as a now senior-citizen, she is probably 1) single and has never been married, 2) decades since divorced (although I doubt this), or 3) a now open lesbian who hid her sexual orientation until probably the 1980s and may or may not currently have a partner. In the case of #3, I would guess she does have a female partner at the moment who is also involved politics.

    4) Assuming she is of the Vietnam War generation, she is most likely retired. However, individuals who hold such radical opinions generally cannot regularly espouse those ideas and rants and ravings in the workplace. Unless, of course, she worked in academia–particularly at the university level, where this behavior is celebrated and unstable radicals like this are offered tenured positions teaching “Women’s Studies 101” courses. Her rants in the forum have been rather bland, however, and lack the dynamism of truly mentally-ill feminist radicalism, so I’m guessing that unless she’s got a PT teaching gig at a community college, she wasn’t a member of a university/academia institution where she could whip herself up in to a frothing, foaming frenzy each day in freshman lecture presentations and probably had to work a boring 9-5 like the rest of us with her mouth shut and her blood boiling. It’s difficult to so passionately hate men, and Republicans, and probably all Christians, and yet have to work and take orders from them all day long and be unable to vent or complain about it.


    Yasuko73 is a retired lesbian, age 55-75, who resides with a partner. She is a radical feminist who likely suffers from milder forms of mental instability, possibly neurotic, very likely OCD, who began her career in radical activism during the Vietnam War and now continues to lash out at men by living vicariously through the activities of millennials (kids) representing a new generation of anti-American leftists. She likely had to spend the better first half of her life hiding her sexual orientation, and then the majority of her career keeping her radical political leanings bottled up during the day, and this has led to an explosion of pent-up frustration, rage and political aggression in her older age. She blames men and conservatives for what she sees as undeserved stress, confusion, frustration and isolation during much of her life and now, with retirement affording her unlimited time to devote to radical causes, is hoping to spend the rest of her life re-living the 1960s and 1970s.

    Taking part in these protests gives her purpose, which is why you can expect an extreme, irrational and emotional reaction to anything having to do with Trump. To Yasuko73, this is her finale. This is how she validates herself and her life and leaves what she hopes will be her mark on society.

    Yes, it is sad, but so is being a closet lesbian, alone every Friday night rocking out to her Melissa Ethridge cassette tapes and plotting to blow up the boy’s locker room while all the normal girls were up at Tantalus Lookout with their boyfriends Making Friday Night Great Again.

    So do I get to be on Criminal Minds now?

    • Yotare, I don’t know how you came to a lot of those assumptions but I do agree with her age and probable activism. Anything personal, is none of our business. I am part of that lost generation. And, it really changed my life. But, with maturity, most learned to deal with it rationally and stopped pointing fingers. We learned self reliance and responsibility. Those were hard times but we did ok!

      Sorry, you should have your own series with Criminal Minds!

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