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Will you be watching Friday’s inauguration/ parade as Donald Trump becomes president?

  • C. No, not interested (1120 Votes)
  • A. Yes, positive and exciting (401 Votes)
  • B. Yes, largely for historic value (240 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • all the not interested liberal crybaby’s will be sitting on there sofa staring at the ceiling sobbing and crying with there box of Kleenex tissue wondering what happened.

  • Aloha Hawaiians,

    Yesterday, January 17, 1893 the Overthrow of the Kanaka Maoli

    On this day 124 years ago our Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown sending the fate of 40,000 Kanaka Maoli people into a forever changed chaotic trajectory. For Kanaka, living in the Kingdom had been all they’d known for the previous 80 years, but being governed by our own people had been all we’ve known since we were created on this Earth. For 40,000 Kanaka, in one instance in time we were taken from the front of the line to outside the building, in one instance we went from being a Nation State with our fearless Queen at the helm to an occupied state with our people fleeing to the mountains, running for their lives.

    On this day I’d like to offer you these facts of why our people are still the most incarcerated, the most homeless, the most diabetic, the most vulnerable to the socioeconomic perils of this state because on this day 124 years ago our collective people’s National Sovereignty was suppressed, our Queen was overthrown and her government was removed. Our people that have lived within these 124 years of struggle and pain and embarrassment were destined to live different lives then the ones we live today. We weren’t supposed to be the most homeless in our own home, our children weren’t supposed to be the ones struggling to keep up with other ethnicities when it came to education and graduation rates, our people weren’t supposed to be discarded and shipped off to jails and insane asylums but they were and that is tied directly to the ramifications of the overthrow.

    Despite all that we have lost and all the trials and tribulations that our people have suffered through, the Kanaka Maoli, the Hawaiian Nationality is still alive, it lives in the Hawaiian people. We still here, we still breathing, we still have time to change our trajectory and grab control of our destiny. It starts with us the Kanaka learning their rights and exercising them, but it also starts with you the non-Kanaka. The ones who have had a front row seat to the downward trajectory of our people for all this time, as I am writing this the trajectory for the majority of kanaka is continuing on its chaotic march because we need support. We can’t do this alone, it is up to the non-Kanaka to recognize and identify with the great injustice that has annihilated our people, please don’t wait for the government to tell you what you should do, you know right from wrong, theft is a crime no matter if it’s a car or a Nation. You the non-Kanaka need to look deep inside your conscious to see what is really going on here in Hawaii to the Kanaka Maoli people and decide for yourself if what you think is happening to them is right.

    This State is not built on just Laws, this State is not built on racial and ethnic harmony, this State is not built on Aloha, this State is built on a lie and a theft and it will always be that way until Justice for our people is achieved. I’m asking you to reflect on this day, January 17th as you enjoy your life here in the state of Hawaii that you do so upon the suppression of our people’s National Sovereignty.

    Justice for the Kanaka Maoli will create a different trajectory for the Kanaka Maoli and the residents of Hawaii….

    We will take our case to the Trump administration as we have with all prior administrations until we have justice!


    • after that overthrow, and the great land theft (mahele), the kanaka’s were put on plantations, and lied to by the likes of senator daniel inouye and other so called hawaiian (not) heroes.
      and like the blacks in the inner cities the kanaka’s were showered with more goodies when they became restless.
      potus donald trump promised to fix the inner cities and the blacks and he will improve the kanaka’s plight
      insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
      so, keep voting democrat!

    • IRT DJSmith, Oops, the January 17, 1893 Overthrow just was Queen Liliuokalani and her Cabinet was removal by the Committee of Safety. The 1887 Kingdom Constitution remained in place until July 4, 1894, when the Republic of Hawaii’s Constitution replaced it. Also, the Kingdom’s Nobles and Representatives remained in force until the elections conforming to the Republic of Hawaii’s Constitution.

  • Hawaii is a very liberal State like California and the State of Washington that’s why you see many in Hawaii voted that they will not view the inauguration this Friday. Liberals don’t like President Donald Trump. Over 50 sour grapes liberal Democrats US Congressman/women won’t attend the inauguration. Their names has already been revealed. Very hopefully when their time comes up for reelection, their citizens of their State will retire them from government.

  • Will be watching to cheer on the mass of protesters who will deafened the inauguration’s program. The Chumps approval rating is at a very sad 43% while President Obama is at 60. His supporters are clearly the minority.

  • Play that song! The Final Count Down. By Europe!

    I can’t WAIT! YaaaaaaaaaaY MAGA! It will be like watching it the night of elections,when he blew the socks off of the Democrats! You know where I’ll be! Here’s a few hints: It’s on the Westside. On the Big Island. At the Beach! Under my Cool Red Tarp. Please join me & bring your MAGA Hat or T-shirt .And yes my Liberal friends are welcome too….No Fighting OK? Or….. You’re Outta there!
    In support of our 45th President! Stop by and say Hello or Hell Yeah!
    Also don’t forget, if you can’t watch it LIVE set your DVR and record this epic event.
    IMUA Donald J. Trump our 45th President of the USA!

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