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  • Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Japanese researchers conduct ultrasounds on whale sharks in the wild

An international team including researchers from the Okinawa Prefecture-based Okinawa Churashima Foundation and from Australia have for the first time successfully completed an ultrasound scan of a living whale shark’s ovary. Read More

On-the-job smoking bans spread among Japanese companies

An increasing number of companies have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their “smoking breaks” as well as improve the health of employees, which would help companies lower medical expenses. Read More

Photo: Preparing for the new year

Craftsmen paint papier-mache boars, representing the Chinese zodiac sign for 2019, in the Takashiba Deko Yashiki folk art community in Koriyama. Read More

Author Murakami talks about his library plan, writing, music

Writer Haruki Murakami is planning an archive at his Japanese alma mater that will include drafts of his best-selling novels, his translation work and his massive collection of music. Read More

Japan preschools using tablets to prep tots for digital age

It’s drawing time at this suburban nursery school in Japan, but instead of crayons, tiny fingers are tapping on colors on iPad screens and taking selfies. Read More

Photo: All together now

Visitors admire Buddhist statues at the Sanjusangendo temple hall in Kyoto, where all the temple’s 1,001 standing Senju Kannon statues have been placed together for the first time in 26 years. Read More

Car museum’s toilets popular on social media

The Motorcar Museum of Japan is gaining much attention on social media, not for the cars it displays, but for the imported toilet bowls in use in its restrooms. Read More

Visitors pay added tax on Kyoto hotel stays

The Kyoto city government began levying a tax last month on stays at hotels and other accommodations, seeking to capitalize on a surge in foreign tourists to support the city’s finances. Read More

Tokyo Skytree to launch open-air tours

Tokyo Skytree tower in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, started offering guided tours on Oct. 23 on an open-air terrace offering views of the Tokyo skyline. Read More

Photo: Bald Ambition

A tournament in Tsuruta, Japan, pits bald men pulling on a string attached to their foreheads with suction cups. Read More

Japan museum highlights memories of Siberia detention

Visitors are captivated by its beautiful vistas, shrines, hotsprings and museum. Read More



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