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Homeless in Hawaii


Program prevents former inmates from becoming homeless

Waikiki Health continues to exceed expectations in helping prisoners who would otherwise end up homeless once they’re out. Read More

New location discussed for Waianae homeless

Discussions are under- way to move the 270-person homeless encampment next to the Waianae Small Boat Harbor to unspecified, privately owned land farther mauka, and to erect wooden “tiny homes” for its residents. Read More

Conference underscores successes, work to be done for homeless

Friday’s annual Statewide Homeless Awareness Conference represented equal parts halftime pep talk and a reminder of how much work needs to be done on homelessness. Read More

City hires security guards to curtail homeless activity at 9 Honolulu parks

Starting today, two private security guards will begin patrolling nine city parks in the urban core to clamp down on illegal homeless activity. Read More

Council committee hobbles sidewalk-clearing bills

Honolulu City Council members are doubling down on their insistence that Mayor Kirk Caldwell submit more detailed reports on how he’s tackling homelessness before they’ll allow him to implement two new sidewalk-clearance laws. Read More

Data show fewer homeless vets in isles

Hawaii outperformed most West Coast states and the nation overall — percentage-wise — in getting homeless veterans off the street this year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read More

Church debuts domes to shelter homeless women and children

A grand opening ceremony was held Wednesday morning for a handful domes built to shelter the homeless in Kaneohe. Read More

Column: Homeless outreach, services offer options

As a homeless-shelter operator, I understand that entering one is not for everyone. But homeless persons have many other options for accessing help. Read More

Column: Homeless have same rights as rest of us

People are people, period. Dehumanizing people does not help. And those people have civil rights the same as everyone else who calls Hawaii home. Not more rights — the same rights. Read More

Updated homelessness plan targets health services, public safety

The city’s updated plan for tackling homelessness calls for launching public safety initiatives and providing more health care services for the unsheltered. Read More

Caldwell signs bills to keep homeless from blocking sidewalks

Caldwell and supporters say the new laws are designed to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians, but opponents argue that their main goal is to punish the homeless. Read More

Bills banning obstructing, lodging on sidewalks passed by Council

In a further effort to clear the homeless from Oahu’s sidewalks, the Honolulu City Council gave final approval Wednesday to two bills that would ban people from obstructing or lodging on public places. Read More

Outreach court in Waianae lends a hand to homeless

The Waianae library provides an informal setting to clear cases and offer services. Read More

Officials debate impact of court opinion on city homeless laws

The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii said a recent federal court decision could spell trouble for two bills before the Honolulu City Council that make it illegal to obstruct or “lodge” on sidewalks and other public property, as well as existing ordinances that target the homeless. Read More

3 parks known for homeless camps to be closed for upkeep

Three Honolulu parks that are becoming increasingly known for their homeless camps are being shut down for two months by the city for what are being called major maintenance projects. Read More

Committee OKs bills to clear homeless from city sidewalks

A City Council committee Thursday approved two bills that would make it illegal for people to obstruct or lodge on city sidewalks. Read More

Agreement near on sidewalk ‘lodging’ ban

Key Honolulu City Council members and Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration are closer to agreement on two bills that would make it illegal for the homeless to obstruct or “lodge” on Oahu’s sidewalks. Read More

Authority on homeless issue lauds city’s joint effort

A Canadian consultant who developed the industry standard homeless assessment tool said it was “rare” for him to see 110 state, city, social service, police and health care providers gathered together on Friday at the city’s Mission Memorial Auditorium. Read More

Helping homeless with mental illness is complicated

Encountering homeless people on the street with apparent mental health problems is commonplace, but there’s no clear consensus on what to do to help them. Read More

Life and death of ‘Bus Stop Mary’ shrouded in mystery

She was known as “Bus Stop Mary” or “Crazy Mary” to the legions of military service members who walked and drove past her every day and night outside the fence line of the headquarters of the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Read More



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