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Rat lungworm disease


First case of rat lungworm since 2010 reported on Oahu

An adult is hospitalized with rat lungworm disease on Oahu, the first case of the disease reported on the island since 2010, the Health Department announced today. Read More

Fighting rat lungworm disease an all-hands effort

Better late than nothing. That sums up the state’s ramp-up of efforts against rat lungworm disease, which has snared headlines this year due to reported infections of 15 people, the highest number of annual reported cases in Hawaii over the past decade. Read More

State plans awareness efforts to fight rat lungworm disease

State officials are making a new push to combat rat lungworm disease, promising more public awareness efforts that urge vigilance in the cleaning of produce and planning to hire two workers dedicated to prevention. Read More

Rat lungworm disease fears hurt Hawaii produce market

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is urging consumers to simply wash their vegetables in hopes of guarding against the threat of rat lungworm disease. Read More

Controlling rats, slugs, snails key to preventing rat lungworm

To minimize your risk of rat lungworm disease in your garden, it is important to control and exclude all hosts of the parasite — rats, snails and slugs. Read More

Mumps, lungworm cases reach new annual peaks

Four new mumps infections and another case of rat lungworm were confirmed in Hawaii on Thursday, bringing the totals of those disease outbreaks to new annual highs in the state. Read More

Confirmed rat lungworm case brings total to 15 for Hawaii

One more case of rat lungworm disease was confirmed in Hawaii today, bringing the 2017 total to 15, state health officials said. Read More

Collaborate to battle rat lungworm disease

On this, everyone can agree: Rat lungworm disease, caused by an infestation of parasitic larvae affecting the brain, is every bit as ugly as its name. Read More

Doctors struggle to diagnose rat lungworm disease

It took several trips to doctors before Tatum Larson, a 24-year-old woman who had just moved to Maui for massage school, was finally diagnosed with rat lungworm disease, a condition in which worm larvae infect the brain. Read More

Four more mumps cases, one more rat lungworm in Hawaii

The state Department of Health confirmed four more cases of mumps in the islands today, bringing the year’s total to 20, as well as one additional case of rat lungworm, which brings that disease total to 14 cases. Read More

Retaliation is blamed for lost lungworm funds

Hawaii island lawmakers are upset after last-ditch attempts failed in recent days to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for a Hilo lab that has been leading efforts in East Hawaii to study rat lungworm disease and educate the public on ways to prevent it. Read More

UH-Manoa works on rat lungworm

Statements in the article, “Rat lungworm lab is denied funding” (Star-Advertiser, April 28), that virtually all research and outreach and all expertise on rat lungworm disease is at the University of Hawaii-Hilo surprised me. Read More

2 more rat lungworm disease cases emerge for total of 13

Two more cases of rat lungworm disease have been confirmed in the state, bringing the total up to 13, Hawaii health officials said. Read More

Fight rat lungworm disease, not each other

Let’s hope that this week’s funding drama over rat lungworm disease was due to an oversight snafu — and not any personal or political animosity that stands to endanger public health. Read More

Rat lungworm lab is denied funding

Budget chairwomen for the House and Senate allocated $1 million earlier this week to the state Department of Health to combat rat lungworm disease. Read More

State officials reassure visitors after brain parasite cases

A California couple on their honeymoon and two people who drank a homemade herbal beverage are among the rising number of victims in Hawaii falling ill with a potentially deadly brain parasite. Read More

Fight rat lungworm with best practices

The official name, angiostrongyliasis, is daunting enough, made even more frightening by the nickname “rat lungworm” disease. Read More

Local greens safe to eat, state says

Don’t stop eating your (local) veggies. That’s the message from the state Department of Health after reports of local farm revenue declines and some retailers opting to carry only mainland produce over fear of rat lungworm disease. Read More

2 new cases of rat lungworm on Big Island raise state total to 11

Hawaii’s tally of rat lungworm disease cases in 2017 spiked Wednesday to surpass the state’s annual average less than five months into the year. Read More

Rat lungworm cases climb in Hawaii: 2 confirmed, 4 more probable

State Department of Health officials confirmed two more cases of the parasitic disease rat lungworm today and said another four are suspected. Read More



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