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2013 FEBRUARY 18 BSN Please get shots of Kaiser Permanente building.   SA photo by Craig T. Kojima
 Kaiser to shut clinics
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii will temporarily close down 10 of its smaller clinics on Oahu and the neighbor islands during a planned six-day strike by nearly 1,900 union workers, or about 43 percent of its workforce.  Story »
As the Army considers downsizing on Oahu, a theory making the rounds is that if Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Army Airfield close, the state would inherit lots of family housing and barracks for the public that could offset a housing crunch.  Story »

Members of Hawaii's congressional delegation said it would be a strategic misstep for the Army to significantly downsize here, with the state's economy also suffering.  Story »

The tip of a lava flow upslope of the Pahoa fire and police stations has remained intermittently active this week while holding its slow-moving pace established about four weeks ago.  Story »

The state attorney general is asking the Legislature to pay more than $1 million to a former prison inmate who claims he became infertile because state prison doctors failed to properly treat him for an infection, and more than $450,000 to a woman whom a state jury found was sexually assaulted by a guard at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility.  Story »

A grisly, recent upswing in ivory poaching has left African elephants on the verge of extinction, and in Hawaii, home to one of the largest markets for ivory in the nation, conservationists will try once more this year to pass a law banning ivory sales.  Story »

For the second time in less than a year, a federal judge has ruled that the use of injection wells at Maui County's sewage treatment plant in Lahaina violates the federal Clean Water Act, a finding that could lead to a large penalty.  Story »

Australian golfer Robert Allenby maintained Tuesday during a press conference that he has no memory of the 21⁄2 hours after he left Amuse Wine Bar on Kapiolani Boulevard on the night of Jan. 16.  Story »

A 19-year-old Pacific Palisades man charged with killing his uncle appeared to have bloodstains on his shorts and dried blood on his body when he was arrested about 90 minutes following the stabbing Saturday, according to court records.  Story »

For Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Man gets jail time for illegal lay net fishing • Big Island sees increase in ahi • Learn to prepare for a disaster
For Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Man found near Turtle Bay is identified • Burglar targets offices of UH building • Woman dead from knife wounds is named • Sixth suspect in crime spree is charged
For Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Eleanor Ann Arrojo • Karlton Borges • Genevieve Cecilia Boyd • Ruth La Verne Kaho'oilihala Brooks • Herman Cambra • Richard Lawrence Duran • Takeo Fujikawa • Hanako Fukuki • Alexander L. Hendry Jr. • Clarice Hoopai Honda • Lily Mokihana Bush Kahalehili and more
For Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Here’s a quick Hokule ‘a update — but not about how the canoe is faring in frigid New Zealand ports more than 4,000 miles from Hawaii. Instead, it’s an example of how the “Malama Honua” voyage is making what its   Story »

For Sunday, January 25, 2015
Each Sunday, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser publishes Oahu vital statistics for marriage licenses and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health's Vital Statistics System. The statistics cover the five-business-day period ending the Thursday of the previous week.
Huialoha Church marks its 155th birthday this year and so it is fitting to celebrate this historic structure in one of these columns. It is perhaps more fitting to recognize the person who was the major mover behind the restoration of Huialoha, Carl Lindquist, who died with his wife, Rae, tragically in a flash flood five years ago on Thanksgiving Day.  Story »

 Island Images

James Wong didn't necessarily need Scouting to achieve the success he's enjoyed as one of Hawaii's most influential real estate developers. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the missing person's case of Kimberly Day Jacobs, who was last seen at her Waikiki apartment in August 2008? Story »

Question: I'm a cancer physician. In my last practice in California, I was accustomed to filling out paperwork for appropriate patients to acquire medical cannabis. I wished to continue that practice here. Story »

We'll mark the new year by leaving behind ill will of the past and tapping minds greater than my own, led by the great Winston Churchill, for inspiring quotations to guide our leaders into 2015. Story »

Gov. David Ige campaigned for office on his mentor George Ariyoshi's old mantra of "quiet but effective." Story »

An old adage says all paint is black until someone opens the can. Some truth, some falsehood and some gray areas lay hidden in the adage. To find them is to understand what color is, how the eye perceives it and how we humans interpret it. Story »

Most of the naked-eye planets are visible throughout February, with Venus and Mars gathering at dusk, and Jupiter reaching peak brightness and shining all night long. The Big Dipper also re-enters the Hawaiian evening sky.  Story »

I was recently asked whether Laysan albatrosses were really nesting at Kaena Point. They sure are. The albatrosses there are one of Hawaii's best conservation success stories. Story »


Saving Faces
Airwaves and print media were flooding the news into every astonished household: America had performed its first face transplant. Read More »
The Electric Ride
The E-GO electric skateboard travels at about 12 mph, with a range of about 18 miles per charge. And you still get some exercise just by balancing. plus, it’s fun Read More »

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