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 Military housing project complete
In the mid-1990s, military officials became concerned that inadequate and poor-quality housing was undermining the quality of life for service members.  Story »
Lawmakers are fast-tracking legislation that would make kindergarten mandatory for 5-year-olds in hopes of giving the state time to run a public education campaign about the change before the school year ends next month.  Story »

The Democratic Party of Hawaii on Tuesday evening reversed course and agreed to allow state Sen. David Ige, who is challenging Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the primary, to speak at the party's state convention in May.  Story »

State authorities have reached tentative settlements with Dr. John D. Stover to resolve 11 of the 12 complaints filed against him for his medical and dental work.  Story »

The 21-year-old woman accused of damaging a 130-year-old glass door at Iolani Palace two months ago entered a plea of not guilty Monday in Circuit Court to criminal property damage and burglary.  Story »

A no-kill animal shelter in Kapo­lei is offering a limited number of low-cost sterilizations beginning Thursday to introduce a nonsurgical neutering method called "Zeutering" for male dogs.  Story »

Jurors in the capital murder trial of former Schofield Barracks soldier Naeem Williams were scheduled to begin deliberating Wednesday morning after hearing closing arguments Tuesday.  Story »

The odds are looking good that sweepstakes gaming machines will be outlawed on Oahu after a Hono­lulu City Council committee Tuesday endorsed a proposed ordinance.  Story »

The 15-year-old Cali­for­nia boy who survived a harrowing San Jose-to-Maui flight in a jetliner's wheel well remains at a Hono­lulu children's hospital while child-welfare officials work on the details of getting him back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Story »

The three sold-out shows at Blaisdell Arena are history. With latest leg of his 14-month Moonshine Jungle Tour completed and almost a month before he starts the next one, Bruno Mars has time to take a deep breath, enjoy Hawaii and talk to the Star-Advertiser.  Story »

For Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Service will honor Holocaust victims • Fall killed hiker from Texas, autopsy finds • Washington woman ID'd as drowning victim

For Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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For Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Police name man who drowned at Kua Bay • Man's body retrieved from ocean • Hikers OK after night stuck in mountains

For Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Mona Cordeiro • Robert Stephan Hines • Edwin Sueo Inouye • Mary Holokahiki Cypher Jenss • Hilda Keahukai Kaupu • Francis Moses Kuakini • Roland Wai Tung Lee • Mary Kauhoanoano Mahiai and more
This year, the Outrigger Canoe Club celebrates the 50th anniversary of its traumatic move from the heart of Waikiki to its present Diamond Head location.  Story »

 Island Images

You can't put a price on what volunteer Lillian Takeda does for the Kua­kini Health System, but you could certainly fill out one heck of a timecard. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the case of a Hilo woman whose decomposed remains were found three years ago in a former sugar cane field in Hamakua? Story »

One of the most satisfying moments in a sailor's life is tying the boat to a safe mooring in a calm harbor after a long period at sea. Even a day after arriving here at Niue (pronounced NEW-ay), Craig and I are still high-fiving.  Story »

Question: There seems to be some confusion on the usage of Aikahi Playground, which is adjacent to Aikahi Elementary School. Story »

It was hard to tell sometimes if we were talking about law and order or the birds and the bees as we "flASHback" on the month's news that amused and confused. Story »

The bungled rollout of Obamacare is a lesson on why so many people are leery of expanding government: It does big projects poorly and then runs from accountability. Story »

One of the greatest quests of the new physics has been to reconcile quantum theory with general relativity. This situation parallels that of 17th-century scientists who were trying to reconcile the way things fell on Earth with the greater motions of the planets.  Story »

The Hawaiian islands are perfectly situated to see all of the total lunar eclipse on April 14, a celestial event that runs from roughly 8 to 11:30 p.m. In addition, Mars reaches its brightest point in the past eight years. Story »

Given the incident involving the stowaway landing on Maui, how do you feel about airport security?
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