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 Down & out in Waikiki
Laurel Mackie has come to Waikiki for the past 28 years, but the Canadian visitor said she's exploring other options because the destination's growing homeless population has ruined the tourist experience.  Story »
Imagine a crop that can be used to purify soil and make food, clothing, rope, paper, plastic, pest-resistant building material, oil, fuel, animal bedding and tens of thousands of other products. Story »

You can trace the genetic makeup of most corn grown in the U.S., and in many other places around the world, to Hawaii.  Story »

Hundreds of surfers and rowers honored Hobie Alter's request Friday by paddling out in the Pacific in his memory. Story »

The disappearance last year of a Pearl Harbor Navy SEAL who was spearfishing with other unit members on a training free dive off Kaena Point was accompanied by sweeping procedural and safety violations, according to the Navy's investigative report.  Story »

Long weeks of anticipation are ending for Bruno Mars fans this weekend as the two-time Grammy-winner and his "hooligans" play three shows in Blaisdell Arena. Mars opened the three-nighter on Friday and his fans got everything they'd been waiting for.  Story »

Most high school girls prepare for the prom months in advance — picking out the perfect dress and shoes, deciding on a special hairstyle, and anticipating all the details to help make the evening magical.  Story »

Shimeji Ryusaki Kana­zawa, lauded for her 60-plus years of work for the elderly and youth, also is arguably Hawaii's most unsung World War II hero.  Story »

For Sunday, April 20, 2014
Expect strong winds, rough waters on Sunday and Monday • Visitation at prisons on Oahu and Big Island canceled again • Man's body found in valley after hiker reported missing • Kilauea Volcano's current flow show is viewable from above

For Saturday, April 19, 2014
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For Sunday, April 20, 2014
Each Sunday, the Star-Advertiser publishes Oahu vital statistics for marriage licenses, civil unions and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health's Vital Statistics System.

For Sunday, April 20, 2014
Police on hunt for escaped inmate • Crash on H-1 injures motorcyclist

For Monday, April 21, 2014
Marciel Torres Celebrado • Beverly Ann Kamomiala Chu • Carmelita Milleza Depaynos • Araceli Escanilla Gamil • Sonny Gonzaga Sr. • Robert Alan Green • Karl B. Hagen • and more
This year, the Outrigger Canoe Club celebrates the 50th anniversary of its traumatic move from the heart of Waikiki to its present Diamond Head location.  Story »

 Island Images

To see as Rachel Handlin sees is to be ever present, ever engaged in the emergent moment. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the case of a Hilo woman whose decomposed remains were found three years ago in a former sugar cane field in Hamakua? Story »

We're sailing from Tahiti to Niue, a tiny island country of about 2,000 people. Craig and I have been at sea on our 37-foot sailboat for more than a week now, sailing in brisk 20 to 25 mph southeast tradewinds.  Story »

Question: Regarding the condition of the restrooms at Hawaii State Library addressed in Kokua Line -- is.gd/tWLDOv: Why can't they be locked with keys available upon request? "Questionable" patrons can be accompanied by a security guard. Everyone is entitled to use a public restroom, but no one should be allowed to misuse it. Story »

It was hard to tell sometimes if we were talking about law and order or the birds and the bees as we "flASHback" on the month's news that amused and confused. Story »

The bungled rollout of Obamacare is a lesson on why so many people are leery of expanding government: It does big projects poorly and then runs from accountability. Story »

One of the greatest quests of the new physics has been to reconcile quantum theory with general relativity. This situation parallels that of 17th-century scientists who were trying to reconcile the way things fell on Earth with the greater motions of the planets.  Story »

The Hawaiian islands are perfectly situated to see all of the total lunar eclipse on April 14, a celestial event that runs from roughly 8 to 11:30 p.m. In addition, Mars reaches its brightest point in the past eight years. Story »

Should Honolulu’s top city officials get pay raises?
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UH Senior Fashion Show
The 48th annual University of Hawaii Senior Fashion Show is set for April 27 at Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, featuring the designs of seven senior and seven junior designers. Read More »
BRUNO MARS AND traveling party are in town, here after their final night in Japan and ready for three nights in Hawaii at the Blaisdell beginning Friday. Welcome home, Bruno! Read More »