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Residents heed warnings to prepare for hurricanes

By Leila Fujimori
Despite several near misses this hurricane season, Hawaii residents are still preparing as two hurricanes approach the state. "I think people can't let their guard down," said Eric Thompson, 28, of Wailupe.

Lost wreck finally found

By Timothy Hurley
Researchers announced Friday the discovery of a Navy tanker that sank nearly 60 years ago after running aground on Maro Reef in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

9 spills in 1 month taint waters

By Rob Shikina
Since the beginning of August, nine sewage spills have entered recreational waters around Oahu — the most in a single month since 2010 — and more could be on the way as two hurricanes barrel toward Hawaii.

Field trip advisory appealed

By Susan Essoyan
The Hawaii State Teachers Association is challenging the Ethics Commission's stance that public school teachers should not get a free ride as chaperones on student field trips that they organize with tour companies.

Bike lane planned for South Street draws resistance

By Marcel Honoré
Honolulu's second protected bicycle lane is slated to be installed on South Street by the end of the year — a move that will provide safer options for bicyclists, but one that's already facing pushback from nearby businesses.

Festival hails Waikiki beachboys

By Gary T. Kubota
They're known as the ocean ambassadors of aloha — teaching surfing, taking visitors out for canoe and catamaran rides, and promoting an appreciation of the sea and Hawaiian culture.

Heavy rain could harm drought-hit areas, experts say

By Rosemarie Bernardo
A succession of torrential rain drenching Hawaii could help parts of Maui and Kauai counties recover from severe drought conditions. But experts say intense rainfall causes runoff instead of replenishing ranch lands, which have been directly affected by the drought.

Hawaii island ohia trees quarantined to contain wilt

By Gary T. Kubota
Big Island ohia trees are now under a quarantine that limits transport and shipping in an effort to prevent the spread of a disease that has devastated thousands of acres of native forest.

HPD holds man in Tennessee killing

By Gregg K. Kakesako
A 19-year-old Tennessee college student wanted for first-degree murder in Nashville is in Honolulu police custody awaiting extradition.
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