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Isle solar power industry’s demise expected via cap on rooftop systems

By Kathryn Mykleseth
Hawaii’s rooftop solar industry, already struggling with a recent reduction in an incentive program, could come to a standstill next year.

Big deals come early for Hawaii shoppers

By Andrew Gomes
Black Friday shopping was upstaged in recent years by retail heavyweights opening the day before, on Thanksgiving, now referred to by some as Thanksgetting Day. But why wait even for Thanksgiving?

Dengue has feds headed to Big Island

By Kevin Dayton
A team from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control will visit Hawaii island next week to assess the development of the dengue fever outbreak and review state and county efforts to contain the spread of the virus, Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Darryl Oliveira said Tuesday night.

Homeless people’s pets get vetted for shelter

By Dan Nakaso
Three dogs and a cat became the first animals to be cleared for the new Sand Island transitional shelter Tuesday as the city tries to make it easier to get homeless pet owners off the street.

Police warn against lockboxes amid a jump in vehicle thefts

By Rosemarie Bernardo
A recent spike in thefts of vehicles with security-weak lockboxes is prompting the Honolulu Police Department to advise drivers to carry their keys with them rather than relying on the device for safekeeping.

Man with long crime record indicted in attack on officer

By Gregg K. Kakesako
An Oahu grand jury Monday indicted a 41-year-old career criminal for first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer for allegedly choking a police officer and trying to take the officer’s handgun last week.

Japan plans no patrols for disputed isles

By William Cole
In his first visit to Hawaii as Japan’s defense minister, Gen Nakatani said it is important for the international community to “work more effectively” together to protect freedom of navigation, but he said Japan won’t be patrolling disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Ban on wild circus animals advances

By Sophie Cocke
The Hawaii Board of Agriculture voted unanimously Tuesday to move forward on rules that would ban wild animals from being brought to Hawaii for use in circuses and fairs.
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