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 Deportation change hailed by isle resident
For 16 years, Antonio has been trying to find a way to make it legal for him to stay in Hawaii. President Barack Obama may have given him a way. Story »
Fewer people had to make their way to the unemployment office on Punchbowl Street as the jobless rate in Hawaii fell last month to its lowest level since January 2009. Hawaii's slow-growth economy is showing dramatic improvement in the unemployment ranks. The state's jobless rate declined in October for the third month in a row to hit a six-year low of 4.1 percent, matching its lowest level since the early stages of the recession. Story »

Conventional wisdom holds that shield volcanoes like Mauna Loa and Kilauea don't blow their tops like Mount St. Helens. Rather, they erupt in slow-moving flows like the one plaguing Puna. Story »

A quarantine on the movement of pigs was issued for Oahu on Thursday following the outbreak of a serious swine disease never before seen in Hawaii. Story »

Environmental groups sued the National Marine Fisheries Service on Thursday to challenge a new rule for fishing bigeye tuna, a popular species for sushi and fish steaks. Story »

Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who won a second term in the U.S. House two weeks ago, gave birth Tuesday to a daughter: Abigail O‘ka­lani Bowls­bey. The child's arrival, announced by the lawmaker's office Thursday, came a few weeks before her due date. Story »

Army criminal investigators say they have identified a person of interest in the killing of a soldier's wife found dead in the couple's Hono­lulu home.  Story »

Plans to ease up the rules to allow for more secondary dwellings on Oahu's residential lots got mostly positive public feedback at a hearing before the City Council Zoning and Planning Committee on Thursday.  Story »

@Caption1:<z9>Nuuanu Reservoir No. 4 was closed to catfish anglers in December 2009. Nearly 4,000 fishermen visited the reservoir that year. Nuuanu Reservoir will be open for fishing for one day next month, the Board of Water Supply has announced. The board wants anglers to help remove fish from the reservoir in advance of an improvement project slated for mid-2015. Story »

A plan to set aside city parking stalls for car-sharing vehicles has won a preliminary approval from the Hono­lulu City Council Budget Committee. Story »

For Friday, November 21, 2014
American Red Cross and Hawaii island churches are taking advantage of a lull in Kilauea Volcano lava activity that had been threatening Pahoa by ramping up their outreach efforts.
For Friday, November 21, 2014
A Maui man was killed Thursday when he was thrown from his vehicle in a two-pickup-truck crash on Pulehu Road east of Hansen Road in Kahu­lui, police said.
For Friday, November 21, 2014
Elsie Taeko Abe • Darrel Aniban • Liberta Balecha • Florence Nit Yung Chang • Florence Nit Yung Chang • Connie Ferrara • Ernest Harrington Glidden Jr. • Ruth Akiko Higa • and more
For Saturday, November 15, 2014
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Washington Place, built by American trader and sea captain John Dominis, is a beautiful, historic home that has several features that now seem ordinary, but were once exotic when the house was built. Story »

 Island Images

It's always a thrill when the fruits (and veggies) of the ‘Iolani School gardening club's ardently exercised labors come to harvest.  Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the missing person's case of Kimberly Day Jacobs, who was last seen at her Waikiki apartment in August 2008? Story »

On the last day of my week in Palau, I asked five snorkeling companions to name their favorite part of the trip. The fact that we were evenly divided in our choices is testament to the wide variety of stunning marine life in this island nation of Micronesia. We were two for Ulong Channel, two for Jellyfish Lake and two for mandarinfish. Story »

Question: I noted on the screen at the Honolulu Museum of Art Doris Duke Theatre that the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has donated $10,000 to the Museum Business Council. What is the rationale or connection for the state doing so? Who made the decision? Isn't the state supposed to be hands-off in giving money to private, profit-making entities? Story »

The howling winds of Hurricane Ana competed with the hot air of candidates for governor as we "flASHback" on October's news that amused and confused: Story »

I was in Kailua town with my 10-year-old granddaughter, Nakaylee, when we came upon a hen with a half-dozen fluffy yellow chicks in tow. "The babies are so cute," Kaylee squealed. "I want to catch one and take it home for a pet." Story »

It is a mystery whether Earth's water formed along with Earth or if it came after Earth formed. There is good scientific evidence for either scenario. Water is common in the universe. Telescopes have located spectral signatures of water in nebulae in distant reaches of the galaxy. Story »

Two of the five naked-eye planets, Venus and Saturn, are missing in action this November, but the other three, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, are prominent. Story »


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