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 Chief elections officer hit by calls for ouster
At least two state senators are calling for the dismissal of the chief elections officer over his handling of the postponed election in the storm-ravaged Puna District and the mishandling of a memory card that led to the late discovery of about 800 absentee ballots on Maui.  Story »
Even with a freeze on new construction projects still in effect, the University of Hawaii system estimates it will need $1.3 billion over the next six years for capital improvement projects, with most of the funding pegged for deferred maintenance and renovation work.  Story »

More than $80,000 has been collected to help residents of Hawaii island's storm-ravaged Puna district as the vast cleanup effort from Tropical Storm Iselle continues.  Story »

Athletic director Ben Jay is still seeking $3 million in state aid for the University of Hawaii’s cash-strapped sports program, but on Monday evening he backed away from threats of cutting football or other sports if the money isn’t forthcoming. Story »

The jury in the Christopher Deedy trial struggled early on to reach a unanimous verdict on all but one count against the federal law enforcement agent, according to written communications between the group and the court released Monday.  Story »

The long-anticipated rezoning request for the huge Hoopili project in West Oahu was submitted to the city Department of Planning and Permitting this month.  Story »

Two Hawaii island women have died after crashing their cars into rock walls on different sides of the island three days apart.  Story »

For Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Hurricane center tracks new storm • Thieves steal copper piping off Hilo venue
For Saturday, August 16, 2014
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For Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Woman sought in murder attempt • HPD officer dies after gun accident • Man held after alleged slashing • Boy is stable after 3-story fall in Aiea
For Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Charlene Fay Andresen • Pearl M. Barr • William L. Curammeng Sr. • Consuelo Bueno Dela Cruz • Chelsea Sabrina Donnelly • William David Farris • Charlene Kahelekaapuni Gautier • and more
Over the years, very wealthy Americans have often left behind pretentious residential structures. In many cases these castles and manors have been willed to the public for their enjoyment after their owners have gone to the afterlife. Story »

 Island Images

Ken Hiraki wanted to make sure his daughter Maya's 15th birthday last year would be memorable. Birthday luau? Those are for babies. Spa day? So done. Slumber party? Zzz. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the student dormitories that the University of Hawaii-West Oahu agreed to provide for Hawaii Tokai International College's adjacent campus in the Kapolei area? Story »

A couple weeks ago, I had one of those days when my brain felt like an iPod shuffle stuck on fast forward. Deadlines, chores, errands, family and a hundred other things raced through my head until I finally gave up trying to work. Turning off the computer, I went for a walk in a nearby park.  Story »

Question: There are a number of vehicles parked downtown at metered stalls, e.g., Richards Street, in which a placard saying "Parking Permit for Government Business" is placed on the dashboard. Can you determine how and why and on what basis these "permits" are being issued?  Story »

In a national article on Gov. Neil Abercrombie's demise, local blogger Ian Lind commented that in a small state like Hawaii it's almost impossible to rebrand yourself once public opinion turns bad. Story »

University of Hawaii President David Lassner's decision to fire Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple barely a month after his own appointment has raised the frustration of UH critics to a fever pitch. Story »

There has been increasing discussion about preparedness in STEM subjects. The focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics often drifts away from the central issues that subliminally affect all of us, specifically in mathematics.  Story »

There are several remarkable sky events in August, including gatherings of Jupiter with Venus in the morning sky and of Mars and Saturn in the evening. We also have the return of the Perseids, one of the most reliable meteor shows. Story »


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