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President Barack Obama ended his traditional year-end press conference Friday by telling reporters, "And now I'm going to go on vacation. Mele Kali­ki­maka, everybody. Mahalo." Story »

Kauai surfer Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks won the hearts of TV viewers as they competed this season in the globetrotting reality show "The Amazing Race," but fell just short of winning the whole thing Friday in the season finale. Story »

University of Hawaii scientists say one of two new species of snailfish found in the Mari­ana Trench near Guam swims at the deepest depth ever recorded. Story »

Some Molokai residents are hailing four arrested fishermen as heroes for protecting their island's resources from outsiders. Four Molokai men pleaded not guilty Thursday in a Maui courtroom to allegedly boarding a vessel in May and threatening the people on board, a group of divers from Oahu. Story »

A state judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to exempt state employees and contractors from county and state laws banning aerial hunting. Story »

Legislators who hold the state's purse strings are taking a wait-and-see approach to the idea of extending a 0.5 percent Oahu surcharge on the state general excise tax beyond 2022 to help pay for Hono­lulu's rail transit system. Story »

The number of coconut rhinoceros beetles trapped on Oahu has significantly dropped over the past few months, according to the state Department of Agriculture program focused on eradicating the invasive pests. Story »

A 68-year-old woman riding a zip line at Kua­loa Ranch on Thursday was seriously injured when she crashed into a male rider who was stuck on the line. Story »

Tempering his historic Cuba policy shift with a dose of realism, President Barack Obama said Friday that change might not come quickly to the communist island. He suggested Congress will keep the U.S. economic embargo in place until lawmakers can gauge the pace of progress in the "hermetically sealed society." Story »

One of three alternative emergency-access routes in and out of the Pahoa area will open Saturday as the Kilauea lava flow continues toward the area's main highway. Story »

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2 sharks spotted off Waimanalo beach • Makapuu Lighthouse hike set for Jan. 1 • County Council kills GMO-related tax measure
For Saturday, December 20, 2014
Man wielding sword, pellet rifle arrested • SOS message in the sand leads to rescue • Police nab alleged attempted car thief • Man arrested after alleged attack
For Saturday, December 20, 2014
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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND » As hundreds of onlookers watched from shore, six Pacific canoes converged Sunday for a rare beachside reunion to celebrate how far they’ve come and to honor Hokule’a, the Hawaiian vessel that started their push to keep   Story »

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Each Sunday, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser publishes Oahu vital statistics for marriage licenses and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health's Vital Statistics System. The statistics cover the five-business-day period ending the Thursday of the previous week.
Huialoha Church marks its 155th birthday this year and so it is fitting to celebrate this historic structure in one of these columns. It is perhaps more fitting to recognize the person who was the major mover behind the restoration of Huialoha, Carl Lindquist, who died with his wife, Rae, tragically in a flash flood five years ago on Thanksgiving Day.  Story »

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However entertaining the competition of developmental theories might be, ultimately there's little sense in trying to parse the effect that devoting himself to ballet had on Jacob Ly's life from whatever innate ability to focus and excel that Ly may have already possessed. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the missing person's case of Kimberly Day Jacobs, who was last seen at her Waikiki apartment in August 2008? Story »

Can an electric eel kill a horse? The question came to me last week after a Vanderbilt University researcher published details about how South American river eels catch fish. The nearly sightless eel sends out two electric pulses that cause a hiding, motionless fish to twitch. Story »

Question: A private waste company picks up our garbage but leaves liquid waste on the street adjacent to a storm drain. This is very evident by the oily, smelly residue on the street.  Story »

David Ige completed his improbable quest to unseat an incumbent governor and will be sworn in Monday. His first challenge is getting constituents to remember his name and stop calling him Anybody-But-Abercrombie. Story »

Since Florida-based NextEra Energy announced it will buy Hawaiian Electric for $4.3 billion, many public officials have hoped the new owner will better HEI's dismal record on reducing fossil fuels and cutting rates. Story »

Greek mythology has Prometheus sneaking up to Olympus to steal fire from the gods. A scientific look back through prehistory visualizes a gradual process of exploration that reached a point where people learned to make and control their own fires. Story »

December is a time of returns in the skies. Venus, Saturn and Mercury reappear; the Geminid meteor shower -- one of the year's most reliable -- comes back in the middle of December; and the Southern Cross makes its return to Hawaii's predawn sky. Story »


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