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Daniel Boone Dunlap, better known as DB Dunlap, talks about his grandchildren with enthusiasm. He knows details about where they've been, how long they've slept and how much they've been growing. He's tracked them from the time they were born. There's Pua, Meli and Kainoa.  Story »

The body of a 17-year-old boy on a Labor Day outing with friends was pulled from the water at Kapena Falls.  Story »

Firefighters were expected to resume battling the flare-up of a forest fire Tuesday in the Waianae Mountain Range overlooking Makakilo, where the blaze started 10 days ago.  Story »

Poor school attendance resulted in lower test scores for Hawaii fourth- and eighth-graders who missed more days than their peers, according to a national study released Tuesday linking school attendance to student achievement and learning.  Story »

Disaster preparedness fairs will be held in both Ewa Beach and Manoa over the next two weekends. The fourth annual Get Ready Ewa Beach emergency preparedness fair is scheduled for Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ewa Makai Middle School, while the Be Ready Manoa Fair is Sept. 13 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Manoa Valley District Park.  Story »

A 49-year-old swimmer who participated in the annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim died Monday after he ran into trouble halfway through the race — becoming the fourth person to die in ocean waters around Hawaii over the Labor Day weekend.  Story »

For Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Waimanu Street to change to 2-way road • Work will close part of Makiki Valley trail • Hilo prison posts cancellations on social media; and more
For Saturday, August 30, 2014
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For Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Body of missing scuba diver recovered • Maili man charged with assault, burglary • Woman charged under new abuse law
For Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Kay Ahearn • Marilyn Lines Coday • Natividad Yambing Dabu • Jeremy J.J. Estabilio • Harumi Fuchikami • Janet Fusae Ito • Shigeru Kiyabu • Severino L. Layco Sr. • Curtis Keala Mahoe • and more
Over the years, very wealthy Americans have often left behind pretentious residential structures. In many cases these castles and manors have been willed to the public for their enjoyment after their owners have gone to the afterlife. Story »

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By the time he was 18 months old, it was obvious enough that Amy Zang's little boy Brandon had some challenges to address.  Story »

Question: Whatever happened to proposed changes in state law on the use of cellphones while driving? Story »

In 1958 my mother went into labor during a Labor Day picnic. The pandemonium that ensued, ending with the delivery of a healthy baby boy, made such an impression on my 10-year-old mind that since then I’ve linked Labor Day with the labor of giving birth. Story »

Question: My mother-in-law received a reminder card to renew her driver's license, which she tried to do recently only to be turned away due to not having the proper documents. Story »

The primary election was a lesson in comeuppance as we "flASHback" on August's news that amused and confused: Story »

City transit officials are tiresome in their dishonest attempts to blame citizen lawsuits for massive cost overruns that are shredding their promise to build Oahu's $5.26 billion rail line on time and on budget. Story »

There has been increasing discussion about preparedness in STEM subjects. The focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics often drifts away from the central issues that subliminally affect all of us, specifically in mathematics.  Story »

There are several remarkable sky events in August, including gatherings of Jupiter with Venus in the morning sky and of Mars and Saturn in the evening. We also have the return of the Perseids, one of the most reliable meteor shows. Story »


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