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Anna Azevedo became the owner of a new $176,650 home on Department of Hawaiian Home Lands property earlier this year after spending 26 years waiting for a homestead. But her house — affordable by Hawaii standards — was built with a tool that could reduce the number of affordable-housing units for non-Hawaiians.  Story »

The front of a lava flow headed toward Pahoa town on Hawaii island was 0.6 to 0.7 mile from Apaa Street and a critical waste and recycling transfer station Tuesday.  Story »

The Pacific Resource Partnership Political Action Committee failed to report that it paid a mainland advertising company more than $86,000 for fliers aimed at helping Mayor Kirk Caldwell and two other Hawaii candidates win election in 2012, according to a complaint against the controversial super PAC.  Story »

The Department of Education says it needs $19 million in emergency funding from the Legislature to cover shortfalls in its school lunch and bus transportation programs, or officials warned that meal prices might go up and some bus routes could be eliminated.  Story »

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Hawaii's marriage equality law makes a pending federal lawsuit moot, and instructed the lower court to dismiss the case.  Story »

Matson has agreed to pay $1 million to resolve all federal criminal charges tied to last year's 233,000-gallon molasses spill in Hono­lulu Harbor.  Story »

A palm-damaging coconut rhinoceros beetle has been found in Central Oahu — significantly expanding the known range of the palm pest on the island.  Story »

Dealerships across Oahu reported getting scores of calls Tuesday from concerned car owners wondering whether they needed to bring in their vehicles for repairs, a day after federal regulators issued a warning that a bevy of cars in humid areas such as Hawaii could be at risk for defective, potentially dangerous air bags.  Story »

Rhio Markley was the last person to vote Tuesday in the Puna district. She arrived at the Nana­wale Estates Community Center in Pahoa four minutes before closing time on her antique motorcycle, which gets 90 miles to the gallon.  Story »

A Honolulu Police Department officer captured on video assaulting people at a game room near McKinley High School has been suspended without pay, according to the Hono­lulu Police Department.  Story »

For Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Charge of sexual assault ensues from foot massage • Judge candidate garners support during hearing
For Saturday, October 18, 2014
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For Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Medical examiner to conduct autopsy on 3-year-old girl • ATV accident victim on the Big Island was Kamuela man • Pedestrian killed in Ewa Beach crash has been identified
For Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Louis K. Balasanos • Myrtle B.H. Choy • Catherine G. Dyer • Albert Gaddis • Harry Vincent Gaynor Jr. • Betty Ann Lopez • Katsumi "Jane" Matsukawa • Delly Cuares Ogata • Jed Chisho Oyasato and more
The Cooke family has contributed so much during the years to the Honolulu community in business, in the arts and in education. In one form or another, most of the physical manifestations of these contributions still exist, which can be attributed to the family's deep love for Hawaii.  Story »

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When a powerful storm blew the roof off a Molo­kai Ranch storage building across from the family home, Hor­cajo and his brothers collected sheets of corrugated metal debris, flattened them with hammers and rocks, and fashioned a small seafaring vessel. Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the Kapoho Vacationland subdivision on Hawaii island, where a storm surge from Tropical Storm Iselle pushed debris into anchialine ponds?  Story »

Pacific Ocean, 22 degrees South, 163 degrees East » After sailing thousands of miles through the tropical Pacific, I'm no longer surprised by how few whales and dolphins appear offshore. Story »

Question: My fiance and I are visiting my family in Kaneohe. In the first three days we were here, we received two parking tickets on the same street near a bus stop. I have photos that show one car parking closer to the bus stop than I parked, before the stop, and another one that shows a car parked after the bus stop, next to a driveway, where I also parked. Story »

The proxy election is scarier than the real one as we "flASHback" on September's news that amused and confused: Story »

The 2014 governor's election, which could shape public policy in Hawaii for the next eight years, has devolved into a shabby battle of guilt by association between the two major-party candidates. Story »

We've all heard of virtual reality, but virtual water is the current buzz phrase among water conservationists. According to the World Water Council, virtual water is the amount of water that is embedded in food or other products.  Story »

There are several remarkable sky events in August, including gatherings of Jupiter with Venus in the morning sky and of Mars and Saturn in the evening. We also have the return of the Perseids, one of the most reliable meteor shows. Story »


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