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 Acquisition creates rail project conflict
A global engineering and design firm that holds three Oahu rail project contracts has purchased a rival company that holds the contract to oversee the design firm's work, forcing city officials to look at ways to resolve an apparent conflict of interest.  Story »
Neil Abercrombie takes oath as Hawaii's seventh governor at Iolani Palace's coronation pavilion in December 2010. Native Hawaiian activists, unhappy the inauguration is on palace grounds, try to disrupt the ceremony with chants.  Story »

The city prosecutor's office is now tasked with deciding whether criminal charges are warranted in connection with two complaints related to the 2012 mayoral campaign activities of the Pacific Resource Partnership Political Action Committee.  Story »

Pearl Harbor is getting a fourth Virginia-class submarine next week, adding to the high-tech firepower the Navy has said will accompany the rebalance to the Pacific.  Story »

The former lead prosecutor in the gambling, money laundering and racketeering case involving arcade sweepstakes machines is facing possible sanctions for failing to show up in state court Wednesday.  Story »

It's a giant tree so awe-inspiring that the local Maoris named it Tane Mahuta, or "God of the Forest." But a sad truth, they add, is that before industry and disease claimed most of this country's large kauri trees, Tane Mahuta wasn't so extraordinary. Story »

The message to a congressional committee regarding volcano hazards was clear Wednesday morning: Hawaii County will need support as long as lava continues to threaten the island's Puna District.  Story »

Gov. Neil Abercrombie on Wednesday described the legalization of same-sex marriage as his proudest accomplishment as governor and said he wished he had done more to convince the public of the need for shared sacrifice near the end of the recession.  Story »

Opponents of a proposal to put in place the city's "sit-lie" ordinance in business districts across Oahu plan to hold rally at Hono­lulu Hale starting shortly before midday Thursday to urge Mayor Kirk Caldwell to veto the bill passed by the Honolulu City Council.  Story »

About 6 percent of Hawaii's homeless population — or about 600 people — arrived in the Aloha State in only the last 12 months, according to a new University of Hawaii report.  Story »

For Thursday, November 20, 2014
Retiring colonel to lead DOE facilities office • Panel OKs funds for county office • Pair face slew of drug charges
For Thursday, November 20, 2014
A 24-year-old prison inmate who failed to return to the Laumaka Work Furlough Center after work on Nov. 6 was returned by Honolulu police to Oahu Community Correctional Center on Wednesday morning.
For Thursday, November 20, 2014
Nobuko Anzai Abe • Philip Christopher Anuenue Cabudol • Pedro Alejandro Daguro • Frank L. Elefante • Faima Shane Faletogo • Annabelle C. Fong • Betty Tsuruko Uehara-Tamashiro Garcia • Steven Genishi • Leota Jean Leilani Hussey and more
For Saturday, November 15, 2014
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WAIPOURA, NEW ZEALAND » It’s a giant tree so awe-inspiring that the local Maoris named it Tane Mahuta, or “God of the Forest.” But a sad truth, they add, is that before industry and disease claimed most of this country’s   Story »

Washington Place, built by American trader and sea captain John Dominis, is a beautiful, historic home that has several features that now seem ordinary, but were once exotic when the house was built. Story »

 Island Images

It's always a thrill when the fruits (and veggies) of the ‘Iolani School gardening club's ardently exercised labors come to harvest.  Story »

Question: Whatever happened to the missing person's case of Kimberly Day Jacobs, who was last seen at her Waikiki apartment in August 2008? Story »

On the last day of my week in Palau, I asked five snorkeling companions to name their favorite part of the trip. The fact that we were evenly divided in our choices is testament to the wide variety of stunning marine life in this island nation of Micronesia. We were two for Ulong Channel, two for Jellyfish Lake and two for mandarinfish. Story »

Question: I know that you have published a few articles about the new bike lane on King Street, and I think we are just going to have to see how it works out during the "pilot program" period. However, one of my main concerns now is parking. What parking is allowed on the mauka side of King Street? Story »

The howling winds of Hurricane Ana competed with the hot air of candidates for governor as we "flASHback" on October's news that amused and confused: Story »

I was in Kailua town with my 10-year-old granddaughter, Nakaylee, when we came upon a hen with a half-dozen fluffy yellow chicks in tow. "The babies are so cute," Kaylee squealed. "I want to catch one and take it home for a pet." Story »

It is a mystery whether Earth's water formed along with Earth or if it came after Earth formed. There is good scientific evidence for either scenario. Water is common in the universe. Telescopes have located spectral signatures of water in nebulae in distant reaches of the galaxy. Story »

Two of the five naked-eye planets, Venus and Saturn, are missing in action this November, but the other three, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, are prominent. Story »


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Two former Kauai High School (KHS) cheerleaders are “wheeling” over their tiny “fortune” after appearing on national television two Mondays ago. Read More »
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