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 Legislation that raises smoking age in Hawaii awaits governor's signature
A bill raising the smoking age in Hawaii to 21 would put the state in the lead in national efforts to prevent nicotine addiction, but is worrying some young smokers whose habit would suddenly be forbidden in public.  Story »
 Big Isle mayor to appear before Ethics Board
The complaint against Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi over misuse of his county-issued purchasing card will go before the county Board of Ethics on May 13, when three Kenoi appointees will consider options against the mayor and his finance director.  Story »
When the last of 16 Hawaii Hansen's disease patients dies, the National Park Service wants to allow more visitors to Kalaupapa National Historic Park and overhaul some buildings to accommodate them — but otherwise preserve the feel and history of the isolated Molokai peninsula that was home to 8,000 exiles afflicted with the disease also known as leprosy.  Story »

DK Restaurants is ending its 15-year run at Restaurant Row this month as it allows its leases for Hiro­shi Eurasian Tapas and Vino to expire.  Story »

Honolulu police officers who discovered an alleged indoor marijuana growing operation while responding to a dropped 911 call in Hale­iwa conducted an illegal search, the state Intermediate Court of Appeals ruled recently.  Story »

A section of wall from Hale­mau­mau Crater collapsed Sunday afternoon, triggering a small explosion that sent molten lava spattering across the closed visitor lookout.  Story »

The developer of a McCully condominium complex seeking a list of exemptions from city zoning land laws will get them — but only if it can provide more homes to families in lower income brackets.  Story »

A guided-missile destroyer named for a Pearl Harbor hero was christened Saturday in Mississippi. The John Finn, the 29th Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, is named after the first Medal of Honor recipient of World War II. Story »

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Hawaii Marine's death is investigated • Input sought on forest plan • County offices to close early
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Suspect arrested in Kalihi stabbing • Assailant puts victim in critical condition • Kailua woman charged in abuse of kin; and more
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Quick: Can you think of a building in downtown Ho- nolulu that is "stately, beautiful, yet radiating a friendliness of spirit and invitation of welcome?"  Story »

It's one thing to know your school motto, another to act on it, and most certainly another to act on it on a coral atoll some 2,285 miles from home. Story »

Gravity is the glue that holds the universe together. It keeps us anchored to Earth, keeps the planets in orbits around the sun, keeps the sun in orbit around the galactic center and keeps our Milky Way galaxy ensconced in the local galactic cluster. Story »

Question: City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro says his office continues to prosecute high-ranking white-collar criminals who victimize Honolulu businesses. Story »

Question: Where should we take our outdated medicine for disposal? Story »

It's the last Sunday of April and time to "flASHback" on the month's news that amused and confused. Story »

I'm not one to knock telescope protesters atop Mauna Kea for their belief that Hawaii's highest mountain is a sacred place deserving of protection. Story »

Every May, the Hawaiian Islands experience the first of the two "overhead sun" days for the year. This phenomenon is unique to the tropics; so, like seeing the Southern Cross, Hawaii is the only state where you can experience the overhead sun.  Story »

Rock-boring sea urchins have riddled the reef in so many parts of my favorite snorkeling area, it's a wonder there are any rocks left at all. Story »


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