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 Students stumble in 2 areas 
After a decade of steady growth, the number of Hawaii public school students scoring proficient in math dipped slightly last school year while reading scores also slid. Story »
The former loan officer for the credit union of TheBus employees is going to jail for falsely crediting $16,732 to her Visa card account and those of her family members.  Story »

A massive brush fire on the upper slopes of the windward side of the Waia­nae Mountains ridge has burned 1,000 acres and is slowly being pushed by winds uphill toward a forest reserve that is home to 90 rare and endangered plant and animal species.  Story »

A federal judge has struck down a Kauai County law regulating pesticides and genetically modified crops by large agribusinesses, and the mayors of two other islands said the ruling could have wide implications for their counties.  Story »

A Molokai man who has already spent more than four years in federal prison for swindling more than $2.4 million in Washington state is going back to prison for stealing $55,000 from two people here in another investment scam.  Story »

Five bills that would have major impacts on the homeless and others who spend considerable time on Oahu's sidewalks will once again take center stage at the Honolulu City Council's Zoning and Planning Committee meeting Thursday.  Story »

The chairman and chief executive officer of a major Hawaii employment firm has stepped down after being arrested for allegedly hiring a prostitute.  Story »

Police are arresting people under a new state law that makes domestic violence a felony if done in the presence of children, but critics say the law is excessive.  Story »

The state on Monday asked the Hawaii Supreme Court to dismiss a legal challenge to the primary election filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii, arguing that the court does not have jurisdiction to hear the case and that the lawsuit threatens to derail preparations for the November general election.  Story »

For Tuesday, August 26, 2014
UH law school’s incoming class sets record • Landowners could get more time to build
For Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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For Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Attempted murder suspect rearrested • Police seek robber in Chinatown attack
For Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Alden Lee Ah Puck • George Soji Akemoto • Ricardo Billena Ben • Shoko Dick • Clarito Valion Domingo • Josephine Ramil Guerpo • Tomoyo Hara • Takayo Hirata • Dale S. Ishiara • and more
Over the years, very wealthy Americans have often left behind pretentious residential structures. In many cases these castles and manors have been willed to the public for their enjoyment after their owners have gone to the afterlife. Story »

 Island Images

These are difficult days for Janella Martin, but you wouldn't know it from talking to her. Her tone is matter-of-fact as she works her way through the Job-like roll call of ills that have befallen her since she was first diagnosed with lupus at age 14.  Story »

Question: Whatever happened to proposed changes in state law on the use of cellphones while driving? Story »

In 1981 I rented mask, snorkel and fins and, for the first time, gazed upon a coral reef. My impression: Such color! The swirling yellow, green, pink and blue fish looked like an underwater confetti toss. Story »

Question: In January, I paid via my mom’s account for her ambulance service only to find out that insurance would pay for it. I called the state Emergency Medical Services to ask for my refund of $946. They said because the money was put into the general fund it would take about 120 days to get a refund. It’s been over six months. Story »

In a national article on Gov. Neil Abercrombie's demise, local blogger Ian Lind commented that in a small state like Hawaii it's almost impossible to rebrand yourself once public opinion turns bad. Story »

City transit officials are tiresome in their dishonest attempts to blame citizen lawsuits for massive cost overruns that are shredding their promise to build Oahu's $5.26 billion rail line on time and on budget. Story »

There has been increasing discussion about preparedness in STEM subjects. The focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics often drifts away from the central issues that subliminally affect all of us, specifically in mathematics.  Story »

There are several remarkable sky events in August, including gatherings of Jupiter with Venus in the morning sky and of Mars and Saturn in the evening. We also have the return of the Perseids, one of the most reliable meteor shows. Story »


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