Friday, July 31, 2015         


New shelter rules would be less strict

By Dan Nakaso
The city is taking a new, more lenient approach to encourage homeless people to leave the streets and move into temporary and long-term housing projects that will open over the next several months.

Protesters court ‘bad ending’ on Maui

By Timothy Hurley
Maui County police were on the scene in Puunene on Thursday night during a demonstration aimed at blocking a shipment of parts and material headed to an observatory under construction at the summit of Haleakala.

Rail targets 24 more properties for seizure

By Marcel Honoré
The amount of Oahu properties that could be seized through eminent domain has exploded in recent weeks as rail work intensifies in town and officials say they might need the maneuver to keep construction on pace.

Isles face tense wait as storm develops

By Gary T. Kubota
Tropical Storm Guillermo gained force Thursday and was expected to reach hurricane strength by Friday morning. The National Weather Service has it coming close to the Hawaiian Islands but isn’t certain whether it will pass north or south or directly hit the state.

Deal preserves 12-hour shifts for the city’s first responders

By Gordon Y.K. Pang
Honolulu paramedics and emergency medical technicians will work 12-hour shifts for another year under a new agreement reached between the city and the United Public Workers union announced Thursday.

Health Department purchasing slammed

By Kevin Dayton
The state Department of Health employees tasked with purchasing millions of dollars in goods and services each year lack the proper oversight and guidance that would ensure the state actually gets what it pays for, according to a report released Thursday by acting state Auditor Jan Yamane.

Caddy denounces Australian golfer’s story

By Star-Advertiser staff
Allenby posted a photo of his bruised face on Facebook and said he he had been drugged, kidnapped, robbed of his credit cards, thrown into a car trunk and dumped 6.5 miles away in a park on Jan. 16 following a night of drinking after missing the cut at the Sony Open.

New sirens on Kauai to sound Monday

By Star-Advertiser staff
Eight new Kauai warning sirens will be tested Monday during the statewide monthly siren test. Seven of these sirens are in areas that were previously without coverage, while one of the new units replaces an older siren, Kauai County officials said in a news release Thursday.
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