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Editorial: Don’t be a cyberattack victim

Hawaii is viewed as vulnerable because of two large populations: seniors and residents for whom English is not a first language. Both types of consumers can be easy targets for hackers. Read More

Editorial: Seeking less lethal restraints

No tool is perfect — Tasers can be somewhat limited in tight quarters, too, police say. But expanding options for public safety seems a crucial step here. Read More

Editorial: OIP hinders public access to records

Accountability and transparency are key to a real-deal democratic governance. Read More

Editorial: Plan ahead for crumbling cliffs

Windward Oahu commuters can feel grateful that there were no serious injuries following the rockfalls forcing the extended closure of Pali Highway. Read More

Editorial: Use state land for needed housing

The state, long searching for the means to solve its most pressing crisis — the shortage of affordable housing — has taken a step toward one solution, using the most valuable asset it owns. Read More

Editorial: State must abide by solar mandate

Eleven years ago, when Hawaii became the first state in the nation to require installation of solar water heating systems in new single-family homes, the mandate to increase tapping one of the state’s most abundant renewable energy sources and thereby reduce dependence on imported oil was greeted with green-minded applause. Read More

Editorial: Stop foot-dragging on water leases

Native Hawaiian groups and environmentalists are justified in their anger about House Bill 1326, which prolongs for up to seven years compliance with hard-fought requirements pertaining to distribution and protection of the state’s water resources. Read More

Editorial: Probes demand reform, openness

If there can be a bright side in anything as dark as the federal investigations of corruption within Honolulu’s law-and-order system, it’s that the revelations have uncovered weaknesses that, without the federal intervention, would be persisting to this day. Read More

Editorial: Consider ending REIT tax setup

The framework for a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), when established by Congress in 1960, provided Americans — particularly the little guy — with opportunity to invest in and draw benefits from large-scale, income-producing real estate without owning the property itself. Read More

Editorial: Kaneshiro must remove himself, or be removed

In an extraordinarily bold move against growing law-enforcement scandals, state Attorney General Clare Connors is urging the Hawaii Supreme Court to immediately suspend Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, who is the target of a federal criminal investigation. Read More

Editorial: Reject bills for sky-high towers

When Aloha Tower was built in the mid-1920s, its height — 10 stories reaching 184 feet, plus 40 feet of flag mast — climbed above all other buildings here; it held Oahu’s tallest-structure ranking for decades. Read More

Editorial: Explain, fix new homeless laws

Four months after the City Council voted to put in place two new ordinances that would essentially take Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “compassionate disruption” approach to homelessness islandwide, enforcement has yet to get underway. Read More

Editorial: Seek ways to build low-rise apartments

Two years ago, Mayor Kirk Caldwell underscored the need for more affordable housing by asserting in his State of the City address: “If we don’t change the course that we’ve been on for a long period of time this island becomes a de facto gated community, only for the exclusive few.” Read More

Editorial: Vacation rentals must be reined in

In the debate on how to put right sketchy operations of online home-sharing platforms in Hawaii, transparency is key to a viable solution. Read More

Editorial: Few choices with Aloha Stadium

The Legislature faces difficult choices: Spend money on an old, outdated stadium. Build a new stadium somewhere. Do nothing. The third option has already been tried, and the results speak for themselves. Read More

Editorial: Don’t legalize recreational pot

While legal recreational marijuana may eventually become the norm across the country, it isn’t now, and for good reason. Read More

Editorial: OHA must improve to justify funding

Doing the right thing, often, is easier said than done. And when it comes to doing right by Native Hawaiians — legally, monetarily, morally — things are complex and, indeed, difficult. Read More

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