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Editorial: Public schools need fiscal clarity

The Education Institute of Hawaii (EIH) contends that too few students and educators are thriving in the state’s public K-12 schools system. Read More

Editorial: Prepare public for rail opening

After many months of roiling controversy over funding shortages and investigations delaying the Honolulu rail, it is hard to picture any part of the system up and running in a soft launch of the project. Read More

Editorial: Approve crackdown on monster houses

Honolulu’s older residential areas are dotted with so-called monster houses, in part, because city codes have not effectively fended against this uglification trend, which brings with it potential troubles ranging from overburdened neighborhood parking to stressed infrastructure. Read More

Editorial: House water bill not strict enough

Staying the course to restore the health of East Maui streams should be the goal because, viewed more broadly, the issue of careful water management is critical to the health of Hawaii water resources — for everyone. Read More

Editorial: Remembering Columbine

Twenty years ago today, the nation reacted with horror when two young men in trenchcoats opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 students and one teacher. Read More

Editorial: Safety first for walkups

Recasting low-rise walk-up apartment buildings — a popular construction project in 1960s and 1970s Honolulu — as a stable affordable-housing inventory makes sense. Read More

Editorial: Makaha gentrified?

The thrill of Tiger Woods’ comeback win at Sunday’s Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga., can only bode well for success in his future business ventures. Read More

Editorial: Pursue proposals for Hawaii Saves

Much of America has lost the habit of putting away money for the next few years, let alone the far-off future. And perhaps extra cash drains away especially easily in a place like Hawaii, with its sky-high cost of living. Read More

Editorial: Control tourism at Haena, Napali

A year ago, Kauai was hit with a sudden blast of torrential rains. Up to 50 inches drenched its rural north shore communities in a period of 16 hours, setting a national record for a day’s rainfall and touching off massive flooding and landslides. Read More

Editorial: Offer incentives for EV charging

The main impediment to increasing the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs) across the state is the sticker shock — most models are still costlier than cars with combustion engines — but it’s not the only one. Read More

Editorial: Council must be wary of spending

Finally, voters have settled the question over the disputed East Oahu seat on the Honolulu City Council, giving rise to a whole new dynamic: What will be the give-and-take between the Council, once it’s formally constituted, and the mayor? Read More

Editorial: Get control of home sharing

In Hawaii’s effort to rein in the so-called sharing economy’s vacation rental sector, which is thriving yet largely unpermitted in the islands, state and county governments are struggling partners. Read More

Editorial: Multiply efforts to help homeless

There’s nothing new about this view, but there is some hope that the state — especially on Oahu, where the crisis is most acute — is poised now to accelerate the pace of progress. Read More

Editorial: A better way to fix things

Amid the drip, drip, drip of news about government dysfunction and inefficiency, it’s good — necessary — to hear about improvements. Read More

Editorial: HART’s money tango

The Honolulu rail project’s ongoing financial dance with the Federal Transit Administration continues — and as usual and unfortunately, the steps are more complicated than hoped. Read More

Editorial: Measures can improve voting

As disruptive as it’s been, the runoff election to settle the disputed Honolulu City Council race between recent incumbent Trevor Ozawa and challenger Tommy Waters may prove instructive in one important way. Read More

Editorial: Spare harbor from glitzy makeovers

Eleven years ago, when developer Honey Bee USA Inc. was picked to lease and improve two parcels at Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, the state was being criticized for many years of inadequate repair and maintenance of boat harbors. Read More

Editorial: Enforce leases in Kahana Valley

It seemed an elegant solution to a knotty political problem at the time. Read More

Editorial: Get tougher on water lease bill

There’s buzz at the state Capitol that a contentious public water rights bill, which appeared to be dead for this legislative session, could be resurrected today in the Senate for a floor vote. Read More

Editorial: Corrections needs better leadership

Last week, Gov. David Ige stood by his nomination of Department of Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda to run the state’s corrections system for the next four years, commending him in general terms for his handling of some 3,000 employees, a $300 million annual budget, and the detainee and inmate populations. Read More

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