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Editorial: Don’t risk life for selfie

The things that people will do to get the perfect photo — which, unfortunately, has included dying. Not in Hawaii, as far as we know — but recent incidents of tourists elsewhere taking one step too many and falling off cliffs are simply tragic. Read more

Editorial: Homeless court should expand

Two years ago this month, after a successful pilot project, Gov. David Ige signed into law Act 55, establishing the Community Outreach Court (COC) for certain offenders who owe a debt to society they cannot possibly repay — particularly nonviolent defendants who are homeless and destitute. Read more

Editorial: OHA has chance to reform itself

The change in leadership at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs due to the resignation of its chief executive officer should signal an opportunity for the entire agency, including the elected board of trustees, to refocus attention on the most crucial issues facing its Native Hawaiian constituency. Read more

Editorial: UH needs rules for Mauna Kea

Last week, opponents of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) presented strong objections to the University of Hawaii’s attempts to develop administrative rules for the land it leases on Mauna Kea, where the TMT would be built. Read more

Editorial: Activate pavilions at Waikiki beach

Keeping our public spaces clean and safe has grown increasingly frustrating. Waikiki’s four beachside pavilions, for instance, offer world-class views of the ocean — but the shelter spaces have been overtaken by unsavory, even unlawful, activities. Read more

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