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The Weekly Eater: Noodles brighten menu at Adela’s Country Eatery in Kaneohe

The Weekly Eater: Noodles brighten menu at Adela’s Country Eatery in Kaneohe

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Back in the Day

Back in the Day: How to make banana lumpia with jackfruit

Banana lumpia, called turon in Tagalog, is a sweet and crispy dessert of banana wrapped in a delicate thin pastry wrapper and fried to a delightful crisp. Read more


Barfly: Drinking at the Ritz, Lanikai Brewing’s ‘Space Beer,’ Battle of the Bartenders

Get familiar with drinks at The Lounge inside the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Waikiki, learn more about Lanikai Brewing Co.’s new beer made with yeast from space, and see what kind of drink won this year’s Battle of the Bartenders at the International Market Place. Read more

By Request

By Request: Papaya, chicken a worthy combo

Chicken curry salad served in a papaya half is a throwback dish that deserves contemporary consideration. Read more

By the Glass

By the Glass: Light California wines perfect for summer sipping

Not all California wines are created equal. There are so many grape varieties and styles to choose from. Here is a quartet of interesting selections, grown and produced in the Santa Barbara appellation. Read more


Cravings: Impossible Whopper, Pumpkin Spice Spam

More of the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

Does it Work?

Does it Work: Marinator takes too much sauce

This 5-minute marinator might be good for those who marinate large quantities of food regularly, but if you only marinate a few pieces at a time, too much marinade would be wasted. Read more

Easy-Kine Cooking

Easy-Kine Cooking: Chicken and beans make hearty soup

One of the best-tasting soups requires little more than a can opener. Read more

Electric Kitchen

The Electric Kitchen: Easy grab-and-go breakfasts

With a little pre-planning, you can save time and money with these easy, on-the-go breakfast recipes. Read more

Farmers Markets

Farmers Market Calendar: August 2019

A listing of farmers markets on Oahu, courtesy Crave. Read more

Going Gluten-Free

Going Gluten-Free: Not all frozen pizzas created equal

When you’re talking gluten- free pizza, success or failure rests heavily on the crust. Read more

Grab and Go

Grab & Go: Ala Moana Center welcomes Japanese outlets

Two Japan-based restaurants are widening the lunch and dinner choices at Ala Moana Center’s Makai Market Food Court. Read more

If I Can, You Can

If I Can, You Can: Homemade dressing keeps salads fresh, economical

There’s almost no downside to making your own dressing: They’re fast and easy, and customizable. Plus they can be made for pennies on the dollar, without the excess sugar, salt and chemicals of the bottled stuff. Read more

Local Moco

Local Moco: Lettuce with Hot Chili Dressing

Though perhaps not a traditional Korean dish, this salad of lettuce with a tasty Korean dressing is refreshing and delicious. Read more

On Tap in Hawaii

On Tap in Hawaii: New distributor brings exciting beer options to Oahu

It may seem like the beer aisle is packed with every beer ever made, but in reality only a fraction of the world’s breweries have a presence in Hawaii. Read more

Spirited Conversations

Spirited Conversations: Spiked slushies perfect for summer sipping

What better way to celebrate summer than to stay cool with an icy, frozen beverage? Read more

The Little Foodie

The Little Foodie: Tomato galette is summer wrapped in a pastry

Galettes are charming in their rusticity, lively and free-spirited, as summer meals should be. Read more

The Weekly Eater

The Weekly Eater: Noodles brighten menu at Adela’s Country Eatery in Kaneohe

Going to a new restaurant is always a gamble. You never know whether it’ll be a hit or miss. Read more


Quickbites: Adventures in awamori, Turtle Bay brunch, Great Waikiki Beer Fest

All the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

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