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Chef Lillian Cumic is a (vegan) cheeze whiz

Chef Lillian Cumic is a (vegan) cheeze whiz

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Back in the Day

Back in the Day: How to make banana lumpia with jackfruit

Banana lumpia, called turon in Tagalog, is a sweet and crispy dessert of banana wrapped in a delicate thin pastry wrapper and fried to a delightful crisp. Read more


Barfly: 4 drinks to order in Honolulu this summer

Summer brings new drink menus to Honolulu, plus details on a new Kailua wine bar and the winners of a recent “mocktails” competition. Read more

By Request

By Request: Suppli honors Roman tradition

Suppli are similar to another Italian fried food, arancini, which can be found on many menus locally. Read more

By the Glass

By the Glass: Light wines ideal for summer sipping

Here are three refreshing, light wines worth popping open regularly all summer. Read more


Cravings: Adela’s Country Eatery, ‘World of Nobu’

More of the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

Does it Work?

Does it Work: Piggy Pop pan a fun twist on childhood classic

Remember pigs in a blanket — hot dogs encased in dough? Ontel has created the Piggy Pop Bake Pan, an adorable pink silicone mold that delivers 12 “piggies in blankets,” bite-size versions of that childhood favorite. Read more

Easy-Kine Cooking

Easy-Kine Cooking: Accentuate cabbage’s tasty virtues

Commonly sliced very thin and eaten raw, cabbage can also be grilled and boiled. Read more

Electric Kitchen

The Electric Kitchen: Burger recipe is Independence Day perfection

When planning for a Fourth of July gathering, keeping things simple is best. Read more

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets Calendar: June 2019

If you run a farmers market and want it listed, email or send information to Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 7-210, Honolulu 96813. Include time and day of market, location with street address and a phone number. Read more

Going Gluten-Free

Going Gluten-Free: Tasty ways to combat a snack attack

A variety of gluten-free packaged snacks are now available in Hawaii. Read more

Grab and Go

Grab & Go: Mililani Restaurant builds on noodle legacy

It was the fish and chips in the 1970s, then the fried chicken, and now it’s the fried noodles pulling people through the door of Mililani Restaurant. Read more

If I Can, You Can

If I Can, You Can: Homemade dressing keeps salads fresh, economical

There’s almost no downside to making your own dressing: They’re fast and easy, and customizable. Plus they can be made for pennies on the dollar, without the excess sugar, salt and chemicals of the bottled stuff. Read more

Local Moco

Local Moco: Kamaboko fries up nicely into fritters

Kamaboko, a sweet steamed fish cake beloved by local eaters, is turned into fritters at the hand of Muriel Miura in this recipe. Read more

On Tap in Hawaii

On Tap in Hawaii: Balance poke with the best beer

With so many different styles of poke available, we can have fun changing up the beers we drink with them. Read more

Spirited Conversations

Spirited Conversations: Add a shot of CBD to your cocktails

CBD is quickly becoming the food fad of the year. Even top cocktail bars and coffee shops have used CBD. Read more

The Little Foodie

The Little Foodie: Imperfect fruits yield perfectly good jam

Any time you have strawberries or other berries that are not living up to their potential, throw them in the freezer so they’ll be ready when you need them. Read more

The Weekly Eater

The Weekly Eater: Texas tradition thrives at Sunset Smokehouse

James Kim hasn’t had much sleep lately, but it’s not because he’s a new dad. It’s because of his other babies he tends to so lovingly at his new restaurant, Sunset Smokehouse, in Wahiawa. Read more


Quickbites: Wolfgang’s seeks burger-eaters, new bling at Hard Rock, MW showcases Hiroshima

All the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

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