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The Little Foodie: It’s not easy being green, but worth trying

The Little Foodie: It’s not easy being green, but worth trying

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Back in the Day

                                Deborah Yu Cooney has been making a Cajun-Creole spinach casserole as a holiday side dish for many years in many places around the world.
Back in the Day: Cajun casserole has a spicy edge and holiday appeal

A creamy spinach dish reflects Louisiana’s love of spice — garlic salt, celery salt, Worcestershire and a kick from pepper cheese. Read more


                                Mixologist Matt Rosskopf fills a glass with smoke to make his Cane Fire cocktail. His specialties include the Rock Salt Plum, Momo­taro and Smokin’ Paloma.
Barfly: Redfish Poke Bar presents crack seed flavors that rekindle small-kid memories

I may not be able to make it to Kaimuki for crack seed as often as I’d like these days, but I’ll happily reminisce with those memories over a cocktail at Redfish Poke Bar in Kakaako. Read more

By Request

By Request: Warm, comfort soups offer hangover relief

On this day following a global night of indulgence, here are a few words about hangovers. Read more

By the Glass

2015 December 15  FTR  photo by Craig T. Kojima

On Friday, December 15. Columnists headshots.  Chuck Furuya.
By the Glass: Quality, value found off the beaten path

When looking for value, in many cases we now search in lesser-known regions, where land is less expensive. Read more


                                Bogart’s Cafe, long famed for its breakfast items, is now open for dinner. A new menu heavy on Italian dishes is available Wednesdays through Sundays.
Cravings: Bogart’s Cafe, Good Food Awards, Girl Scout Cookies

All of the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

Does it Work?

Does It Work: Cheese curler brings elegance to any table

Although there are a few problems with Kovot’s Cheese Curler with Dome, it brings elegance to a charcuterie spread or a fruit-and-cheese table. Read more

Easy-Kine Cooking

                                Potato, spinach and artichoke frittata.
Easy-Kine Cooking: Eggs, leftovers make elegant dish

A frittata is one of the simplest dishes to make. You can use whatever leftover vegetables you have in the house, and when you add eggs, milk and cheese, it turns into a meal. Read more

Electric Kitchen

The Electric Kitchen: Make your own lucky dim sum

This week, try easy, local-style dim sum recipes to bring good fortune to your home. Read more

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets Calendar: January 2020

A list of farmers markets on Oahu, courtesy Crave. Read more

Going Gluten-Free

BRUCE ASATO / BASATO@STARADVERTISER.COM Gluten-free brownies with some of the ingredients including sugarless chocolate style baking chips sweetened with stevia.
Going Gluten-Free: Relieve holiday sugar overload, baking stress with fudgy treat

The recipe also accommodates folks who need to watch their sugar. Read more

Grab and Go

                                Hinano Delgado, right, and and his wife, Tiara, chat with customers Mark Mangibin, left, and Tommy Lee just after opening their shop, Kahiau Jerky Co., for the day.
Grab & Go: Hawaiian food fuels connections at Kahiau Jerky Co.

The food is fresh, simple and authentic at Kahiau Jerky Co. in Chinatown, where owners Hinano and Tiara Delgado make even the poi from scratch. Read more

If I Can, You Can

If I Can, You Can: Homemade dressing keeps salads fresh, economical

There’s almost no downside to making your own dressing: They’re fast and easy, and customizable. Plus they can be made for pennies on the dollar, without the excess sugar, salt and chemicals of the bottled stuff. Read more

Local Moco

Local Moco: Try these tasty Korean side dishes

Korean cuisine is noted for the many side dishes that embellish daily meals. Read more

On Tap in Hawaii

On Tap in Hawaii: Bottles, cans offer taste of art

Now that the craft beer shelf has become almost as crowded as the wine shelf, brewers are paying a lot more attention to design. Read more

Spirited Conversations

                                All around the world next week, in festivals, soirees and homes, New Year’s celebrations will honor age-old traditions — and those traditions are the inspiration for the cocktails pictured here.
Spirited Conversations: Toast to good luck in 2020 with these 4 cocktails

Each culture has its own unique practices believed to bring luck and prosperity in the upcoming year — and provide inspiration for delicious cocktails. Read more

The Little Foodie

The Little Foodie: It’s not easy being green, but worth trying

If you’re human, it’s likely that by now you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolutions. Read more

The Weekly Eater

                                Chef Kevin Carvalho grates Parmiggiano Reggiano to garnish a dish at The Artisan Loft at Dean & Deluca.
The Weekly Eater: Seek out select experience at Artisan Loft

Some things are worth getting up for, and one of them is every day brunch in The Artisan Loft at Dean & Deluca. Read more


                                Liela Bumanglag holds a tray of poi mochi doughnuts, with her fellow Liliha Bakery staffers in line behind her.
Quickbites: Liliha Bakery celebrates 70 years, Viaggio introduces new chef, The Pearl reopens at LCC

More of the latest food news you can use, courtesy Crave. Read more

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