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Editorial: Americans come from everywhere

A real American. There are many pathways to become one. Real Americans, citizens all, are of every ethnicity on the planet. Read more

Island Voices

Column: Haiku Stairs is no treasure; Remove it

If Haiku Stairs is a treasure worth saving, add it to the list of sites closed to public access. Read more


Letter: Hawaiian culture deserves respect

Open discussions and dialogue should be taking place between both sides. The state should not be arresting people who are peacefully standing for what they believe in. Read more

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Off the News

Challenging the Kealohas in 2016

Even after the conspiracy conviction of Louis and Katherine Kealoha, Chuck Totto can feel vindicated — but still aggrieved. Read more

InsightIsland Voices

Column: Ventures in our backyard enable exploring the next frontier with aloha

Our next trip to the moon will take a global effort, and when it’s complete, it will be the accomplishment that unites humankind. Read more

Name in the News

Name in the News: Dr. Mark Mugiishi

The cost and demand for quality health care have been rising, inexorably. Read more


Column: Piʻi hewa ʻia ka mauna, piʻi pū me ke kai

Contention on Maunakea reveals guns on one side and aloha on the other. Read more

On Politics

On Politics: Take a break from politics, and enjoy these animal tales during the dog days of summer

This week let’s talk about dogs. National politics is hateful, local politics is torpid and besides, we are entering the “Dog Days of Summer” and need to chill. Read more

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