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Editorial: HPD effort vital for mentally ill

In Hawaii and on the mainland, law enforcement officers increasingly are serving as first responders in cases of mental health crisis. Read more

Island Voices

                                Thousands of people participated in the Aloha ʻĀina Unity March which began at Ala Moana Regional Park and ended at Kapiolani Regional Park in Waikiki on Oct. 5.
Column: Culture, science can coexist on mauna

The stalemate at Maunakea is in its third month, with no end in sight. Read more


                                Masked protesters hold hands to form a human chain to protest against a ban on masks in Hong Kong on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019.
Letter: Like Hong Kong, we may have to defend rights

“Hong Kong leader says military could step in,” was the eye-catching headline of an Oct. 8 Star-Advertiser article. Read more

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Off the News

FILE - This undated portrait attributed to Rodolfo Ghirlandaia shows Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. The image and story of the 15th Century navigator who began European incursions into the Americas, have changed in the U.S. over decades. Following his three voyages, Columbus fell into obscurity for centuries until his adventures were revitalized in the 1800s. Columbus became a symbol for Italian and Irish immigrants in the U.S. who used his story to fight anti-Catholic bigotry and discrimination. They created annual Columbus Day to honor the explorer but also pay homage to Italian American heritage. By 1992, the 500th anniversary of Columbus' landing in the Americas, a new generation of Native American activists began protesting the navigator and blaming him for launching centuries of indigenous genocide. (AP Photo)
It’s not Columbus Day here

Columbus Day — marking the Oct. 12, 1492 landing of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria in what is today the Bahamas — is a federal holiday. Read more

InsightIsland Voices

Sue Cowing
Column: More trees needed to counter greenhouse gases

Our climate-regulator, the polar ice cap, is breaking up, the Amazon rainforest is burning, and extreme weather events have become the norm — yet national leaders continue to deny, deregulate and debate instead of taking action. Read more

Name in the News

                                <strong>Beverly Santos:</strong>
                                <em>Hawaii Foodbank’s food drive director, applies lessons from home to help those in need.</em>
Name in the News: Beverly Santos, Hawaii Foodbank’s food drive director

Beverly Santos was living in San Francisco, working as a paralegal and thinking about law school, when she had a change of heart. Read more


Column: Ola ka maʻi luʻuluʻu i ke kūkaelio

Synopsis: Magic mushrooms offer healing properties to people suffering from depression. We should be working to escape a 1960s mentality that continues to view psilocybin as a Schedule 1 drug. Read more

On Politics

                                Rep. Cynthia Thielen, a big champion of hemp cultivation, is in her office at the state Capitol.
Column: If Hawaii Republicans want to succeed, they should follow example of Cynthia Thielen

If local Republicans can learn to embrace issues like Thielen does, their chances of political success would soar. I’m betting that’s not a flight many in the Hawaii GOP are likely to take. Read more

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