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Editorial: Turn eyesores into affordable housing

A dilapidated and decades-long vacant apartment building is a Waikiki neighborhood eyesore and a frustrating burden on city resources tapped to respond to a litany of complaints, ranging from overgrowth, litter and graffiti to the poor condition of the structure and trespassing. Read more

Island Voices

Column: E Alu Pu: Moving forward together, sharing knowledge among generations

In trying times, we need stories of reassurance. What the community has accomplished quietly through the E Alu Pu network over the past 16 years is one such story that should lift our spirits and lead us to redouble our efforts to be better stewards of our island home, and of each other. Read more


Letter: Nuclear energy isn’t a green technology

I would like to remind anyone thinking about nuclear options to go green that nuclear’s carbon footprint is second only to that of fossil fuels (“Expand use of nuclear energy to combat global warming,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Sept. 5). Read more

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Off the News

A long-shot request to the FAA

Citing three helicopters crashes in the Kailua- Kaneohe area within six months — including the fatal crash on Oneawa Street in April that killed the pilot and the aircraft’s two passengers — the Kailua Neighborhood Board has passed a resolution asking for a federal ban of all tour helicopters over the beach community. Read more

InsightIsland Voices

Column: Today’s Taiwan can be tomorrow’s Hong Kong

Taiwan stands as the only free and democratic ethnic Chinese society in the world. We are hoping that today’s Taiwan can be tomorrow’s Hong Kong. Read more

Name in the News

Name in the News: Gary Simon, AARP Hawaii’s volunteer state president

Shortly before retiring from St. Francis Healthcare System last month — closing out three decades of employment, mostly with St. Francis Hospice — Gary Simon signed up for a new gig that also focuses, in large part, on aging and family caregiving issues. Read more


Column: He mihi maoli anei a i ʻole he mihi na ka lehelehe?

What is the value of an apology if it is disingenuous, or if the apologist has no other choice but to do so? Does it wipe the slate clean? Read more

On Politics

Column: Landmark 2020 election will bring all-mail voting

Let’s take a look at the candidates waiting until February to file for the historic 2020 Hawaii elections. There’s more than the usual interest in local politics. Read more

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