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                                In this file photo, cut stacks of $100 bills.
Off the News: Taxpayers pay for official misconduct

Official misconduct comes at a high price, both in public trust and actual cost. This year, Senate Bill 3041, among other settlements, allots $4 million for Elizabeth Mueller, who sued the Department of Public Safety after an alleged sexual assault at the Circuit Court in 2014. A federal jury awarded Mueller $7 million in the case. Read more

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                                Enriqueta Yacas transferred to her bed.
Editorial: More options for post-hospital care

One goal of long-term care policy is to keep the disruption of daily routines short-term, whenever that’s possible. In Hawaii, where nearly 1 in 5 residents are 65 or older, this focus needs a greater emphasis in the health-care sector. Read more

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