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Editorial: Mentally ill need more than jail

The overlapping issues of mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness present complex problems in Hawaii, which has the highest rate per capita of homelessness in the nation — with nearly one-third of homeless adults on Oahu reporting they suffer from a serious mental illness. Read more

Island Voices

                                It is increasingly clear that a handful of fossil-fuel corporations have spent millions to mislead the public, for decades, about climate change.
Column: Hold fossil fuel companies to account

It’s correct and appropriate that our elected officials take legal action against the fossil fuel companies. Read more


                                Artist concept of proposed Ala Moana District Park upgrades, received on Sunday, December 2, 2018.
Letter: Save green space at Ala Moana Park

On Nov. 6, the City Council voted 7-0 to pass Resolution 19-263 to find another location for the inclusive playground planned for Ala Moana Regional Park. Read more

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COURTESY PIXABAY veteran, american
A day to honor our veterans

On this Veterans Day, take time to honor all American men and women who have dedicated years to serving this country as military personnel. For many, the years following that service can be challenging. Read more

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                                Kevin Martin served in the U.S. Army as a cavalry scout, including 11 months in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where his vehicle was struck by roadside bombs, twice, five days apart in August 2011; he suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI). He was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds sustained.
Column: Purple Heart veteran with PTSD urges funding for psychedelic drug research

Voting against psychedelic drug therapy research is a vote against the well-being of veterans and everyone else who is suffering from mental health problems. Read more

Name in the News

                                 Paula Akana. The retired veteran journalist takes the reins at Iolani Palace, which has a big repair bill.
Name in the News: Paula Akana

Paula Akana has soured on honey. That sweet byproduct of a bee colony contains moisture that can do damage to a fragile historic structure, she said. Read more


Column: He manaʻo anei ko ka inoa o ka mea lapaʻau hou?

Synopsis: A look at the mysterious naming practices surrounding new drugs being ubiquitously advertised on TV. Is there a relationship to meaning? Read more

On Politics

                                More than 30 oil drilling rigs are idle in a Helmerich & Payne, Inc. yard in Odessa, Texas, along Highway 80, as rig counts drop in the Permian Basin. The threat to crack down on Big Oil and its conspiracy to keep us in the dark about global warming failed to register any changes.
Richard Borreca: Big questions being raised about Big Oil

The threat to crack down on Big Oil and its conspiracy to keep us in the dark about global warming failed to register any changes. Read more

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