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Column: Rekindling the light within ourselves

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawai‘i. Thousands will gather at Ala Moana Beach on Memorial Day to honor and offer gratitude for the sacrifice of our fallen service members and to reaffirm and deepen our connection with loved ones, past and present Read more

Editorial: HTA must strike fruitful balance

Most recently, a survey of stakeholders who work with or are affected by the HTA revealed that these interested parties are roughly split and lean negative over whether they believe HTA is doing its job well. Read more

Column: Urgent updates to city’s 911 call system

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, in its recent editorial about the City and County of Honolulu’s 911 system, is absolutely right: All emergency calls must be answered. For us, with regard to this critical issue, the alarm bells are indeed going off. Read more

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Letter: More help needed for working families

2024 could have been a historic year for the state Legislature if proposals had been passed to assist working families with the challenge of caring for their children, other loved ones and themselves. Read more

Letter: Fervent belief can’t crack hard fossil fact

Regarding the recent letter labeling evolution as a false concept, an old adage comes to mind: “One is entitled to his own opinions but not to his own facts” (“Stop spending money on student radicalization,” Star-Advertiser, May 21). Read more

Letter: Real cost of fossil fuels muddied by subsidies

The latest from Bjorn Lomborg claims that “if wind and solar energy really were cheaper than fossil fuels, there wouldn’t be a need for billions of dollars in taxpayer spending,” while ignoring the fact that fossil fuel companies have been receiving subsidies for over 100 years and globally received over $1 trillion in subsidies in one year (2022), according to the International Energy Agency (“We are misled about the true cost of wind, solar energy,” Star-Advertiser, Commentary, May 21). Read more

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