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Editorial: Don’t rush to OK motorsports park

A raceway park is one of those attractions that has an energetic fan base, but is difficult to locate. There can be crowds and noise and considerable wear and tear on the environment. Oahu once had one. And as enthusiasts point out, many other communities have settled in with their own raceway, placed on an appropriate site. Read More

Island Voices

Column: University of Hawaii budget bill has serious implications

Faculty need and want stability and autonomy to conduct their research without interference from legislators. They also need a strong leader at the helm of UH to defend the professional reputation of the faculty and their contributions to the community and the world. Read More


Letter: Per-mile road tax would hurt drivers unfairly

Hawaii already is the most expensive state to live in. It is the second highest-taxed state. It has the fourth highest gasoline tax, estimated at more than 60 cents per gallon. It has the fifth worst roads, even though we have the smallest road system with about 9,600 miles. Read More

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Off the News

Hawaii loves the NFL, and SF

Wow, that was fast. The first NFL preseason game in Hawaii in 43 years was a sell-out, quicker than you could say L.A. Rams v. Dallas Cowboys. But neither of these teams are the first love for Hawaii, as it happens. Read More


Aging Hawaii: Saving for the silver years

Advocates for the elderly push for legislation to create another way to save for retirement. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Melanie Ide

When Melanie Ide was tapped to head Bishop Museum, in November 2017, she was living in Manhattan, near Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the world’s largest museum exhibition design firm, where she was a principal with decades of experience in museum planning, design and program development. Read More


Column: Kōlea nō ke kōlea i kona inoa iho

Synopsis: After the terrorist massacre in Aotearoa, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has chosen not to mention the name of the suspect. Being sentenced to obscurity seems most appropriate. Read More

On Politics

On Politics: At 50, Hawaii’s beautiful Capitol building needs better care

Happy Birthday, Hawaii State Capitol: Here’s hoping we can take better care of you, so you can last another 50 years. Read More

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