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  • Monday, March 18, 2019
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Our View

Editorial: Caution required as economy slows

Remember the green shoots of economic recovery, back in the years following the Great Recession of 2009? That grass soon filled in nicely, but now the lawn is starting to look brown around the edges. Read More

Island Voices

Column: Honolulu could use more democracy

Honolulu may need more democracy to help solve its problems. Read More


Letter: Magic Island fencing will come down soon

The orange fencing at Aina Moana, or Magic Island, mentioned by Glen S. Arakaki in his letter, is part of the city’s irrigation improvement project that Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced in April 2018 (“Magic Island fencing must come down soon,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, March 9). Read More

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Off the News

See what’s planned for Ala Wai

Among the threats the proposed $345 million Ala Wai Flood Control Project addresses: a 100-year event — meaning there’s a 1 percent probability of it occurring in any given year — in which stormwaters descending from the Koolaus spill from tributaries and the Ala Wai Canal to flood Waikiki, causing damage to some 3,000 structures and requiring more than $1 billion in repairs. Read More

InsightIsland Voices

Column: Green New Deal isn’t perfect, but Hawaii’s leaders should back it to spark needed action

The controversial proposal to address climate change excites many, but worries others due to its high cost. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Philip Bossert

The latest project for Philip Bossert, executive director of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, is shepherding through a bill that clarifies a law ensuring that all private schools in the state are licensed. Read More


Column: I ikeia no ke kanaka no kekahi lahui ma kana olelo

Synopsis: As Hawaiians, we have to seek the blessing of the state, under its laws, in order to normalize our language. That path has led us nowhere! Read More

On Politics

Column: Abercrombie gives Beto O’Rourke’s presidential candidacy an enthusiastic thumbs up

As the Beto O’Rourke for President campaign arrives in Hawaii, some of the first hands pushing the effort forward belong to former Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie. Read More

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