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                                The Legislature has unleashed a much-needed watchdog to oversee the Department of Public Safety as the state endeavors to shift its prisons and jails focus from punitive, to a model that steps up rehabilitative efforts.
Editorial: Prisons need oversight; Tough land-use balance; Act against corruption

Every Saturday, we’ll present these short-take editorials to reflect on some of the week’s news. Read more

Island Voices

Brodie Lockard founded <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, a group fighting climate change, in 2014.
Column: Close water-heater loophole, despite Hawaii Gas’ objections

Hawaii Gas is conducting a blitzkrieg against Bill 25, a Honolulu City and County building code revision that would require new single-family buildings to use renewable energy for at least 90% of water heating. Read more


                                Honolulu police respond after two fellow officers were fatally shot on Hibiscus Drive near Diamond Head on Jan. 19.
Letters: Regulate the loony; HPD tries their best; Road-usage fee

When folks exhibit offensive loony behavior repeatedly (as Jerry Hanel did to me and others), they need to be regulated, not accommodated. When we “let it go,” we enable them, Read more

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Off the News

                                Southwest Airlines’ inaugural flight arrives at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport from Oakland, California, Sunday, March 17, 2019.
Off the News: Southwest-FAA flight path questioned

Was Hawaii a beneficiary of some special treatment from the Federal Aviation Administration, when the new Southwest Airlines service was launched? Read more


                                Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed Bill 89 into law in June. The bill imposed stricter regulations and stiffer fines on operators of illegal vacation rentals.
Using a new law, Hawaii goes after scofflaws and drafts rules for 1,700 new B&Bs

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed Bill 89 into law in June. The bill imposed stricter regulations and stiffer fines on operators of illegal vacation rentals. Read more

Name in the News

                                Rob Van Tassell, the new director of Catholic Charities Hawaii, at CCH’s headquarters.
Name in the News: Rob Van Tassell — Catholic Charities Hawaii’s CEO eyes more affordable housing

Rob Van Tassell, the new president and CEO of Catholic Charities Hawaii (CCH), has been to Hawaii before. Read more


                                The University of Hawaii is offering free Hawaiian language classes.
Column: A‘o manuahi ‘ia ka ‘ōlelo kanaka, he makepono!

Synopsis: Free Hawaiian language classes are being offered at UH and all are welcome. This is an excellent way for a new generation to pay forward the valuable lessons they have received during their own journeys. What a deal! Read more

On Politics

                                Maui Mayor Mike Victorino, left, sat in the Senate gallery for the opening day of legislature at the state Capitol on Wednesday.
Richard Borreca: Legislators’ cost-of-living ideas try to stave off voters’ growing discontent before elections

Welcome to this election year. It soon will be time for us to count the winners and losers. This year, winning may not be what happens to a lot of local office holders. Read more

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