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Editorial: Immigration ‘public charge’ rule too harsh

This is an immigrant state in an immigrant nation, at a time that is proving unreasonably — and unproductively — harsh for immigrants. Read more

Island Voices

Column: Stopping TMT won’t help Hawaiians much

To the protesters I say this: Keep the end in mind. There are more challenges ahead. Ask if winning this battle will actually help win the war. Read more


Letter: Bulky items issues not addressed

I had to laugh at the article that said Mayor Kirk Caldwell sees the new bulky trash system as improving. Read more

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Off the News

All hands on deck for vacation rentals

Legal challenges notwithstanding — and there have been a couple — the city’s fledgling crackdown on illegal vacation rentals is working, with online listings dropping. Read more

InsightIsland Voices

New Cold War: All eyes on how China deals with Hong Kong protests

As Hong Kong’s protests escalate, a growing number of observers are asking when and if China will dispatch troops to end them. Read more

Name in the News

Name in the News: Scott Schroeder

Scott Schroeder has wanted to be in education since he was being educated himself, starting with grade school. Whatever level of school he was in at the time, that’s the level he wanted to teach. Read more


Column: Ulupuni ʻo Mauna Kea i ia mea he kānāwai

At a legislative briefing about the Mauna Kea Access Road, state Sen. Kai Kahele suggested that the land swap between the DOT and the DHHL was not legally consummated. The authority over the road reverts to the DHHL. Read more

On Politics

Column: Strength of Native Hawaiian standoff at Mauna Kea enables muscle-flex on other issues

For the protesters and Hawaii’s leaders, making the result a compromise and not a disaster, is an ability that today neither side appears to possess. Read more

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