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Editorial: Early education needs to expand

Young children who get an early start to their education fare better in schooling, careers … in life generally. Read more

Island Voices

Column: Vote-by-mail will benefit Hawaii by increasing voter turnout

Hawaii has a voter turnout problem. Among the 50 states, Hawaii has consistently ranked the lowest in voter turnout; in the 2018 general election, turnout was only 39.3%. Read more


Letter: Weak family structure leads to suspensions

While Susan Essoyan’s article about Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students being suspended raises an issue, such suspensions are a mere symptom of more underlying root causes: compromised family structure in a broken home, incarceration of a parent and siblings and desperate socioeconomic conditions (“Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students are suspended more days than U.S. average,” Star-Advertiser, June 14). Read more

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Off the News

Gabbard gets on first debate

It’s hard to grab the spotlight when there are a couple dozen people all reaching for it, but Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard will at least have the TV cameras on her June 26. Read more

InsightIsland Voices

Column: Unity and access to political system advanced AIDS research and support

I believe the LGBT community grew stronger and wiser during the tragic years of AIDS, and patiently, while we continue to educate ourselves about ourselves, we have also worked to educate the world about the positive contributions and the magic gay people have contributed throughout history. Read more

Name in the News

Name in the News: Larry Kimura

Larry Kimura was surrounded from birth by first-language speakers of Japanese (his father’s side) and Hawaiian (his mother’s). Read more


Column: Ua mau ka ʻea o ka ʻāina a haumia maila

Microplastics are filling our oceans but they are not doing it without our help. We need to rethink our own convenience and learn to take steps to clean our planet. Read more

On Politics

On Politics: Hawaii needs and deserves modern, functioning airport in Honolulu hub

Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye airport is crowded, dirty, needlessly confusing and remains this way despite decades of promises to do better. Read more

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