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Column: Haumia ka honua: I hewa ho‘i iā wai?

Synopsis: As the gap widens between the technologically advanced countries and those who trail behind, so does the gap in wealth that has been built on projects that threaten the life of our planet. Read more

Column: I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope

Synopsis: The pivot that Gov. David Ige is making toward clean, renewable energy looks promising on its face. After a long history of dispossession, however, we native peoples find it difficult to trust anything the state does. Read more

Column: He lāhui mo‘olelo kākou

Synopsis: This article discusses the importance of remembering our mo’olelo, or histories. By remembering our histories, we remember our nation. This article also introduces the new podcast, Poi Beaul, that may help revitalize moæolelo printed in the Hawaiian language newspapers. Read more

Column: Puka ko kākou ‘State’ i ke kūlana ‘ekolu

Synopsis: In a comparison of the 50 so-called states, Hawaiæi was ranked third in overall diversity. A number of areas were evaluated including racial and ethnic diversity (first) and linguistic diversity (ninth). But we were 28th in educational attainment, suggesting that education in English has not been ideal. Read more

Column: Ha‘ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana

Synopsis: It is about time that Hawaiian is heard regularly via the various media outlets available. Inroads have been made in this area by other indigenous communities in order to normalize their languages. Read more

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