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Dog walking is leading to more broken bones in older adults

For years, we’ve heard that dogs can be good for human physical and mental health in part because the canines’ need for exercise gets their sluggish human companions out of the house for a walk at least a couple of times a day. Read More

Overcome your overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed arises when you feel you have too much to deal with — so much so that it feels paralyzing. Read More

Column: Change is worth the wait

Make a decision to focus on what is going well in life. Read More

The power of reflection

Every day presents opportunities to reflect on life. Read More

When needs arise, these older women collaborate to have each other’s backs

Like many women aging alone, Eileen Kobrin worried that an accident could compromise her independence.Seniors team up to help each other in times of need Read More

How to choose a good home stair lift

Stair-lift companies have many models to meet individual needs. Read More

A few steps to minimize the risk of falls

Check your medications to see if they put you at risk for falls. Read More

How to slow down cognitive aging

Dear Savvy Senior: Are there any proven strategies to preventing cognitive decline? I have a family history of dementia and worry about my own memory and cognitive abilities as I grow older. What can you tell me? — Almost 60 Read More

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