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                                Makiki District Park’s Community Garden.
Online resources can help seniors spot fake news

Dear Savvy Senior: Are there any resources that you know of that can help seniors detect fake news? My 75-year-old mother shares a lot of misinformation with her family and friends that she sees on Facebook. I’ve talked to her about it, but for some reason she has a difficult time deciphering real news from fake news and propaganda. — Frustrated Daughter Read more

                                Roy Uesugi, is administered a test by technician, Vince Tenorio during Drive-thru COVID-19 testing being conducted at Geiger Community Park in Ewa Beach by Kalihi Kai Urgent Care.
Learn the differences between the flu and the coronavirus

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you explain the differences between the coronavirus and seasonal flu? I’m 70 years old and usually get a standard flu shot, but would like to find out what else I can do to protect myself this winter. — Worried Senior Read more

                                Chinatown market scenes.
Long-term care insurance not always best option

Dear Savvy Senior: My wife and I have thought about purchasing a long-term care insurance policy, but we hate the idea of paying expensive monthly premiums for a policy we might never use. Is there a good rule of thumb on who should or shouldn’t buy long-term care insurance? — Getting Old Read more

                                A masked woman walked along Queen’s Beach in Waikiki.
Organ donation is possible regardless of age, medical history

Dear Savvy Senior: I never thought about becoming an organ donor until my brother died of kidney failure last year. But at age 78, I would like to know if I’m too old to be a donor, or if they would even use my organs if I were to die from COVID- 19. What can you tell me? — Potential Donor Read more

Research carefully before choosing reverse mortgage

Dear Savvy Senior: What can you tell me about reverse mortgages? The coronavirus damage to my retirement account has me considering it, but I want to make sure I know what I’m getting into. — Cash-Strapped Senior Read more

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