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How caregivers handle the stress and find support

Sandra Dennis recalls moving into her father’s Englewood, Ill., home after he started showing signs of dementia in his late 70s. Read More

The Joy of Grandparenting

It’s still diaper-changing and storybooks, so why does it feel so different from raising our own kids? Read More

Column: Can you deduct Medicare costs on your income taxes?

Medicare expenses are deductible in some cases. Read More

The secret to aging well? Contentment

Seeking to change your attitude rather than your circumstance could lead to a happier life. Read More

Positively Young: When a pack rat lives with a minimalist

There are two lifestyle mindsets that can make co-habitation a conundrum: the Keeper versus the Discarder. Pack rats and neat freaks need to find strategies to get along. Read More

Should you have knee replacement surgery?

For the vast majority of patients with debilitating knee pain, joint replacement surgery is considered an “elective” procedure. Read More

Column: Stop “shoulding” yourself as a New Year’s resolution?

When you say you should do something, you show you don’t really believe in the goal. Read More

Your aging brain: Is it ‘use it or lose it’?

When you work your brain over a lifetime, your mental decline starts from a higher state. Read More

Countdown to Retirement: A Five-Year Plan

Follow this plan to financially prepare for retirement. Read More

Health Options: Short-term gains can cause lifelong losses when fighting fat

Winning any competition is about success at the end of the game. The same strategy applies to healthy weight loss if the goal is to lose fat rather than just weight. Read More

Bypassed Generation: Grandparents raising kids born to addicts

Like millions of grandparents across the country, Marci Worthington is raising the child her own could not. Read More

Positively Young: Create deeper connections with family at Christmas

For many, it’s been a lot of work to get to today. Taking Christmas photos, sending cards, finding the right gifts, delivering them, hosting and attending parties, decorating the house and more. Read More

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