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Food assistance programs can help seniors in need

Dear Savvy Senior: I would like to find out if my 73-year-old aunt is eligible for food stamps or any other type of food assistance program. It seems that she has a difficult time affording enough food each month, and I would like to help if I can. What can you tell me? — Searching Niece Read more

To forgive someone, put judgment aside

Forgiveness is an act that is said to empower a person to break free from the mindset of being a victim. By forgiving, they say, you let go of the past and move on. Read more

Monitoring devices can track loved ones with dementia

Dear Savvy Senior: My husband, who lives at home, has dementia, and I worry about him wandering off and not being able to get back. Can you recommend some monitoring technology devices or any other solutions that can help me keep tabs on him? — Exhausted Spouse Read more

Day care helps seniors avoid hospitals, nursing homes

Two mornings a week, a van arrives at the Escondido home of Mario Perez and takes him to a new senior center in this northern San Diego County town, where he eats a hot lunch, plays cards and gets physical therapy to help restore the balance he lost after breaking both legs in a fall. Read more

                                Venture capitalist George Sarlo, 74, seen sitting in his San Francisco home in October, might not have seemed an obvious candidate for a psychedelic experience with ayahuasca. “It changed my life completely,” he said.
Seniors experiment with taking ayahuasca to heal

At 74, venture capitalist George Sarlo might not have seemed an obvious candidate for an ayahuasca experience. Sarlo, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1956, has had great professional success as the co-founder of Walden Venture Capital. He lives in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, in a large house with an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge Read more

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IRS introduces tax form for older taxpayers

Dear Savvy Senior: A couple months back I read that the IRS will be offering a new senior- friendly tax form this tax season that will be easier to use. What can you tell me about this? — Paper Filer Read more

Saying ‘I do’ … again

Last summer a handsome man kept proposing to me over and over again. “I really like you, and I want to move this relationship along. Read more

Column: How to manage a loved one’s social media afterlife

Dear Savvy Senior: How do I go about changing or canceling a person’s social media accounts when they die? My sister died several months ago, and her social media accounts are still active. — Inquiring Sister Read more

Turning points invite us to slow down

This Saturday is the winter solstice. The solstice is the longest night of the year and astronomically marks the beginning of longer days and shorter nights. Read more

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