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                                Election campaign signs at the intersection of Pupupuhi Street and Farrington Hwy in Waipahu on Wednesday, Oct. 28.
Kokua Line: When can candidates put up campaign signs?

Question: I have seen yard and street-side campaign signs for City Council, lieutenant governor, state representative and even a labor union sign in the past month. I thought signs were allowed only from 45 days prior to the election. Can you check and let us know what we can do when we see illegally posted signs? Read more

                                Adding tofu to a meal can add protein without the high cost of meat.
Column: Eat nutritiously while stretching your food dollar

Just a few years ago the eating patterns of America were influenced by busy lifestyles. For many, convenience foods and restaurant fare were more the norm than home-cooked meals made from scratch. With the pandemic and the increasing cost of food, we need to learn from prior generations of homemakers about how to stretch the food dollar. Read more

                                A meteor from the Perseid shower cuts across Orion’s Belt above Joshua Tree National Park in California. Orion’s Belt, known in the Pacific as Heiheionakeiki (the string game of the children), is an easily recognizable constellation visible across the globe.
Skywatch: Watch meteors zoom by and days change length throughout December

The four stars that form the corners of Ka Lupe a Kawelo, the Great Square of Pegasus, are excellent pointer stars that show the direction of both the north and south celestial poles, and serve as an indicator of the path they take across the night sky as they move from the eastern to the western horizon. Read more

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