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                                A person scavenges through trash cans and under bleachers.
Kokua Line: Why let homeless camp on tennis courts?

Question: The Ala Moana tennis courts are being abused by homeless people. They live there when the electric light goes out after 10 p.m. Every morning, they leave dirty towels, clothes, underwear, leftover bento, food, bones, shampoo, cans, water bottles, used masks, etc. on the ground everywhere. Read more

Kokua Line: Is wait limit a rule or a courtesy at public tennis courts?

Question: A mantra of the pandemic has been that “outdoors is better than indoors” for get-togethers. Also, exercise is a great way to boost physical and mental health, which is so important. To that end, some work friends and I, who no longer see each other daily because we work from home now, have been meeting up to play tennis. Read more

                                Mark Zuckerberg
Tech View: University of Hawaii’s next head football coach should have been Mark Zuckerberg

The recent hiring of Timmy Chang as the next University of Hawaii football coach, along with all its twists, turns and drama, has dominated local news — so much so that another rather significant story seems to have not gained as much attention. This is the donation by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of $50 million to UH to help study the impact of climate change on the ocean. Read more

                                Pedestrians crossed S. King Street in downtown.
Kokua Line: Where’s the survey about how to spend federal aid?

Question: I heard on the radio that the state is once again receiving aid from the federal government and that they put out an online survey for suggestions on where the money should be allocated. The deadline to fill it out is Feb. 14. Do you know where this survey is located? I can’t seem to find it. Read more

Now retired, Alexander Silvert was the attorney for Gerard Puana, a key witness in the convictions of former deputy city prosecutor Katherine Kealoha (Puana’s niece) and former Police Chief Louis Kealoha.
Column: A new opportunity for meaningful reform of police oversight

In response to his arrest, Max Sword’s attorney stated that the former Honolulu Police Commission chairman was “shocked and disappointed” by the indictment, claiming that Sword was only following the recommendations of the Caldwell administration and the advice of Corporation Counsel, specifically Donna Leong. Read more

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