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Now retired, Alexander Silvert was the attorney for Gerard Puana, a key witness in the convictions of former deputy city prosecutor Katherine Kealoha (Puana’s niece) and former Police Chief Louis Kealoha.
Column: A new opportunity for meaningful reform of police oversight

In response to his arrest, Max Sword’s attorney stated that the former Honolulu Police Commission chairman was “shocked and disappointed” by the indictment, claiming that Sword was only following the recommendations of the Caldwell administration and the advice of Corporation Counsel, specifically Donna Leong. Read more

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Tech View: Cybersecurity’s importance is now more vital in 2022

Every day, we hear how important cybersecurity is or how important it is to “increase your security posture.” But as technology changes and encompasses more of our lives and businesses, the scope of what cybersecurity is grows, and the actual meaning starts to become ambiguous. Read more

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