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Kokua Line: Survey about scenic views is limited to online responses

Question: I read that the city is doing a survey about which Honolulu views to preserve. First, why do we have to choose? Protect them all! Second, this survey is only online. What about those of us who don’t have a computer or smartphone? I would like to express my opinion! Read more

Kokua Line: Submit notarized statement to complain about police officer

Question: Auwe to a Honolulu policeman who failed to yield to me while I was crossing a crosswalk May 16 on Arizona Road by the Salt Lake-Moanalua Public Library. Yes, it was early in the morning (5:30 a.m.), and I had a flashlight. I couldn’t get his license plate information as he sped away. His rooftop blue lights were not flashing so I’m not sure it was a true emergency. To whom can I report this? Read more

Lee Cataluna: With summer comes life in the fast lane

Summer used to be about pineapple harvests and fishing off the pier and sterilizing glass jars for making guava jelly. Lazy days, long hours, the luxury of excess. Now it’s rejoicing that it takes 20 minutes less on the H-1 to get to the office. Chee hoo. Read more

Kokua Line: What to do when someone poops in your home swimming pool

Question: A friend with a pool invites us over quite a bit. … We appreciate the generosity. The thing is her youngest child sometimes has an accident in the pool (fecal matter). They remove it but don’t make everybody get out of the pool (my kids do so on their own). They say the chlorine takes care of it. Is this OK? Read more

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