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                                Trash bins line the curb along Wainiha Street in Hawaii Kai.
Kokua Line: Can I get trash and reycling carts for my ADU?

Question: We’re running into rubbish overload with the new tenants in our accessory dwelling unit. How does a resident with a legal ADU go about getting a gray, green and blue bin for the separate ADU dwelling? Does the city issue them? Read more

                                Ross Uehara-Tilton
Tech View: Protecting intellectual property online starts with warning

Many of you reading this column are creators — writers, poets, photographers, painters, illustrators and the like. As a travel writer, I’m part of this cohort. When I recently discovered my intellectual property or “IP”— text and photos from my website, on another website, I was not pleased. Read more

                                A Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geologist collects a fresh lava sample for chemical analysis Thursday.
Facts of the Matter: Catalysts help facilitate wide variety of reactions

By strict definition, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Being such a utilitarian concept, the word takes on other applications outside the world of chemistry from which it evolved. Read more

                                A young girl seems to strike a pose while swimming.
Kokua Line: When will Manoa pool lights be fixed?

Question: The lights at the Manoa swimming pool have not been working since March. Therefore, evening swimming has temporarily ceased since March until repairs can be made. Some other area, smaller, city swimming pools have extended their evening hours, but it is inconvenient for some Manoa residents. When will the repair work on the Manoa pool lights begin, and when is it expected to be completed? Read more

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