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                                Walking at least 7,000 steps daily, about 3.5 miles, has significant health benefits.
Column: Get in step with reasonable walking goals that deliver health benefits

Virtually everyone knows that physical activity is an essential component of a healthful lifestyle. But how much and what kinds of activity can make a difference? Do you need a gym membership? Run marathons? Lift weights? Although all of these approaches have benefits, there is one valuable exercise that all of us do every day — at least, if we can walk. Read more

                                A man uses a cell phone.
Kokua Line: Do all local calls have to add the 808 area code?

Question: My friend dials 808 to make local calls and says I should, too, but my calls go through fine without it. She’s been doing this for quite a while now. Is this only for cellphones? I have a home phone. I asked my daughter, but she didn’t know anything about it because she doesn’t live in Hawaii anymore. Read more

                                Home in 1930 Kaumualii Street in Kalihi.
Kokua Line: How should a homeowner properly dispose of pesticides?

Question: A neighbor handled old pesticides in a way that released noxious fumes into our neighborhood. It has apparently happened before, and we don’t want it to happen again. How should a homeowner properly dispose of pesticides? How can the public be better educated about what to do? What deterrents exist that might prevent a recurrence? Read more

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