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                                Hawaii traffic jam in the afternoon.
Kokua Line: How do I get rid of a ticket that raised my car insurance?

Question: Over a year ago I received a citation that I challenged in court, resulting in a reduction to a much lesser charge. About a month ago my auto insurance company notified me that my premium would be rising almost 400% for my six-month renewal, because the company reviewed my record and found this citation. Read more

                                Hawaii State Library main branch at King and Punchbowl.
Kokua Line: Why hasn’t the State Library reopened?

Question: Why does the main public library continue to keep its doors closed to the public? Having only “takeout” service is not acceptable, not after a year and a half of continuous closure. Allowing the public to check out books is only a small portion of the main library’s role. Surely, the state librarian has had sufficient time to figure out a way to safely reopen this library. Enough already! Read more

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