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                                Family nurse practitioner Reece Therrien stands in the patient reception area at the CVS/Long’s Health Hub facility in Kaneohe.
Kokua Line: Why can’t EUTF process my enrollment?

Question: I am hoping you can help me, along with many other recent state retirees, get the health insurance we were promised. I currently have no health insurance because EUTF has been unable to process the paperwork into their new system, which is having/causing numerous problems. Read more

Honolulu Star-Advertiser business columnist John Agsalud.
Tech View: Protecting your DNA data could pay off in the future

With genealogy sites all the rage, many folks willingly submit DNA samples to see their family trees. For a few, unintended consequences have surfaced, at least anecdotally, some taking on the status of the urban legend “What do you mean my dad was the postman?” But it’s the unknown unintended circumstances that give us pause. Read more

Kokua Line: Any arrests in Oahu jewelry scam?

Question: The jewelry scammers are still out there, brazen as ever, all over Oahu. Please warn kupuna and others who might not see the daily posts about this on social media. What is HPD doing? Read more

Electric bike tour of Lahaina Maui.
Kokua Line: How do I get $500 rebate for electric bike?

Question: I’ve been trying to get more information on how to apply for the e-bike rebate program authorized by Act 306 and cannot find any information at the state Department of Transportation website. Do you know who should be contacted? Read more

2010 September 01 BSN - Dr. Ira Zunin, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Business Columnist. HSA photo by George F. Lee
Wealth of Health: Breakthrough blood test can detect multiple cancers

The future has arrived in the battle against cancer. A single blood test can now screen for over 50 cancers. While not yet broadly covered by insurance, this diagnostic tool has the potential to revolutionize the way we find cancers. It also enables early identification, which typically improves treatment outcomes and optimizes survival rates by finding disease before it spreads. Read more

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