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                                Interisland commuters wait at the gate prior to a Hawaiian Airlines flight in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kokua Line: Interisland travelers can get vaccine exemption

Question: We have tickets to see my parents on Maui for the first time in over a year. We live in Honolulu and were vaccinated here. I’ve heard about the vaccine exemption, but how do we actually get it? We are flying at the end of May. It will be our first time on a plane since the pandemic, so I am not familiar with any of this. Read more

                                Pedestrian crossed Ward Avenue at King Street on Wednesday, April 14, while vehicles made a left.
Kokua Line: Honolulu County doesn’t post road-test routes to get Hawaii driver’s license

Question: The city says to practice the route for your road test, but I don’t see the route posted anywhere, at least not officially, I don’t think. Can you find out? It took my daughter so long to get an appointment to get her permit that now that she has her road test coming up, she has to pass it on the first try so she can drive for work, which is a requirement. Read more

                                A median is overgrown with weeds along Ala Moana Boulevard and Ward Avenue.
Kokua Line: Who is responsible for often-overgrown medians along Ala Moana Boulevard?

Question: The median on Ala Moana Boulevard, for as long as the last 10 years or so from the Ala Moana mall area to downtown, is very unkempt. The grass (mostly weeds) oftentimes is overgrown and unsightly. Given that it is among the most heavily trafficked roads in the state, why is the median so unkempt? Who is responsible, city or state? Read more

                                A handful of people walk the McCarthy Mall on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus.
Kokua Line: When will University of Hawaii announce whether students must get COVID-19 vaccine?

Question: Will the University of Hawaii say by May 1 whether admitted students must get the COVID-19 vaccine to enroll this fall, or to live in a dorm? Other schools have announced and I would prefer my son go to one of them, so he knows his roommates will be vaccinated, but he wants to go to Hawaii. A tuition deposit is due soon. Read more

STATE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION A sample of image of how the new REAL ID-compliant Hawaii driver’s license looks.
Kokua Line: Feds extend REAL ID gold-star license deadline

Question: I don’t fault the Health Department because I know they are busy with the COVID-19 stuff, but I need my birth certificate to get my REAL ID and I can never get anyone on the phone. This is stressful because I don’t want to make the license appointment until I have the birth certificate, and there’s such a long wait for the renewal appointment. Do you think they will delay this again? Read more

                                A blue recycling and green trash bin in Waikiki.
Kokua Line: Why aren’t there more recycling containers in Waikiki?

Question: On the weekends, trash containers on Waikiki beaches are often overflowing, leaving trash scattered. On top of that, homeless people often rummage through the trash looking for recyclables, increasing the mess. Why aren’t there recycling containers in Waikiki? Read more

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