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2015 July 6 EDT - Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist. HSA PHOTO BY GEORGE F. LEE
Kokua Line: Have you ever received a scam call on how to pay for funeral expenses of someone who died of COVID-19?

Question: I got a call about how to pay the funeral expenses of people who died of COVID-19. I get a lot of scam calls, and this sounded like one, but the weird thing is I did have a relative who died of COVID-19, but it was months ago on the mainland and we were not close. Is this a scam? If not, how did they get my number? Read more

                                A sign about gift policy was posted on several windows inside Honolulu Hale in 2019.
On Politics: Concerning lack of confidence in city, from Honolulu police chief to Department of Planning and Permitting corruption

Recent events point to a city losing its way. One of Honolulu’s major responsibilities is policing, but with the former chief of police, Louis Kealoha, starting a seven-year federal prison term June 1 for using his position to frame a relative for a crime the latter didn’t commit was Hawaii’s biggest corruption case. Read more

Kokua Line: Should we be concerned others have received their third stimulus check while we have not?

Question: My husband and I have not yet received a third stimulus check and are concerned ours is lost because it seems as if everyone else has received theirs. For the second payment, ours also seemed to come later than most and was in the form of a debit card which we have not used yet because we don’t go out much during the pandemic. Read more

                                A Dr. examines a patient’s vaccination card before giving him his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Kokua Line: Is it OK to laminate my COVID-19 vaccine card to preserve it?

Question: The official document you get verifying you’ve had both of your COVID-19 vaccine doses is such a valuable document. Is it OK to laminate it to preserve it? Or does the health department not want you to laminate it? Also, in case you lose this document, is there a database to show you’ve been vaccinated? If yes, what are the details about confirming vaccination through the database? Read more

                                A handful of people walk the McCarthy Mall on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus.
Kokua Line: Refund scam is targeting college kids, IRS warns

Question: Please warn students about a scam that is going around. It’s so devastating, and some kids are falling for it because this is the time they are receiving college and financial aid notifications, so they think they have to respond. Read more

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