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2015 July 6 EDT - Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist. HSA PHOTO BY GEORGE F. LEE
Kokua Line: Federal plus-up is taxable, some jobless are surprised to learn

Question: I got my 1099-G from unemployment but the amount is way off — too high. My friends’ are all wrong too. Mine says I got $37,272. But my total weeks (39) multiplied by my weekly benefit amount ($648) equals $25,272. Are they including the plus- up? Are they allowed to do that? How do I fix this before I file my taxes? Read more

Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist.
Kokua Line: Beefed-up phones, stricter AlohaQ system aim to improve Honolulu County customer service

Question: I know I am not the only one having trouble getting an appointment to renew my driver’s license, but I noticed something different when I tried to log onto AlohaQ. Now it won’t even let you try to make an appointment unless your license expires within three months. I thought we could renew six months out. What’s going on? Read more

                                Manoa Gardens resident gets her Moderna COVID-19 vaccination from CVS pharmacist Mark Martell.
Kokua Line: Oahu kupuna seek vaccine locations outside urban Honolulu, especially on the West side

Question: I wish there was more of the vaccine on the West side. It’s not that easy for some of us to get to town, which is where both the big sites are (Pier 2 and Blaisdell). They say the priority is 75 and up, but they should know that a lot of us kupuna really getting up in years don’t use the internet (where they make us make the appointment) and limit our driving to short trips. Read more

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