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Lee Cataluna: Who has the time for all that (allegedly)?

As more and more dirty details emerge in the multiple investigations into Katherine Kealoha and her hapless husband, the former chief of the Honolulu Police Department, several questions arise from the murky depths of this incredibly tangled situation: Read More

Kokua Line: Aina Haina library closure is extended again, to April

Question: Will the Aina Haina library ever reopen? I miss my library community! Read More

Ferd Lewis: Carper leads UH’s big men in Cal Poly mismatch

Center Dawson Carper was standing flat-footed in the green paint minding his own business Thursday night when a missed shot caromed directly into his hands. Read More

Kokua Line: ‘Sweetheart swindle’ reported among fastest-growing U.S. scams

Question: You write about scams where people threaten you but can you also write about ones where they try to be your friend, or even your boyfriend, and then take your money? Read More

Kokua Line: Bicycles in Beretania path should be Ewa-bound only

Neither bicyclists, motorists nor pedestrians should assume that all bike lanes operate under the same rules. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Weak week gives Hawaii an opportunity to make a move

If the Big West Conference portion of the University of Hawaii men’s basketball schedule was a candy bar, this week would be its cream-filled center. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Man’s best friendship has become obsessive

Today humans’ relationships with their dogs can sometimes seem needy and enmeshed. Hawaii needs to get a grip on the always-and-everywhere obsession with dogs. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Dana’s in Waipahu offers Filipino ‘kamayan’ feast

The Filipino-style “kamayan” meal offered by Dana’s Restaurant and Catering in Waipahu is a bountiful spread of food laid out over foil and banana leaves, with diners invited to grab and devour all that catches their eye. Read More

Magnum Reloaded: Secondary characters, storylines help develop ‘Magnum P.I.’

With a second season guaranteed, fans can look forward to learning more about Higgins, Kumu and Det. Katsumoto. Read More

Incidental Lives: Kaimuki resident’s documented walks unite community

There were any number of moments when Sue Shishido Saffery might have realized that her modest personal project had taken on a life of its own, but it may have been when a woman she had never met before in person asked her to walk by a house in Kaimuki and snap a photo for her. Read More

Kokua Line: Fee hike for street parking fuels questions and complaints

Question: I noticed rates for metered parking will increase. Are vehicles with handicap placards able to park in metered stalls with no charge? Read More

Ferd Lewis: Ex-Kaiser star Eletise part of NCAA’s new wave of free agency

Offensive lineman Michael Eletise plans to leave the University of Arizona at the end of the semester and enroll at Hawaii this summer, but there might be more to this once-routine story in the coming months. Read More

Kokua Line: City might take 30 days to clear remote homeless camps on Oahu

Question: Regarding homeless campers coming back to live in the parks, how long will it take the city to respond if I call it in? Read More

On Politics: Counties get taste of GET and want bigger portion of tax

It will be up to the counties to figure out another way besides just asking for new, never-envisioned taxing powers — because this Legislature is not giving up its power. Read More

Volcanic Ash: Local Democratic politicians quiet on Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential run

As U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard struggles to right her faltering campaign for president, deafening in their silence are fellow Hawaii Democratic politicians who have been slow to back the hometown candidate. Read More

Show Biz: Valentine’s Day cards feature 2 love songs by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars could be part of your Valentine’s Day cheer this year. Read More

In the Lineup: Why Waimea reigns and deserves respect

Not just anyone could surf Waimea Bay, the arena of titans. Actually, it depends. Read More


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