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Kokua Line: Aina Haina library closure is extended again, to April

Question: Will the Aina Haina library ever reopen? I miss my library community! Read More

Kokua Line: ‘Sweetheart swindle’ reported among fastest-growing U.S. scams

Question: You write about scams where people threaten you but can you also write about ones where they try to be your friend, or even your boyfriend, and then take your money? Read More

Kokua Line: Bicycles in Beretania path should be Ewa-bound only

Neither bicyclists, motorists nor pedestrians should assume that all bike lanes operate under the same rules. Read More

Kokua Line: Fee hike for street parking fuels questions and complaints

Question: I noticed rates for metered parking will increase. Are vehicles with handicap placards able to park in metered stalls with no charge? Read More

Kokua Line: City might take 30 days to clear remote homeless camps on Oahu

Question: Regarding homeless campers coming back to live in the parks, how long will it take the city to respond if I call it in? Read More

Kokua Line: Neighbor’s wet garbage spurs query by cart owner

Rules about Oahu’s municipal garbage collection are spelled out in Chapter 9 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu, which defines terms such as the “owner” of the trash being collected. Read More

Kokua Line: Taxpayers may pay to copy instruction booklets at library

Question: Are you sure the tax booklets at the library won’t be to take home? They had them before. Read More

Kokua Line: Sidewalk squalor concerns family looking for college

Question: Our son might apply to the University of Hawaii from out of state. During our recent Oahu vacation we walked around the campus, which itself was nice, green and quiet. Read More

Kokua Line: Blue placard for disabled parking must be renewed by mail

Question: To renew my blue handicap parking pass, do I have to mail in the paperwork, or can I go down to the satellite city hall and do it in person? Read More

Kokua Line: Tax office limiting mailing of tax forms, instructions

Question: I called the state tax department to order a hard copy of the Form N-11 and its instructions, and was told that it wasn’t sending out forms and instructions this year because its local printer had gone out of business and it was too late to find another printer. Read More

Kokua Line: Crossing through median can take more than 1 traffic light

Question: According to Hawaii Revised Statutes 291C-33, pedestrians are not allowed to start crossing the street once the flashing hand comes up. They are allowed to continue crossing, however, if they are already in the roadway when the white hand changes to the flashing signal. Read More

Kokua Line: Online option for gold star doesn’t apply to state IDs

Question: Can I get a state ID duplicate online, with the gold star? Read More

Kokua Line: Social Security scam rose while complaint line was idled

Question: We are getting continuous calls telling us that our Social Security numbers are going to be suspended if we don’t call back. Read More

Kokua Line: Landlord with Section 8 tenant worries about prolonged shutdown

Question: We have a tenant whose rent is partially subsidized by Section 8 assistance, and are concerned how the shutdown may affect the payments. … What is the current and expected status of these payments? Read More

Kokua Line: Free tax prep for seniors at 17 Oahu sites starting in February

Question: Regarding the AARP Tax-Aide program, could you please print the locations? I can’t use the online tool, and the Aina Haina library (usual place) is closed. Read More

Kokua Line: Yearly earnings over $30K negate property tax break for disabled

Question: My wife is 62 years old, and she is disabled (bedridden). I want to know what kind of exemption she might qualify for, for real property tax. Read More

Kokua Line: Relief from student loans available with persistence

Question: How can my grandson find out about forgiveness for $40,000 of federal student loans? He trained to be an MRI tech, but he can’t afford to live here and there’s no way he can pay the $2,500 a month or whatever they’re charging. Read More

Kokua Line: Veterans’ jobs broadly affected by partial government shutdown

Question: How many unpaid federal employees are veterans? I am retired military working in federal law enforcement and I know a lot of us are being hurt by this. Read More

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