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Kokua Line: Permits for short-term vacation rentals would be issued by lottery if demand exceeds supply

Question: If they pass the bill allowing more short-term rentals, how will they issue the permits? Will they favor operators who have been paying their taxes, even if their units are technically illegal? Read More

Kokua Line: Can’t dial 311 in Honolulu because non-emergency service is via app

Question: I heard about a new non-emergency number for HPD, but it’s not working for me. Can you please print the details? Read More

Kokua Line: Young scientists honored in recent state competition

Question: Where can I find out about the science fair? Read More

Kokua Line: Free shredding events set for Oahu, Maui and Big Island

Question: What about free shredding on the neighbor islands? Read More

Kokua Line: ‘Dark hub’ atop streetlight allows operation from afar

Question: Do the new LED streetlights also have a camera? What is the function of the dark hub on top of the fixture? Read More

Kokua Line: Nonresidents can obtain in-state medical marijuana card

Question: I am visiting Hawaii, leaving tomorrow, but plan to return later this year. Next time I want to use my medical marijuana card. How long would that be good for? Read More

Kokua Line: State agency, not HPD, probes deadly kayaking excursion

Question: Is there an investigation by the Honolulu Police Department into the drownings during Mid-Pac’s spring break program? Looking into negligence or anything like that? Read More

Kokua Line: DOT can’t stall most roadwork to relieve traffic caused by Pali closure

Question: Although I appreciate the Pali Highway being open during rush-hour times, the Pali is closed during daytime (non-rush) hours, and Windward-bound traffic funnels into Likelike Highway, making for busy traffic. Read More

Kokua Line: City clarifies online orders to add gold star to driver’s license

Question: When I last renewed my driver’s license, I submitted a slew of documents for scanning by DMV (birth certificate, pay stub, etc.) to prove “legal presence,” etc. However, that was before the “gold star” designation was added. Read More

Kokua Line: Changes in federal tax law put some old forms out of use

Question: I can’t find the right tax form. I am running out of time! I use 1040EZ. It’s simple. Read More

Kokua Line: Volunteer with cultural hui to help protect palace ruins

Question: Regarding vandalism at Kani­akapupu Ruins (808ne.ws/328sty), has DLNR considered opening up this site to controlled, managed visitation? Would that even be possible to consider? Read More

Kokua Line: City fixing traffic-flow error at Date and Laau streets

Question: The left lane on Date Street at Laau Street just past Palolo Stream in the Ewa direction was recently changed from allowing through traffic or a left turn onto Laau Street to left turn only, with little advance traffic markings. Read More

Kokua Line: Disability parking pass from Hawaii can be used in California, DMV says

Question: My question is about the Hawaii handicap parking placard. My friends think you can use it in California. My understanding is you can use it in other states except California. Read More

Kokua Line: Plight of seniors and disabled spurs call for less strict ID

Question: You’ve written about how you can still get a driver’s license even if it doesn’t have the gold star. Why not a state ID? This is getting to be a problem for people. It seems like they are doing everything different now. Read More

Kokua Line: Employees of Southwest Airlines eager to transfer to Honolulu

Question: Do you know if Southwest Airlines is hiring at the Honolulu airport, or are they contracting out their jobs? If they are hiring, are their positions union-represented? I’ve looked several times on their website and have seen nothing about jobs here. Read More

Kokua Line: Lack of water killing trees in Ala Moana Boulevard median

Question: Large monkeypod trees along the Ala Moana Boulevard median in front of Ala Moana Center have now died, and most have been severely cut back. Read More

Kokua Line: Senior couple harassed on formerly pleasant walk

Question: Any advice for a couple of seniors who were harassed on our walk around the Ala Wai Canal recently? Read More

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