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May unveils Brexit Plan B, which looks a lot like Plan A

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected calls to delay Britain’s departure from the European Union, and says she will press on with efforts to get an EU divorce bill approved by Parliament. Read More

CEO pessimism on economy spreads after upbeat 2018

A survey of hundreds of corporate leaders shows “a record jump in pessimism” about the world economy, with sentiment doused by trade spats, a global downturn and fading benefits from U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. Read More

Ex-Nissan chairman Ghosn asks for bail, promises not to flee

Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn asked for his release on bail from a two-month detention in Japan, promising he will report to prosecutors daily and wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. Read More

Pacific Rim trade bloc meets in Tokyo, prepping for growth

Representatives from a Pacific Rim trade bloc geared up to roll out and expand the market-opening initiative as they met in Tokyo, reaffirming their commitment to open and free trade and inviting new membership. Read More

Mobile vacation rentals leave enforcement officials in the dust

There is a state law against sleeping in your vehicle on public streets at night, but that hasn’t stopped at least one Oahu host from parking a former car rental shuttle he turned into a mobile vacation rental, dubbed Hippie Bus Hawaii, in front of Kapiolani Park and selling beds with an ocean view. Read More

Hippie Bus Hawaii rentals include ocean views and maybe a visit from police

Want to stay in oceanfront lodging in Waikiki for $30 a day or less? It’s possible, but there are several catches to this Airbnb mobile vacation rental. Read More

Quebec slams Netflix over use of crash footage in ‘Bird Box’

Quebec urged entertainment giant Netflix Inc. to remove footage of a deadly rail disaster from two of its productions, including new horror movie ‘Bird Box.’ Read More

China slump squeezes workers, hammers consumer spending

The downturn is squeezing urban workers and entrepreneurs the ruling Communist Party is counting on to help transform China from a low-wage factory into a prosperous consumer market. Read More

Travel industry fears damage from a long government shutdown

The scene at most of the nation’s airports has so far been marked more by concerned passengers showing up early than by missed flights. Longer lines are evident at some airports. But delays resulting from a rise in federal security screeners calling in sick have been slight. Read More

On the road to make an affordable car, Tesla cuts jobs

Tesla will cut 7 percent of its workforce as it tries to lower prices and break out of the niche-car market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford. Read More

State jobless rate hits 21-month high

Hawaii’s unemployment rate rose in December for the fourth straight month as evidence mounted that economic growth in the state is slowing. Read More

Star-Advertiser forms exposition, trade fair division

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is expanding its line of expositions and trade fairs through a new events division, Star Events. Read More

Ex-CBS CEO Les Moonves to challenge severance denial

Former CBS CEO Les Moonves is fighting the company’s decision to deny his $120 million severance package following his firing over sexual misconduct allegations. Read More

Sears tentatively approves Lampert’s $5.2B plan, saving 45K jobs

Sears has confirmed that chairman and largest shareholder Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund has won tentative approval for a $5.2 billion plan to buy 425 stores and the rest of its assets. The move is subject to court approval on Feb. 1. Read More

Trump weighs dramatic tightening of U.S. embargo on Cuba

The Trump administration is weighing what could become the most serious tightening of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba in more than two decades. Read More

Supreme Court justices express skepticism of Tennessee liquor law

One hundred years to the day after the ratification of the 18th Amendment, leading to the nation’s 14-year experiment with Prohibition, the Supreme Court considered whether Tennessee may impose significant restriction on liquor sales. Read More

Sears staves off liquidation, stores to remain open

The company’s chairman and largest shareholder, Eddie Lampert, won a bankruptcy auction for Sears, averting liquidation of the iconic chain, according to a source familiar with the negotiations. Read More

Hawaii real estate investment firm banks on warehouses after farmland sale

Hawaii real estate investment firm Alexander & Baldwin Inc. has used some of the proceeds from selling its former Maui sugar plantation lands to buy two warehouse buildings in Kapolei. Read More

Children’s clothing retailer Gymboree to close all its stores, reports say

Children’s clothing retailer Gymboree Group Inc. is expected to file for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy this week and close all 900 of it stores, according to several news reports. Read More


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