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                                Lots of crunchy, sharp and creamy toppings turn a simple bowl of beef and chili into dinner in an instant.
Recipe: Chili can be easiest route to dinner

Several years ago, my partner and I spent a month in San Antonio, where his family lives. We were both unemployed at the time, so we spent the days driving around the city, exploring and eating all the wonderful food. Read more

                                Grilled lamb chops with lettuce and ranch dressing.
Recipe: Lamb chops, romaine make a sort-of salad

Adding just a few dainty lamb chops to a whole lot of romaine won’t disqualify a meal from being considered a salad — just as long as I keep the balance of charred meat to lettuce decidedly in the romaine’s favor. Read more

                                A filling of onions and spinach, flavored with a paste of pureed herbs, goes into a puff-pastry shell.
Recipe: Spinach-potato pie feels like a hug

When I first posted a picture of a homely, frozen-spinach-filled pie on my Instagram feed, it got a lot of love. Usually, it’s red tomatoes that get the red hearts. It was interesting, then, to think about why this simple pie struck such a “Yes, please!” chord. Read more

                                Thick slices of bacon are gussied up with a topping made from sugar, maple syrup, nuts and pepper.
Easy-Kine Cooking: Turn bacon to candy for holiday magic

Let’s just say that all dietary rules are temporarily suspended for Christmas. On this special celebration day, you can enjoy whatever foods you really want with your loved ones. Why not have the most decadent treat for your Christmas breakfast and serve crispy candied bacon? Read more

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