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Column: Prohibiting e-liquids a bad idea

The bills on vaping and e-cigarettes now being considered by the state Legislature are not the solution and would have very negative unintended consequences. Read More

Column: Hawaii businesses wronged by excessive trademark claims

Recently a few Hawaii businesses have made news with trademark infringement issues. Our company, Hawaiian Happy Cakes, aka Kaholo Coffee, has become one of them (“Kaholo, Kahlua confusion?” Star-Advertiser, Jan. 22). Read More

Column: Prepare for retirement with Hawaii Saves

We cannot accept the status quo any longer. There is a cost to workers, society, families and taxpayers of ignoring this impending crisis when thousands are in danger of retiring broke or are forced to work because they cannot afford to retire. Read More

Column: Don’t put money from pot ahead of protecting safety and health

The Hawaii, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui police departments strongly urge lawmakers to put the public’s safety and health ahead of money and to not legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Read More

Column: Scare tactics infringe on right to accept own risks

How many falsehoods need to be disproved before folks start doubting those who spread them? Read More

Column: A living wage supports mental health

We are operating in survival mode and will not be participating in social services that can help us or spending quality time with our children. Read More

Column: To preserve Hawaii’s sense of place, stop rail at Middle Street

After much soul-searching, I have concluded it’s time for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) to stop and embrace the words of George Kanahele, who once captured the essence of our beloved islands in the phrase, “Hawaiian sense of place.” Read More

Column: Show girls how STEM education can lead to bright careers

In 2019, girls and young women continue to focus their collective energy on what has been deemed in the past as a quixotic pursuit of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for them. Read More

Column: More kids need school breakfast

Last year, Hawaii ranked 49th in the nation in school breakfast participation, according to an annual national report by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC). We thought we had nowhere to go but up. Read More

Column: Erotic laborers and sex workers speak up

Hawaii’s checkered and colonialist approach to prostitution is questionable. Read More

Column: City audit shows ban on foam containers won’t achieve much

I want to thank city Auditor Edwin Young, who recently released a report that confirms a lot of what our association of restaurant operators has learned over years of searching for the most environmentally friendly options for our customers. Read More

Column: Extend aloha to undocumented immigrants here

Our nation is sorely divided. However, Republicans and Democrats agree on one issue: The federal immigration system is broken and needs an overhaul. Read More

Column: REITs divert tax revenue from state

Faith Action for Community Equity believes the state can start to significantly fill the need by making REITs pay their fair share of taxes every year. Read More

Column: Legacy for Hawaiian community at risk

If we stand together, Kawananakoa’s vision for her philanthropy and dream for the Hawaiian people will be realized for generations to come. Read More

Trump-Kim summit: U.S. needs to hit firmly on nuclear arms and sanctions

The second summit, slated for later this month in Vietnam, is a moment for the two countries to really talk about a pathway toward partnership. Read More

Column: Don’t place interceptor missiles in Hawaii

For the people of Hawaii, who experienced the false missile alert of January 2018, a defensive system might sound like a good idea. Read More

Column: Houseless move from Discovery Center grounds, with aloha

With support and encouragement from their fellow houseless neighbors, these homeless households voluntarily moved — without police or city intervention. Read More

Column: Robbins should pause rail transit at Middle Street, then take stock

If words were measured in ounces, there’s been more written about the Honolulu rail project than the combined weight of all of the concrete and steel used to bring it close to the Middle Street bus terminal. Read More

Column: Homelessness affects businesses, and solutions are needed

Recently, the chairwoman of the board and CEO of the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center wrote a column about the potential closing of the center, a gem and a one-of-a-kind interactive museum for our keiki (“Homeless may force center to close,” Island Voices, Star-Advertiser, Jan. 16). Read More

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