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Column: Paying taxes a matter of justice and serving common good

As a Christian leader, I consider paying taxes a matter of both my spiritual responsibility and my personal civic duty. Read More

Column: Where has Hawaii’s democracy gone?

Since the 1950s, Hawaii’s working-class voting majority has overwhelmingly supported Democrats and the values outlined in their party platform, such as equal justice and economic opportunity for all, environmental protection and respect for people from all walks of life. Read More

Column: Empowering schools requires access to financial data

We read with great interest the recent story that highlighted the position of Christina Kishimoto, superintendent of the Department of Education (DOE), about Honolulu Magazine’s ranking of Hawaii public schools as listed in the annual education issue (“Superintendent denounces ‘double standard’ in school rankings by Honolulu Magazine,” Star-Advertiser, April 5). Read More

On 35th anniversary, MADD Hawaii renews efforts against drunken and drugged driving

It really is “time to get MADD all over again.” On this occasion of our 35th anniversary, MADD Hawaii could use everyone’s support in solving Hawaii’s lethal impaired-driving problem. Read More

Column: Allow homeless to organize themselves

This crisis is tearing us apart, crushing our sense of responsibility and aloha for one another. Read More

Column: HART committed to finish 20-mile rail

In recent weeks, there have been several headlines concerning Honolulu’s rail project. Read More

Column: It’s time for a compromise on short-term vacation rentals

The City and County of Honolulu would benefit from developing sensible regulations for short-term vacation rentals, and putting effort into collecting taxes and other fees that can go toward improving infrastructure and the environment for residents. Read More

Column: Businesses can afford to pay living wage

My company just had its best year ever, doing over $3.5 million in business and bringing on 11 more employees. Read More

Column: Permanent supportive housing will reduce homelessness

Despite the perception that the issue of homelessness can never be solved, we actually know what works: permanent supportive housing, or in other words, housing with wrap-around professional support services that include mental health and addiction programs. Read More

Column: Increased production must be core of Hawaii’s ag policy

There seems to be no shortage of well-intentioned advice about how Hawaii can make agriculture better, but if Hawaii is truly serious about strengthening agriculture, policymakers must place increased production squarely in the center of the state’s ag policy. Read More

Column: Wealthy hotel companies want to dominate visitor lodging

I am the granddaughter of Samuel Kaaumoana Kalama III, and generations of our family were raised being proudly self-sufficient on the island of Molokai. As a former legislative aide, resident, caretaker and property manager, residing on the North Shore of Oahu today, I know that land in Hawaii is precious, and citizens work hard to establish a way of life that is pono — providing sound decisions for our keiki and future generations. Read More

Column: Balanced solution to water-rights bill rejected, sadly

Sustainable local food production is essential to a truly sustainable Hawaii. When it is done in a way that respects our streams, our democracy and our unique way of life, we all benefit. Read More

Column: More work, same resources for EMS

Recent media coverage has focused attention on the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division of the Honolulu Emergency Services Department (HESD). Read More

Column: Hawaii GOP works to persuade voters on need for change

This past Saturday, March 30, delegates from state House districts across Oahu gathered at Ilima Intermediate School in Ewa Beach to elect leadership of the Honolulu County Republican Party for the next two years. Read More

Column: AVR will open door to more young voters

The premise that, when it comes to politics, young people “just don’t care” ignores the many barriers we face when it comes to participating in democracy. Read More

Column: Kealohas entitled to impartial judgment, free of media bias

Many reviewing the media reports concerning former Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine Kealoha, have already concluded that they must be guilty. Why bother to waste time with an actual trial? Read More

Column: Vacation rentals harm hotel industry

HLTA encourages the City Council and our neighborhood advocates to keep up the momentum on Bill 89 so we can finally address this long-standing problem. Read More

Column: Livable wage can sustain our economy

Consumer spending is two-thirds of our economy. So when we scratch our heads about why Hawaii’s GDP is not growing as fast as the rest of the country, the answer lies in how much money our residents have to spend. Read More

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