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Double Up Food Bucks pays dividends beyond feeding needy

Who doesn’t like a two-for-one deal — especially one that extends beyond the shopper into the economy? Read More

The Weekly Eater: Real Gastropub returns just as friendly — and even tastier — than ever

Real Gastropub has all the hallmarks of a great neighborhood pub — a relaxed atmosphere, expanded food menu and its own soon-to-open Bent Tail Brewing Co. that will add to its roster of brews from around the world. Read More

Bite Size: Chivito sandwich represents best of Uruguay

The chivito stands about 6 inches tall, a Kaiser roll stacked with steak, ham, bacon, slices of boiled egg, a slab of deep-fried mozzarella, spicy goat cheese, roasted red peppers and a duxelle mushroom paste, with horseradish mayo and olive tapenade. Read More

Cravings: Young’s Fish Market, Leeward Community College

East Honolulu and the windward side were possibilities when Daniel Young considered expanding his family business — Young’s Fish Market — until the west side provided the right opportunity. Read More

Quickbites: Golden Week, Slow Food O’ahu

Want to expand your cooking repertoire or beef up your skills? Slow Food O‘ahu is offering several workshops in May. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: I Love Kailua Town Party returns

The Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle shares a few favorite recipes in advance of this year’s I Love Kailua Town Party on April 28. Read More

Spirited Conversations: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these festive cocktails

Here are a few ideas to spruce up your cocktail offerings for the festive occasion of Cinco de Mayo. Read More

Cookbooks give keiki taste of ownership in kitchen

Children don’t really need cookbooks written just for them. They can learn at your elbow the way children have for hundreds of years. Read More

The Little Foodie: Touch of magic makes ice cream easy endeavor

While there’s a camp that believes that cooking is a science, and another that believes it is an art, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s actually a bit of magic. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Lighten up chili with ground chicken

So, your doctor has told you to decrease the amount of red meat in your diet. But you enjoy the flavor of beef and cannot give it up just yet. Here is a compromise dish. Read More

Recipe: Toasted oats keep granola flavor true

Great granola bars put the flavor of the oats at the forefront while supporting players back them up with a mellow sweetness. Read More

Recipe: Custard, cheese give casserole richness

This cheesy, golden, puffed casserole is all about the eggs, consisting of a rich custard, bread and cheese. Read More

Recipe: Well-browned mushrooms secret to spicy soup

Concentrated mushroom flavor and a few spicy chilies give this soup plenty of savory richness. Read More

Recipe: Korean chilies have ferocious reputation

Kochujang adds the heat to bibimbap, lends the rich red color you see in tteokbokki, stir-fried rice cakes, and forms the backbone of ssamjang, the sauce most often served with Korean barbecue. Read More

Recipe: A potato pancake that soars

Crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, rösti — a thick potato pancake — is as enjoyable at a low-key brunch as it is on a Swiss skiing jaunt. Read More

Spiral-cut ham a sweet success story

Spiral-cut ham is the ham world’s equivalent of pop music: a honeyed, easy-to-eat mainstay of the buffet table. Now, even boutique producers are starting to make it. Read More

Sprightly brisket a perfect addition to Passover table

No matter how pink the tulips or yellow the daffodils, when Seder- celebrating cooks plan their menus, a stodgy brown brisket is almost always on it. Read More

By Request: Prepared dough transforms into Easter treats

When it comes to low-effort, high-impact holiday dishes, turn to the Poppin’ Fresh school of cooking — that is, treats made out of refrigerated dough that comes in a tube. Read More

Grab and Go: Foot traffic helps keep Max & Lucy’s afloat

Max & Lucy’s has no parking whatsoever and is open only on weekdays for breakfast and lunch, but the small coffee shop on a Kakaako side street has made it for eight years, thanks to regulars hooked on its comfort food and homemade pastries. Read More

Local Moco: Snacks that score after a day at the ballpark

Muriel Miura has channeled her cooking expertise into a successful career as a cookbook writer, and she has produced an extensive collection on a wide variety of foods. Read More

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