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Got Hot Pot?

When the weather outside is frightful, hot pot is so delightful. A hot pot dinner is easy to serve because you’re not really doing much work — your dinner guests are doing the cooking themselves. Read more

Healthy eats

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating salads all day, every day. Read more

Hot pot party

If our cover story (see pages 10-11) has you craving hot pot, don’t sweat it — just check out the options below. Read more

A tangy take on shortbread

Finely ground freeze-dried fruit gives this shortbread a brilliant color and a tanginess inside and out. Read more

Got musubi?

Did you know: Spam was a household staple in Hawaii during World War II, but it wasn’t until 1982 that the late Barbara Funamura created the now-popular Spam musubi in her shop on Kauai called Joni-Hana, according to Kelly Kakalia, co-owner of The Musubi Truck. Read more

A ‘fun’ side

King oyster mushrooms are the muscular members of the fungi family, with thick stalks and compact caps. Locally grown versions are available in many supermarkets. Read more

Morning brew

Ringing in the New Year is a time for resolutions and self-improvement. Read more

This bar’s a hidden gem

Early during the pandemic, bars were toast, unable to open unless they could prove restaurant cred by offering both food and drink. Read more

‘Bite’ and switch

We’ve all heard the “new year, new me” motto, but let’s be real — how long do those resolutions stick? Read more

Welcoming a solstice with pomegranates

On Shab-e Yalda, the Iranian celebration of the winter solstice, elders take turns reading from a book of poetry by celebrated 14th-century Persian poet Hafez Read more

A milestone for mama merce’s

It’s been exactly one year since Mama Merce’s Kitchen opened, and the local food truck — which specializes in Filipino food — is still going strong. Read more

This restaurant is ‘fun’

Fun Station, a new restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine and “fun” noodle dishes, recently opened at Market City Shopping Center. Read more


Here’s a refreshing Hong Kong-style dessert that’s served like a soup, made with chewy tapioca pearls and loaded with fresh fruit. Read more

A fresh start

After all the indulgent eating during the holiday season, I try to balance things out with refreshing salads and lean protein. Read more

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