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The Little Foodie: Touch of magic makes ice cream easy endeavor

While there’s a camp that believes that cooking is a science, and another that believes it is an art, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that it’s actually a bit of magic. Read More

The Little Foodie: Caponata showcases eggplant’s strengths

Japanese eggplant has its own mind, and even when sauteed, it has little taste. The mouthfeel is more like something one should stuff a chair cushion with than eat. Read More

The Little Foodie: Cashews make creamy coffee drink

I really appreciate a barista who can deliver what I’m looking for in a good coffee. Read More

Little Foodie: Getting to know ulu is worth the effort

Before I had children, we lived in a tiny house off an unnamed, unpaved road that was set against an overgrown jungle of plants ruled by squatting roosters and their hen harems. Read More

Little Foodie: Pastry-wrapped cheese a showy party dish

Baked Brie is perfect for taking to a party because it fits all the major tenets of entertaining menus: It’s deceptively easy to make, it’s made to share and it’s a showy piece on any buffet table. Read More

Little Foodie: Taking on the challenge of cooking shrimp

My daughter asks for shrimp for dinner the way other kids beg to have grilled cheese. She assumes that I can make it, easy peasy, and while I appreciate her unwavering belief in my culinary talents, the seafood aisle is one that I quickly pass in the grocery store. Read More

Cast iron perfect for baking giant cookie

There are a few inanimate objects that I adore almost as much as my children. They always are up to the task, they never talk back, and they don’t quit. One of those is the quiet workhouse of my kitchen: the cast iron skillet. Read More

Tahini proves tasty beyond hummus

Recently, I made the best tahini dressing ever. It’s so good, I’m pleading with you to make a salad so that you, too, will have an excuse to devour this dressing. Read More

Breakfast cookies a smart way to start day

These cookies are dense, like a baked oatmeal. This recipe is a create-your-own-adventure breakfast, where you pick your own mix-ins. Muesli, any kind of granola, raisins, coconut — even chocolate chips. Read More

Start with the familiar to expand food experiences

Shoyu chicken is a common dish around these parts, and there’s not much that’s easier to make. I’ve seen a few versions that try to complicate the preparation, but you really don’t need to marinate the chicken or throw in extra spices. Good shoyu and plenty of garlic and ginger will do. Read More

Chili, pork, eggs an ideal breakfast trio

In this recipe, between the chili and egg, you’ll get a mix of competing flavors and textures. The extra fry in the pan of a fatty kalua pork elevates your leftovers in an island version of carnitas. Read More

Leftovers combine to make healthy burrito

One of the easiest meals I made has become a favorite. I almost saw it as a throwaway, since I was purposely using leftovers. Read More

Roasted veggies turn flatbread into meal

With focaccia, it’s about the base. Most come without toppings — salt and herbs shine enough to carry this Italian flat bread. Read More

Black beans star in basic soup

This black bean soup is basic. Outside of toppings, it doesn’t improve much with a lot of extra fancy flavors. The beans themselves are the most important. Read More

Short-cut version of pho ready to eat in minutes

This pho recipe is one you can pull off even when you don’t have noodles. Read More

Turn to household oven to make seasoned salt

Seasoned salt can be added to popcorn, avocado, eggs, steak or just about anything right before serving. Read More

Leftovers find a happy home in baked dish

As much as I like holiday leftovers, I need full-fledged recipes to use up my turkey and transform the Thanksgiving flavor. Read More

Slab baking simplifies pie making

Slab pie and I met around this time last year. Our relationship has been easy from Day One. Read More

Popsicles relieve heat of the day

Ice pops can range from ice cubes to sorbet soft. Sugar makes them a little softer, and fat from cream improves the texture. Sweetened condensed milk provides both qualities, especially because the sugar is already dissolved and not grainy. Read More

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