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A case for cabbage

With the new year, you’re inevitably trying to make better choices and cutting out some of your vices. Read more

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A golden, custardy cake

I’ve had a lot of pictures lately in my social media of the French invisible apple cake recipe. Read more

Light summer soba

Summer soba always makes an appearance at my house during these hot months. It’s refreshing, light and doesn’t feel as heavy as many noodle dishes. Read more

Mochi madness

We absolutely need more mochi recipes, with as many varieties as possible. Experimenting with mochiko flour is a common occurrence in my house. Read more

Doughy delights

A roasted sweet potato reminds me of Japan almost as much as a bowl of ramen, and definitely contains just as much enthusiasm. Read more

Cozy comfort food

Cooking can be done just by following directions, but having the familiarity and witnessing food chemistry in action is what elevates you to being a “cook.” Read more

Cozy comfort food

I’m always surprised when people who are unaccustomed to life in Hawaii make comments on the seasons, especially the islands’ “lack” of them. Read more

… And that’s a wrap

We’re often chasing a crispy exterior with a chewy and soft inside, and rice paper wrappers can do this for us. Read more

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