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Time to take a dip

My friend once went to a potluck where everyone was supposed to bring a salad. Read more

Let them eat (pan)cakes

The traditional sandwich is an indulgent French toast. It’s also almost too much to eat. Making it into a pancake makes it a more suitable size so you don’t get full on the bread. Read more

Check out this crispy snack

I share a name with Emily Mariko, whose viral recipe for a salmon rice bowl is making the internet collective lose their minds. Read more

Gourd goodness

Seasonal and scarcity are the themes that get me excited about pumpkins every year. Read more

Stick to this

One of my favorite parts of being 10 years old was that my mom would let me ride my bike up the road to the convenience store. Read more


Scallion “pancakes” are more like a flatbread. My favorite grain-free tortillas use cassava flour, making this an obvious choice for these pancakes. Read more

Just roll with it

There's a lot of talk of animation at my house. My 14-year-old daughter is obsessed with cartoons, anime and animated films. She's often asking me if she can prepare a food featured in a cartoon that was drawn to be delicious. Read more

                                PB & J oatmeal breakfast cake
The Little Foodie: Cake for breakfast uplifts midweek slump

Not sure about all of you, but for me, that midweek slump has been a bit more common since, oh, last March. So when a viral video recipe promises me cake for breakfast, you’d better believe I’m celebrating on a Wednesday morning. Read more

The Little Foodie: Adobo Chilaquiles

Before you get too ahead of yourself with the name of this recipe, hear me out, because I think cuisines can take divergent paths. Each one caters to a different audience. Read more

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