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Little Foodie: Pastry-wrapped cheese a showy party dish

Baked Brie is perfect for taking to a party because it fits all the major tenets of entertaining menus: It’s deceptively easy to make, it’s made to share and it’s a showy piece on any buffet table. Read more

Little Foodie: Taking on the challenge of cooking shrimp

My daughter asks for shrimp for dinner the way other kids beg to have grilled cheese. She assumes that I can make it, easy peasy, and while I appreciate her unwavering belief in my culinary talents, the seafood aisle is one that I quickly pass in the grocery store. Read more

Cast iron perfect for baking giant cookie

There are a few inanimate objects that I adore almost as much as my children. They always are up to the task, they never talk back, and they don’t quit. One of those is the quiet workhouse of my kitchen: the cast iron skillet. Read more

Tahini proves tasty beyond hummus

Recently, I made the best tahini dressing ever. It’s so good, I’m pleading with you to make a salad so that you, too, will have an excuse to devour this dressing. Read more

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