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More to ‘taco’ bout

Of all the day-of-the-week food designations, none have captured the public imagination as much as Taco Tuesday. Read more

Endless poke options

During the five years that the Ohana Hale Marketplace was open, it proved to be a successful incubator of restaurants. Read more

Beefy picks for quick meals

Move over poke bowl. You may have a rival when it comes to diners’ search for a quick-and-easy solution to meal-time indecision Read more

A hidden gem in Waikiki

At the start of the pandemic, I thought high-end meals were a luxury gone for its duration, as lost wages and a distancing-motivated return to cooking at home took hold of society. Read more

An oasis in downtown Honolulu

Although public restrictions have eased early into the third year of the pandemic, I am still trying to sort through the carnage wreaked on the restaurant industry, figuring out who’s closed and who’s reopened. Read more

One in a ‘Million’

It was sad to see the upscale restaurant Budnamujip become a casualty of the pandemic, but fans of Korean food will be familiar with its successor, Million Two restaurant. Read more

This sake biz launched a sushi bar

Islander Sake Brewery recently pulled up its roots on Queen Street in favor of moving its brewery operation to the more pristine Big Island in search of a natural setting and fresh water aligned with the philosophy of sake making. Read more

A breakfast of champions

Since Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opened its doors in Waikiki in 2010, it has shown its expertise with steak. Read more

‘Fry’ this on for size

I don’t usually spend time contemplating fried chicken because it seems like such a mundane subject, a food so accessible we don’t have to think very hard about where to get it. Read more

This ‘club’ is worth The commute

According to my spies out in Mililani, save for Mililani Restaurant, there’s a dearth of local food in the neighborhood that is mostly home to mainland chain restaurants. Read more

Look this way for more ‘fun’

What’s in a name? A lot of presumptions and associations, so when a press release marking the opening of Fun Station arrived in my inbox, my eyes glazed over. Read more

Skewers that are sure to satisfy

Sitting inside Khan Skewer Restaurant, Honolulu’s newest Chinese-style skewer eatery, I couldn’t help but think that as far as civilization and technology has progressed since the discovery of fire, mankind hasn’t evolved very much. Read more

A place to ‘wine’ down

In childhood, I was made aware of my ethnic identity not by being told outright, but by following the traditions and rituals of my parents who both identified as 100% Chinese. Read more

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