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Editorial: Affordability key to TOD projects

The bulk of the city’s transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Halawa area is slated to occur within a radius of one-quarter mile from the proposed rail station at Aloha Stadium. Read More

Letter: Dogs in restaurants are a pleasure to see

I support the Hawaiian Humane Society’s bill that would allow pet dogs to accompany their human guardians to a cafe or restaurant on Oahu. Read More

Column: City lacks justification for taking Portlock lane for public use

The Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution protects the rights of property owners by restricting the power of the government to exercise eminent domain. Read More

Editorial: Two Hawaii treasures hurt by homeless

Vandalism and vagrancy have been longstanding problems at ‘Iolani Palace and, in nearby Kakaako Makai, the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center. And now the nonprofits that care for these places are being forced into unfortunate actions to protect the assets. Read More

Letter: Safety requires clearing sidewalks

The Honolulu sit-lie bans, although unpopular with some who identify themselves as politically progressive, are necessary from a walking safety standpoint. Read More

Letter: Hirono’s style doesn’t play well

After watching U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono exercising her apparently newly adopted assertive and confrontational style during the confirmation hearing of attorney general nominee William Barr, and following her performance in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, I’ve just got to ask: Will someone give her a clue? Read More

Editorial: Tell public more about fed probe

The investigation into corruption involving top Oahu law-and-order officials continues to widen and now has become even more concerning, touching the city administration for the first time. Read More

Letter: Critics of Trump suffer from TDS

It is continually sad to find those who suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) continue to exhibit their hatred for a man who just wants to help Americans. Read More

Letter: Humane Society should take cats

If the Hawaiian Humane Society would pick up stray cats for free, and neuter them for free, then maybe people who get upset about strays defecating and spreading fleas in their yards would not feel the need to “relocate” them. Read More

Column: Homeless may force center to close

Newton explained it best: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Read More

More storage means more power from solar

Hawaiian Electric is seeking approval from the Public Utilities Commission for seven “solar-plus-storage” projects that can transfer power from the sun to batteries and onto the power grid. Read More

Letter: Shutdown could threaten America

Could enemies of America send an agent to disrupt and weaken our country so when they attacked, it would be easier for them to take over? Read More

Editorial: DLNR program needs tune-up

Revenue for land conservation in Hawaii is almost as precious as the land itself. Read More

Letter: True compassion in opening streets

For our island community to function in the most resilient manner possible, it’s critical that we keep our roadways, sidewalks and other public areas open for their intended use. Read More

Column: Legacy Land Conservation Program protects priceless lands

The Legacy Land Conservation Program (“LLCP”), the subject of a recent state audit, has empowered local communities across the state to care for cultural sites, grow food, protect drinking water, and save iconic landscapes, beaches and shorelines for future generations. Read More

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