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Editorial: Don’t repurpose prime ag lands

There are fixes to state law that may be expedient, even pragmatic, from a certain perspective. But step back from them a bit and it’s clear that they are bad policy. Read More

Restricted parking could be costly

A new city law establishes a process to petition for a restricting parking zone, or RPZ, through which a residential neighborhood can rope off public street parking. Read More

Letter: Partisan outrage replaces acceptance

In days of yore, we were taught to accept defeat graciously and congratulate the opponent. Read More

Editorial: Don’t rush to OK motorsports park

A raceway park is one of those attractions that has an energetic fan base, but is difficult to locate. There can be crowds and noise and considerable wear and tear on the environment. Oahu once had one. And as enthusiasts point out, many other communities have settled in with their own raceway, placed on an appropriate site. Read More

Hawaii loves the NFL, and SF

Wow, that was fast. The first NFL preseason game in Hawaii in 43 years was a sell-out, quicker than you could say L.A. Rams v. Dallas Cowboys. But neither of these teams are the first love for Hawaii, as it happens. Read More

Letter: Per-mile road tax would hurt drivers unfairly

Hawaii already is the most expensive state to live in. It is the second highest-taxed state. It has the fourth highest gasoline tax, estimated at more than 60 cents per gallon. It has the fifth worst roads, even though we have the smallest road system with about 9,600 miles. Read More

Letter: Vaccinations essential to save children’s lives

Vaccinations save lives, protect our children and are one of our greatest public health achievements. As an older physician, I remember diseases like polio, measles, rubella and diphtheria afflicting hundreds of thousands of infants, children and adults, and killing thousands each year. Read More

Letter: Charge electric cars per mile, not others

How to pay for roads and infrastructure since revenue from the fuel tax is declining because of more non-gasoline cars? Just make non-gas cars pay by the mile. Read More

Letter: Like Venezuela, U.S. could deteriorate

In the 1970s and 1980s, Venezuela overall enjoyed a flourishing economy and democracy. Increasingly, it has become the opposite in the last three decades. Read More

Letter: University of Hawaii ignores traffic plight of sports fans

The recent traffic fiascos due to concurrent on-campus events indicates a genuine lack of concern by UH to make sure that its “customers” (students, alumni, visitors) have a good experience when coming onto campus. Read More

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