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On 35th anniversary, MADD Hawaii renews efforts against drunken and drugged driving

It really is “time to get MADD all over again.” On this occasion of our 35th anniversary, MADD Hawaii could use everyone’s support in solving Hawaii’s lethal impaired-driving problem. Read More

Political push and pull over public preschools

The noble goal of providing more public preschools is in a political tug of war between two state agencies. Read More

Oahu’s recycling programs face challenges

Sorting isle trash for recycling is a worthy “green” impulse, but difficulty in making recyclables pencil out may have more of the waste going to H-POWER. Read More

Column: Time for a balanced approach on visitor accommodations

While battles for a state-sanctioned accommodation monopoly might make for good drama, they get in the way of facts, reliable data and balance. And it’s why, in 2019, we’re exactly where we were years ago. Read More

Column: Why fake B&Bs hurt Oahu residential housing

Oahu residents and visitors are being deceived by the short-term rental industry when they are told Oahu offers thousands of bed-and-breakfast (B&Bs) accommodations. Read More

Column: Who really benefits from illegal vacation rentals?

Will we prioritize investors’ ability to wring profits out of their second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) homes, or will we preserve our neighborhoods for the benefit of those who actually live in them? The choice is ours. Read More

Column: Don’t put money from pot ahead of protecting safety and health

The Hawaii, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui police departments strongly urge lawmakers to put the public’s safety and health ahead of money and to not legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Read More

Column: Scare tactics infringe on right to accept own risks

How many falsehoods need to be disproved before folks start doubting those who spread them? Read More

Trump-Kim summit: U.S. needs to hit firmly on nuclear arms and sanctions

The second summit, slated for later this month in Vietnam, is a moment for the two countries to really talk about a pathway toward partnership. Read More

Column: Know the facts to help overcome vaccine hesitancy

As it was then and is now, Hawaii remains a cornerstone for travel, and is vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Read More

UH leaders set sights on a host of improvements

From Hawaii Promise to converting Sinclair Library into a modern student center, UH leaders set sights on a host of improvements. Read More

Column: Win or lose, Hawaii keeps fighting for rights

As Hawaii marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s remember that it’s more than just a day off. Let’s think about how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go in realizing his dream. Read More

Shifting gears: Fewer teens seeking driving permits

Once upon a time, teenagers burned with impatience before finally coming of age — 15-1/2 years old in Hawaii — for getting their learner’s permit and getting behind the wheel. Read More

Shifting gears: Technology, urban living evolve transit trends

Evolving technologies and habits fuel new ways of getting around Oahu — including without one’s own car. Read More

Poem ‘Kindness’ touches the heart

“Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye is the most popular contemporary poem of 2018, with more than 250,000 individuals viewing the poem online in the past 12 months on the Academy of American Poets’ website, Read More

A kinder, gentler time: Readers share thoughts

I was dropping off my car at Dillingham Boulevard for repairs the next, when I saw a homeless man lying down by the door of the establishment. It was raining at that time, and windy, too. Read More

Column: Why minimum wage shouldn’t be increased, from restaurateur’s perspective

We are the owners of a small business on Oahu with about 130 employees. As chief financial officer, the one thing that keeps me awake at night is the very real worry that the Legislature and the governor will devastate our business by forcing through a minimum wage hike. Read More

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