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Controlling restaurant menus a slippery slope

As more and more data emerge about the health problems arising from excessive sugar intake, the impulse to control it legislatively grows stronger — especially where kids are concerned. Read More

Obama Center hits a legal snag

Now that a federal judge has green-lighted the legal challenge of the Obama Presidential Center’s Chicago site, surely some other also-ran contenders for the project are dusting off their proposals. Read More

Editorial: Help Humane Society reduce animal births

So much emotion is tied up in animal care, especially for those who make it their career or chief avocation. Read More

More unsettling news about the rail

News of the subpoena for records on the rail project either has rolled off the backs of a weary public or has further unsettled those who are wondering what it means. Read More

Lincoln notwithstanding, it’s Presidents Day

There may be many remaining of a certain age who remember when the nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was feted on his own birthday holiday — Feb. 12. Read More

Pick up milk and the car registration

The city’s new supermarket-based kiosks for motor vehicle registration promise some major improvements. Read More

UH produces flock of Fulbrights

Kudos to the University of Hawaii at Manoa for its No. 5 ranking among research institutions producing the most 2018-2019 Fulbright U.S. scholars. Read More

Sign up to run for your neighborhood board

It doesn’t seem to have been loudly publicized but the deadline is fast approaching to become a candidate for an Oahu neighborhood board — it’s this Friday. Read More

Street parking meters get hungrier

As if the cost of living in Hawaii wasn’t high enough, the cost of feeding many parking meters on Oahu streets is doubling, from 75 cents an hour to $1.50 (and from $1.50 to $3 in Waikiki and the urban core). Read More

A city project ahead of schedule

For weary taxpayers, the bloated rail and other plodding government projects have made a mockery of the pat phrase, “on budget and on time.” Read More

Expanding health care in West Oahu

In what can only be seen as a boon for West Oahu residents, The Queen’s Medical Center-West will be undergoing a $38 million expansion to meet health demands in the growing area. Read More

Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Gung hee fat choy! Today’s Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Boar, or Pig — and it’s a day celebrated by many here with family, eating jai (monk’s food) and sticky gau, and pouring sweet tea and receiving li see. Read More

Towers sprouting up in Ala Moana neighborhood

They’re heeeeerrre … or at least, they’re starting. The first of at least five condominium towers in the Ala Moana area broke ground on Thursday, heralding a dramatic change-of-landscape to come. Read More

Time for Falls of Clyde to move out

For the past decade, a retired Scotland native has enjoyed a virtually rent-free waterfront home at Pier 7. Read More

The tricky job of raising bus fares

The City Council is gingerly, delicately, carefully, tentatively considering a bill to raise bus and HandiVan fares a bit. Read More

More vacation rentals, more vacationers

Hawaii’s tally of visitor lodging units — both legal and illegal — increased slightly last year, to about 80,750. Read More

It’s cold, but not that cold

We really have zero reason to complain, and we’re not — but baby, it’s cool outside. Read More

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