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Another plan for pedestrians

Wait: Doesn’t the city’s “Complete Streets” plan mean complete, including pedestrians? Then why is there a need for a separate pedestrian plan? Read More

Raising the Stan Sheriff roof

The green-clad crowd that cheered the University of Hawaii men’s volleyball team to its Big West tournament title on Saturday night sustained an hourslong supportive raise-the-roof energy that fans say rivals all other noise levels registered at Stan Sheriff Center. Read More

Celebrate Earth Day today

Today marks the 49th birthday of Earth Day, an annual event to promote ecological awareness and activism that protects and preserves our precious planet. Read More

Good Friday a holiday for all

The case of Cammack v. Waihee may not evoke Easter season imagery, but it is the reason Good Friday is legally defended as a state holiday. Read More

Bigger cranes, fewer ships

Bigger ships, bigger cranes. That much will be obvious from a glance at the docks, once the new Matson barges and cranes are all in place. Read More

Statehood for Washington, D.C.?

A movement now underway is seeking to change Hawaii’s 60-year status as the nation’s youngest state to second-youngest. Read More

The Tiger roars back

Tiger-mania is roaring back, big time — and those who recall Woods’ heyday reign a generation ago, know that the game of golf also will surge big-time as well. Read More

Landfill just keeps on keeping on

What a difference 30 years make. Or not. Read More

Gabbard will take the stage

Hawaii’s U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is slated to be in the lineup of candidates in the first 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary debates, which will be staged in late June. Read More

A welcome reopening on Kauai …

Bridge repairs always present an inconvenience to drivers, but for the Kauai North Shore commuters who have endured a year of mudslide closures on Kuhio Highway, having only that disruption will be cause for celebration. Read More

Your tax burden may be higher

Chances are that many Hawaii taxpayers who are still working on their returns for Monday’s federal filing deadline are in for a surprise. Read More

Parking shortage for medical students

It’s becoming the most cherished commodity everywhere in the urban core — parking — and not the least in growing Kakaako. Read More

More delays for rail transit

In the latest hit in what’s been a battering several months of bad news for the rail project, officials have disclosed the discovery of a contaminant from an industrial solvent dumped at a former Army facility. Read More

Kealohas should pay legal expenses

Should taxpayers be tapped to pay for former Police Chief Louis Kealoha’s legal expenses in the so-called mailbox case? Read More

A sweetener for unsuccessful bidders

For those wondering: A little research does show it’s fairly common for public agencies to offer stipends to unsuccessful bidders on major projects, in order to cover bid costs and encourage more bidders. Read More

Medical marijuana a boomer thing

Hawaii’s senior citizens seem to have embraced medical marijuana — in greater numbers than the national average, based on one report. Read More

A necessary defense of ACA

It was good to see Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors joining about 20 other states’ top lawyers in legal defense of two separate aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Read More

Debating feeding the homeless

Those who help people living on the streets are a special breed, taking action against the homelessness problem instead of just complaining about it. Read More

Ax hurling hard enough without beer

Maybe it’s due to a hankering for the ol’ wild, wild West days, or just fascination with rugged sharp objects. Read More

Coco Palms struggles to revive

Some things never recovered from Hurricane Iniki. The old Coco Palms Resort in Kapaa, severely damaged in the 1992 storm, has been closed ever since. Read More

A troubling slide for hotels

What goes up must eventually come down, right? Still, it’s disconcerting to see Hawaii’s hotel industry, which has enjoyed robust performance for years, blip downward in key metrics for the first time in a decade. Read More

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