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Labor force looks weaker

According to the latest figures, released last week, May’s overall labor-force count in the islands fell to the lowest level in more than four years as the state’s economy continued to lose steam. Read more

A welcome appliance assist

Kudos to Central Middle School and to Servco Pacific for their work to help the Pacific Islander students on campus with a practical assist: household appliances. Read more

Bargain compost now available

The state Agriculture Department is launching a $1 million pilot program through which local farmers and ranchers can buy compost at half the cost, with taxpayers paying the balance. Read more

First the heat, then the tides

Since mid-May, Honolulu has set more than a dozen record high temperatures, with Monday marking the sixth-consecutive day of breaking or tying daily record highs that date back to 1890. Read more

Gabbard gets on first debate

It’s hard to grab the spotlight when there are a couple dozen people all reaching for it, but Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard will at least have the TV cameras on her June 26. Read more

Trump, Ige together at last

It’s not that we expect the Democratic governor of this blue state to become buddy-buddy with the GOP president, but it was probably wise to extend the olive branch that Gov. David Ige did Thursday at a White House working lunch. Read more

No to sanctuary city

These days, becoming a “sanctuary city” is an act of political defiance, a poke in the eye of the Trump administration and its tough immigration policies — a little afield of the usual business of the Honolulu City Council. Read more

An investment in Waikiki Beach

Spending $13 million on sand might seem dubious — until one realizes it’s actually a small price to pay to protect Waikiki Beach, with its estimated $2.2 billion annual economic impact to Hawaii. Read more

Celebrating the king in Hilo

Oahu’s big Kamehameha Day event, the famous floral parade, is generally a weekend affair. But Hawaii’s first king was born on the Big Island, so you can be sure there’s a lot going on there on the day itself, June 11. Read more

A fiery start to the dry season

It is hot, hot, hot, and we’re not talking weather only. Five afternoon brushfires on Monday raised temperatures — and danger levels — well above normal, reminding us all to take precautions heading into the dry season. Read more

Heroic act of restraint by HPD officer

Kudos to the Honolulu police officer who kept his cool when a 36-year-old man attacked him with a screwdriver in hopes of trading homelessness for a behind-bars residence. An Oahu grand jury on Thursday indicted Remington Troy Guyton with assaulting the officer and attempting to steal his firearm. Read more

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