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Explore the natural beauty of Molokai by bicycle

Molokai is ideal for cycling. First, because the island is largely undeveloped, there’s not much traffic. Roads are in good condition, there are wide shoulders and drivers are usually courteous. Read More

From Delhi to Jaipur, visitors experience rich history

Traveling in India can often be a tumultuous dance of noise, color and humanity creating an intense sensory overload. It can also be a magical carpet ride of exquisite light, iridescent colors and friendly people. Read More

Tracking big cats on safari through India’s ‘Tiger State’

I’m swaddled in a mess of blankets to fight the predawn chill as I bump down the dusty dirt roads of India’s Kanha National Park in an open-air safari jeep. Read More

By 2021, EU will require OK to visit some countries

Beginning in 2021, you’ll need preauthorization to visit certain European countries, including France, the European Union recently announced. Read More

The Drew Las Vegas opening delayed to 2022

The owner of the Drew Hotel-Casino has announced that the opening of the former Fontainebleau on the north end of the Strip has been postponed by a year and a half. Read More

Some page-turning venues to book

A good book can transport us to magical places and encourage exploration. Here five examples that may inspire your travels. Read More

Signs of Hawaiian Life, April 21

Email “Signs of Hawaiian Life” photos to or mail to Signs of Hawaiian Life, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 7-210, Honolulu, HI 96813. Read More

Missed flight can have costly results

There’s a category of travel problems even worse because you didn’t know you’d agreed to certain rules. Welcome to the self-inflicted travel wound. Read More

SeaWorld Orlando now autism-friendly

Joining its sister parks, SeaWorld Orlando is now a certified autism center, a move that’s meant to make the theme park more accessible to people with disabilities, the company said April 2. Read More

Some Las Vegas resorts cut fees to increase visitation

Las Vegas resort fees are pesky, but travelers will be happy to know that some Vegas resorts are lowering their fees or offering no-resort-fee promotions to entice more guests and increase visitation rates. Read More

Tracing Maui’s rich past along the Lahaina Historic Trail

Sixty-five sites in Lahaina cast light on 500 years of the town’s history, including its 19th-century stints as the capital of Hawaii, mission headquarters for Maui and important re-provisioning port for whaling and trading ships. Read More

Signs of Hawaiian Life, April 14

Every week, we receive an abundance of travel photos from our readers — more than we have room to publish. This week, we offer an expanded roundup of photos to accommodate some of the surplus. Read More

‘Game of Thrones’ is ending, but you can still visit Westeros

Since debuting in 2011, “Game of Thrones” has gone on to become one of the world’s most influential pop culture franchises. Nowhere is that dynamic more visible and tangible than the production’s former home, which, as the series kicks off its final season, is poised to serve as the keeper of the “Thrones” flame. Read More

Bonaire shows the rest of the world how to save coral

Bonaire looks like Arizona, except for the azure waters in the distance. It also happens to be showing the rest of the world just how to save coral. Read More

Maui festival sows seeds of Hawaiian culture

This year’s theme for Celebration of the Arts: “E aloha i na mea kanu … Love all things that are planted.” Read More

New York, strange yet familiar

Is it possible to feel like a stranger in your own home? “The 52 Places Traveler” Sebastian Modak becomes hyperaware of change when he visits New York but still manages to find familiarity. Read More

From dinosaurs to ducks, 5 places for animal lovers

For animal lovers, creatures are compelling. Here are five places where critters will keep your family’s attention. Read More

Las Vegas Advisor: Average show ticket prices up slightly

Continuing a trend that has now prevailed for 23 out of the past 28 years, the average price of a Las Vegas production-show ticket costs more this year than last, but only slightly. Read More

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