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                                Alexander Rainer, who runs the Rochelt distillery in Fritzens, Austria, fills bottles with schnapps.
Snowy peaks, rushing rivers and schnapps to warm your soul

When winter arrives in western Austria and the sun disappears all too quickly behind the snow-capped Alps, you can stand in bare orchards and still taste the sun-ripened fruit that the trees once bore — just sip a glass of schnapps. Read more

                                The East Brother Light Station at dusk.
A unique getaway in a lighthouse on tiny California island

You might be reluctant to stay at a $475-a-night inn that warns of flashing lights and foghorns throughout the night, or bans one-night guests from bathing, or requires that you be ready to climb a ladder above roiling seas. Read more

                                Members of the International Camellia Society exploring camellias in Vignone, on Lake Maggiore in northwest Italy.
Italian town hitches its wagon to plants that bloom (even in winter)

Even as the group of flower aficionados flitted around a high-ceilinged room admiring just-clipped camellias with fanciful names like “Pink Lassie” and “Paradise Petite,” single petals floated lazily to the paneled wood floor, forming colorful mounds. Read more

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