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Merkel defends Iran deal, multilateralism but Pence resists

German Chancellor Angela Merkel drew lengthy applause Saturday for her spirited defense of a multilateral approach to global affairs and support for Europe’s decision to stand by a nuclear deal with Iran. Read More

U.S. military aircraft to deliver more aid to Venezuela border

The Trump administration is sending another large shipment of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan border in Colombia, for the first time using U.S. military aircraft as it increases pressure on Nicolas Maduro to give up power, according to a State Department email sent to Congress. Read More

Push on last Islamic State enclave blunted by discovery of civilians

The offensive on the last enclave held by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria has been blunted by the discovery of hundreds of civilians still living there, a commander with the Kurdish-led force fighting the extremists said today. Read More

Mexican president announces bailout for cash-strapped Pemex

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced a $3.9 billion bailout for the country’s cash-strapped, state-owned oil company today and promised it an additional $1.6 billion in revenue, making it a rescue package of up to $5.5 billion. Read More

Haiti to unveil economic measures to quell violent protests

Haitians today vowed to keep protesting until President Jovenel Moise resigns, despite his announcement of upcoming economic measures designed to quell more than a week of violent demonstrations across the country. Read More

India warns of ‘crushing response’ to Kashmir suicide attack

India’s prime minister warned of a “crushing response” to the suicide bombing of a paramilitary convoy in Indian-controlled Kashmir that killed 41 people and was the deadliest in the divided region’s volatile history. Read More

Bombshell book alleges a Vatican gay subculture, hypocrisy

In the explosive book, “In the Closet of the Vatican,” author Frederic Martel describes a gay subculture at the Vatican and calls out the hypocrisy of Catholic bishops and cardinals who in public denounce homosexuality but in private lead double lives. Read More

North Korea exploring sanctions-proof energy technologies

Power-strapped North Korea is exploring two ambitious alternative energy sources — tidal power and coal-based synthetic fuels — that could greatly improve living standards and reduce its reliance on oil imports and vulnerability to sanctions. Read More

Prince Philip won’t be charged in U.K. car crash

Prince Philip won’t face charges in connection with a car collision that left two women injured, British prosecutors said. The decision came just days after Buckingham Palace said the 97-year-old royal would stop driving. Read More

Japanese same-sex couples sue for equal marital rights

On Thursday, Valentine’s Day, Kozumi and Aiba are joining a dozen other same-sex couples in Japan’s first lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the country’s rejection of same-sex marriage. Read More

Philippine agents arrest journalist critical of Rodrigo Duterte

Maria Ressa, who was selected by Time magazine as one of its Persons of the Year last year, was arrested over a libel complaint from a businessman which Amnesty International condemned as “brazenly politically motivated.” Read More

Crystal meth is North Korea’s trendiest Lunar New Year’s gift

Like many across East Asia, North Koreans have been exchanging presents this month to celebrate the Lunar New Year. But rather than tea, sweets or clothing, some in this impoverished, isolated country are giving the gift of crystal meth. Read More

Australia to reopen island detention camp after refugee bill

The Australian government said it would reopen a mothballed island detention camp in anticipation of a new wave of asylum seekers arriving by boat after Parliament passed legislation that would give sick asylum seekers easier access to mainland hospitals. Read More

Pompeo warns Eastern Europe on Chinese and Russian meddling

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today invoked the 30th anniversary of the demise of communism to implore countries in Central and Eastern Europe to resist Chinese and Russian influence. Read More

Malaysia seizes record 30-ton pangolin haul, wildlife group says

Malaysian authorities have seized a record 30 tons of pangolin and pangolin products in eastern Sabah state on Borneo, the biggest such bust in the country, a wildlife monitoring group said Tuesday. Read More

Macedonia prepares for name change by removing signs

Macedonian authorities began today removing official signs from government buildings to prepare for the country’s new name: North Macedonia. Read More

Military helicopter crashes in Istanbul: 4 soldiers killed

A military helicopter crashed today in a residential area of Istanbul while trying to make an emergency landing, killing four soldiers on board, Turkish officials said. Read More

Israel wants Dutch case against ex-army chief dropped

The Israeli Justice Ministry today said the government has asked a Dutch court to dismiss war crimes allegations against Benny Gantz, an ex-military chief who is challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in April elections. Read More


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