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 Season for Jook
Thanksgiving meals are the marathon of the food world. It takes days, even weeks, of planning and multiple steps to prepare the plethora of dishes that hit the holiday table. Some folks even do a practice run.  Story »

The holiday season is upon us and it's time for ono food and charity! For $5 you'll receive the top five recipes of 2014 from Betty Shimabukuro's "By Request" column and all proceeds go directly to the Star-Advertiser's Good Neighbor Fund to aid Hawaii's families in need.

Here's this year's selection:
» Kapalama School Peanut Butter Coffee Cake
» Old-Fashioned Hamburger Steak with Brown Gravy and Grilled Onions
» Chicken With Lychee Sauce
» Woolworth's Chocolate Dobash Cake
» Kahuku High School Cherry Crisp

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 Custard and mousse add new spins to pumpkin pie
Baking mistakes can yield happy results. The problem is re-creating the mistake, especially if you weren’t there. Story »
<br />star-advertiser photos<br />Artichokes nestled in the crock.<br />
 Enlist the Crock-Pot when burners busy and oven occupied
The Crock-Pot can be your friend at Thanksgiving, cooking up a nice side dish while your oven is busy with the turkey, your stove top is occupied with four other things and you're cleaning the house. Story »
Star-Advertiser / 1989
 Canlis Rice recipe recalls famed Waikiki restaurant
I can't swear to the provenance of this recipe, but I can swear to its deliciousness and to its suitability to a rice-loving place like ours. Lee Wical wrote in search of a recipe for Canlis Rice, which his wife used to make in the 1950s. His request was published here in my annual New Year's call-out for recipes that have proved difficult to find. Story »
 Waffles stand in for bread in savory take on sandwich
When I start my food truck operation (which would be after I get a truck, a lotta food and a whole lotta startup cash), the theme will be waffle sandwiches. Wafflewiches.  Story »
If you have a tofu aversion — for example, if I were to tell you the pie you just ate was made with tofu and you said “ack!” — grow up already. Story »

Today's topic is almonds, specifically almonds in cookies, and comes courtesy of Geraldine Davis, who wants a good recipe for a Chinese almond cookie. Story »

Type caption here A recipe for New Year's good luck came to me in the form of an unsigned recipe from the Ozawa family in Mili­lani. It's a slow-cooker recipe for a traditional Japa­nese holiday dish, kuro­mame, or sweet black beans.  Story »

It's almost Halloween. If this ramps up your fear of vampires, consider pickling some garlic. Put up a pound of cloves now in a briny solution and by Oct. 31 they'll be ready to offer you full vampiric protection with less pungency and bite than your usual pound of garlic. Story »

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