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Subdivision Regulations Proposed by Plans Board

Inability to properly regulate new subdivisions, long embarrassing to the city planning commission, is a thing of the past.

Thanks to the 20th legislature, said Capt. Charles R. Welsh, planning engineer, the law now has teeth in it and the planners are now busy taking advantage of their new power.

Though far down the list on their proposed elaborate master plan, the planners started first of all on rules and regulations governing subdivisions.

The commission has given tentative approval to the regulations drafted by Capt. Welsh, which comply with the new charter revision act. …

…Some of the most important proposed rules, which the commissioners believe will result in uniform subdivisions and improve the city’s appearance, include:

1. Residential lots would contain at least 5,100 square feet, have at least a 60 foot width and 85 foot depth.

2. All subdivisions below an altitude of 300 feet would require to have sidewalks on both sides of the street and sidewalks on one side of the street between a 300 and 700 foot altitude.

3. Planning commission would have authority to establish the width of the front, side and rear yards.

4. All streets of new subdivisions would be required to be the same length and have the same name as connecting streets. (This would apply to all streets except those on slopes and hillsides where it would be left to the discretion of the commission.)

5. Minimum width of boulevards would be 100 feet with minor streets 40 feet wide and interior or sub-streets not over 400 feet long and open on both ends could not be less that 30 feet wide.

6. Dead end streets would be at least 30 feet wide and provided with a circular end, not less that 60 feet in diameter. …


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