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Raised on the roof

    The Auto Mart USA garden is almost as large as a football field, which is 57,600 square feet.

  • 20120104-2037 BSN ROOF GARDEN FarmRoof is installing a one acre roof-top garden on the AutoMart building (formerly Comp USA, at 331 Auahi Street) to grow vegetables and keep the building cool. It will be the first urban rooftop farm in Hawaii and FarmRoof's largest. FarmRoof founder, Alan Joaquin said that using this system, you could harvest salad greens in 3 weeks. This is Alan showing an unrooled nutrient rich water permeable tube (that the seeds are planted in) that was unrolled over an aeration core. The aeration core (that he is holding with his right hand) is made of small hallow channels that run the length of the tube (that contain the nutrient rich soil) and prevents direct contact of the soil with the roof and vents out excess heat. His left hand is holding a regular water hose bip that will be connected to another water hose to provide the irrigation water. PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA. JAN. 4, 2012.

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