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»The state contributed $64,127 toward University of Hawaii President M.R.C. Greenwood’s retirement in addition to her base pay of $427,512 in fiscal 2012, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. A Monday Page B2 article about the Chronicle report characterized the retirement payment as "deferred compensation." UH officials also noted that the retirement pay listed by the Chronicle was not for a specific individual retirement plan, but represented the state’s contribution to the Employee Retirement System. The Chronicle report listed Greenwood’s "total compensation," including the retirement payment, at $491,639, plus another $63,912 in housing and car allowances, which brings the total compensation and benefits package to $555,551. The Star-Advertiser article reported her "total compensation" as $501,551.

» The email address being used for casting of the movie "Under the Blood Red Sun" is bloodredsuncasting@gmail. com. A Page D1 story Friday gave an incorrect address.

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