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To tempt older eaters, delight them with details

    20130522-5119 FTR SENIOR MEALS This is lunch at Hale Ho Aloha nursing home that dietary manager Kay Hangai (for Hale Ho Aloha Nursing Home) organizes for residents. This illustrates the kinds of food suited for the elderly. The lunch consists of tuna fish sandwich, cantaloupe, crab broccoli salad and drinks of their choice. This is (l-r) Jiro Nakano (100), Charles W. Aresta (83), Paul Yamashige (79) and Kenji Maeda (84) about to be served lunch including a plate with a tuna fish sandwich, lettuce and tomato. PHOTO BY DENNIS ODA. MAY 22, 2013.
    Carmen Lam, left, and Dorothy Leong prepare lunch of tuna sandwiches, cantaloupe and crab-broccoli salad at the Hale Ho Aloha kitchen.

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