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A Village Divided

    Jeff Compoc stands on the porch of his Kahuku Village home where he has lived since he was 5 years old as one of 12 children of a Kahuku Plantation Co. worker. The 64-year-old disabled veteran is fighting eviction brought by landlord Continental Pacific LLC.
    Kahuku Village V, is a pocket of rural living stuck in time. The collection of 72 plantation homes are occupied by mostly children of former sugar cane workers.
    Above, Michael Camit plays with his 3-year-old daughter Lillian as his wife, Melissa Kaonohi-Camit, watches from a hammock in front of a home belonging to Michael’s father, Jim Camit. Jim was the first resident to buy his home in KV5 and helped Michael buy his house, which is half a block away.

Jim Camit and Glen Maghanoy are neighbors, friends and sons of Kahuku Sugar Mill workers. They both grew up in plantation housing, where there was a sense of shared destiny that blurred property lines. Read more

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