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A mishmash of family fun and news

  • “Up in the Hawaiian Sky” (Beachhouse Publishing, $7.95), authored by Lavonne Leong and illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong, is a fantastical tale of a young girl’s adventures as she spends a day with the sun.

  • Preschoolers can read or sing along as they flip through the pages of “Slippery Fish in Hawaii” (Beachhouse Publishing, $7.95).

  • “Keala Up a Tree” (BeachHouse Publishing, $13.95) by Patricia McLean is a delightful rhyming tale about a girl named Keala who climbs up a tree in search of a suitable home for a gecko.

  • A timely tale in this season of giving, “Something Different, Something New” (Island Heritage, $13.95) by Ginger K.G. Kamasugi emphasizes how “new and different” aren’t always better.

  • Four young men ride dolphins, talk to waterfalls and construct grand fishponds in “Menehune Tales of Hawaii” (Island Heritage, $15.99), authored by Richard B. Madden.

  • “The Twelve Days of Hula” (BeachHouse Publishing, $12.95) by Beth Greenway is a counting book set in the same verse as the traditional holiday song, “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

  • Jon J. Murakami’s rascally geckos are back. Readers can search for a ninja gecko, a Christmas gecko, a gecko wearing a straw hat and so many others in Murakami’s seventh installment of the series, “Geckos Slide and Peek: A Look-and-Find Adventure in Hawaii” (BeachHouse Publishing, $13.95).

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