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Reconciliation, not revenge, will heal wounds of slavery

  • Courtesy Ira Zunin

    Old slave auction blocks in Cape Town are shown with names engraved. The trees in the background were used to tie up those in waiting. The slaves brought here were from Malaysia, Indonesia and Madagascar.

In the midst of the longest leg of the Hokule‘a’s around-the-world voyage, across the Atlantic from Africa to South America, I cannot help but think of the millions of Africans who, in centuries past, made the crossing in shackles, within the bowels of slave ships — and of the many more millions who never made it. In Brazil, our next destination following a stop at St. Helena, more than half the population is of mixed heritage. The majority have ancestors who were brought here as slaves by the Portuguese, initially to work on sugar plantations and later to work in gold and diamond mines. Read more

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