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Red-light cameras bill advances

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Senate Bill 221 would authorize Honolulu and three neighbor island counties to set up the “photo red-light imaging detector systems” to use mounted cameras to snap pictures of vehicles as they run red lights.

A proposal to deploy high-tech cameras for traffic enforcement by photographing the license plates of motorists who run red lights has been approved by two committees in the state Senate.

Leading House lawmakers say they are also ready to consider photo enforcement, citing reckless drivers who ignore traffic signals and speed through intersections across the state. House Speaker Joe Souki in particular has been a strong supporter of a number of photo enforcement proposals over the years.

Senate Bill 221 would authorize Honolulu and three neighbor island counties to set up the “photo red-light imaging detector systems” to use mounted cameras to snap pictures of vehicles as they run red lights. The counties would then be responsible for issuing citations by mail to the registered owners of the vehicles, according to the bill.

The use of cameras for traffic enforcement is common in other states, but has a controversial history in Hawaii.

The state Legislature passed a law in 1998 authorizing a photo enforcement system to ticket speeding motorists, but that triggered an uproar when a private contractor deployed the system, known as “van cams,” on Oahu in 2002. In the face of that public outcry, lawmakers promptly repealed the law and haven’t approved a new photo enforcement law since.

Today, 24 states and the District of Columbia deploy red-light enforcement cameras, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, but it is unclear whether Hawaii motorists are ready to accept the idea.

One supporter of photo enforcement at traffic signals is Randy Moore, a bicyclist and retired assistant superintendent for the state Department of Education. Moore said he sees vehicles run red lights almost daily.

“It’s just epidemic,” he said. Moore said he has witnessed many close calls and that red-light violators are so common that he automatically pauses now to see what the vehicles around him are doing when a light turns green for him.

Moore said he hope that cameras will make motorists think twice before blasting through red lights. “The objective is not to catch people,” he said. “The objective is to stop the behavior.”

On the opposite side of the issue is Milton Imada, who has opposed camera enforcement programs for years. Imada told lawmakers he has 34 years of experience in fleet vehicle maintenance and described the proposed photo enforcement system as flawed, biased and discriminatory.

Longer commercial vehicles that enter intersections on yellow lights will not have enough time to clear the intersections before they trigger a citation, Imada said in written testimony. He predicted buses will be cited most frequently because they cannot stop quickly.

“This bill’s flawed intersection red light camera system is an overkill designed to prey on Oahu drivers to extort monies to feed government’s depleted General Fund and feed the most costly rail system in the nation,” Imada wrote.

SB 221 requires that the money collected from fines paid under the photo enforcement system remain in the county where the violation occurred, and there is no mention of the city rail project in the bill.

The measure was approved on Tuesday by the Senate committees on Transportation and Energy, and on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs. Sen. Clarence Nishihara, who is chairman of the public safety committee, noted that the Honolulu Police Department supports the bill.

“It’s about public safety,” he said. “I have observed enough instances where people even in Waipahu, where there’s a red light and guys just go through, or they slow down, and then they go through … It’s really a public safety issue, and to me, people should know better.”

Nishihara said there will probably be resistance to the photo-enforcement plan because “people don’t understand it, or just don’t like their picture taken, I don’t know, but in this case the red-light one is clearly a public safety issue.”

Souki said much of the anger at the 2002 photo-enforcement system bubbled up because the system was operated by a private company that was out to make a profit by ticketing motorists. “The suspicion then was it was more looking at making money than protecting the safety of the drivers,” he said.

This time, Souki said, the system must be operated by government.

“I would have to look at the bill and see whether it’s going to be privately operated or it’s going to be government operated,” he said. “I think that will be key to the passage.”

House Transportation Committee Chairman Henry Aquino said he has never held a hearing on a photo-enforcement bill before, but said he will consider this one if it is approved by the Senate.

“There are always concerns from the general public, but I think it has merit,” he said. “It’s looking to make intersections safer, so it’s just a matter of how to do it if that’s the case.”

138 responses to “Red-light cameras bill advances”

  1. manakuke says:

    A ‘cash cow’?

    • pohaku96744 says:

      If the fines stay in the county. Honolulu would makeup out. Cut the yellow light time guarantee lots of violators, fishing at its best.

      • justmyview371 says:

        No, the fines go to the State for the benefit of all counties.

        • nomu says:

          This government needs to spend more time on how to spend our money smartly than how to steal more of it from us.

        • nomu says:

          Red light running is not the cause of serious accidents. This is just a money grab, a sign that lawmakers do not serve us, we serve them.

        • localguy says:

          justmyview371 – What part of this did you fail to read and understand? I’m guessing all of it. “SB 221 requires that the money collected from fines paid under the photo enforcement system remain in the county where the violation occurred.”

          Doesn’t mean our elected bureaucrats will not do what they have always done, raid funds to pay for their pet projects, special interest group needs.

          Just as they raided the tobacco settlement and vehicle registration funds, this money will be raided. Done deal.

        • youngblood says:

          Maybe you should read the whole story.

        • pohaku96744 says:

          OK , that’s why cops in Honolulu no tag. Tired of carrying outside islands.

    • noheawilli says:

      What is it that these politicians cannot figure out? We the people of Hawaii, reject your idea of tickets being generated by camera, it’s not the world we choose to live in.

      • berrygood says:

        Especially when they outsource the duty to a company that gets paid by how many tickets they write. Example the guys in the van years ago that tried to do the same thing. It has been declared unconstitutional in some states. They are also known to scare drivers in intersections and cause rear end accidents. All to try and gather revenue? can you imagine vehicles coming down hill and the driver feels he may not make in and prematurely hits the brakes? This will cause more accidents than its worth. Although you cant tell a politician that I guess

        • berrygood says:

          Also I get the feeling that the state brings problems on itself trying to accommodate bicyclists. Attempting to shove too much into these roadways causes more problems. and of course the street light problems on Oahu are ridiculous. I get more light from candle. But I’m getting off track.

        • justmyview371 says:

          A lot of bicyclists just ignore the street lights.

        • noheawilli says:

          Well the majority of cyclists do stop for a red light, no one ignores them as this will lead to disaster but if there is no traffic, and if your just sitting there for no other reason then waiting for a light to turn green, well I don’t see a crime with that one.
          Either way NO CAMERA GENERATED TICKETS!!!!
          Are you rulers or representatives?

        • allie says:

          good point. And we pay HPD a ton of money to enforce the law. They need to get to work. They are a real disgrace.

      • IAmSane says:

        We? You speaking for all of us? I support the bill. I’ve seen way too many cars run red lights, had too many instances of almost being run over by cars running red lights to not to.

        • alohaland says:

          Ditto! People here seem to think it’s OK to enter the intersection on a red light as long as the drivers who have the green haven’t entered the intersection. There have been so many instances of a car flying right in front of me just as I’m driving past the crosswalk. Follow the traffic laws and this won’t be able issue for you! HELLO!!

        • LKK56 says:

          Agree, I do not go on green until I am assured all the cars have stopped for the red.

    • braddah says:

      Hate to say it, the way we drive now, we need the camera. Sometimes 5-6 cars running red lights.

    • uhsportsfan says:

      It’s only a cash cow if someone intentionally runs a red light. If no one runs the lights, the city/county/state/whoever does not get the money.

    • dontbelieveinmyths says:

      Correct. Just a revenue generator. If safety was the main issue, why not delay the green light a couple of seconds so that all the lights are red for a moment. That way even if someone runs a red light the cross traffic doesn’t start to cross the intersection. Pedestrians also need to obey the rules of the walk signals. Bikers too Randy Moore.

  2. sandi2000 says:

    Here in Austin, Texas we have mounted cameras on all major intersections. And I know of people receiving citations in the mail for cutting the red light. If anything, it is a deterrent to breaking the law. Law abiding drivers need not worry; it’s the speeders who would object to the cameras. I’m sure it saves lives and a lot of aggravation.

    • nalogirl says:

      Just wait until Austin gets sued.

    • hawn says:

      This bill is nothing more than to generate money to spend on useless projects that these politicians create to repay they supporters. If this bill is passed in the future when more money is needed they will quietly shorten the yellow light time. It’s not about saving lives it’s all about generating money, do you really think those elected officials care or even think about the general public, look at the roads you drive on some are a real hazard with the potholes and uneven patches.

      • CubbyFan says:

        I disagree. I see people run red lights constantly; especially right turns. Witnessed a pedestrian being struck in Mililani a couple of weeks ago due to not stopping at a red light and speeding through a right turn.

        IMO HPD could just start enforcing the law instead of standing around construction sites. Contractors can pay their own sign guys not HPD guys on special duty. If they want to do this work change out of uniform and work for the construction company part time with no affiliation with HPD. No need for police there or at parties etc…

        However, HPD is really great at enforcing stupid laws like the no left turn our of Times Mililani parking lot between 3-6 PM. Pure Shibai that rule and only used to generate income for the state; a left turn tax if you will. Or the speed trap between wheeler and Mililani. it is rural but slows to 25 MPH? why?

        Whoever makes the traffic sign placement and HPD need to clean up their act or just be replaced by sane, logical rules and enforced by machines. Adapt or be replaced.

        If we cant have the police enforce the laws then let machines do it.

        • pohaku96744 says:

          Nah , only reason they doing no left turn during signage….. OIC complaint from Mayor’s office. Other times rather be at 7-11 checking out “chicks”….drinking coffee and eating dougnuts.

        • jusris says:

          You are speaking with incomplete knowledge of what HPD does at construction sites…#MAGA

        • pridon says:

          The cops I’ve seen at construction sites mostly sit in their car. Sometimes they stand around. However, the construction still has to provide fragment and traffic directors. The law that requires cops to be there is just a way to spike their pay for retirement purposes while driving up costs.

    • kiragirl says:

      I kinda like it. At intersections, I look left before proceeding across because of the numerous amount of motorists going thru the red light. My fear is for those who are blind. They cross (I think) by the clicking of the signal and are unable to see a car running the red light. If these cameras can save a life, I am all for them. However, HPD gotta do their part and because they haven’t, we have these traffic violators and increasing too.

      • nomu says:

        You are the second person to not realize that this money camera does not apply to right turns. This camera is not about safety, there are not alot of accidents that this camera will prevent. It’s nothing more than government greed.

        • Cricket_Amos says:

          I have heard of systems that do apply to right turns. With the right sensors in the road I dont see that there is any reason why they could not do this.

        • wn says:

          I presume we are referring to right turns on red? Then ban right turns on red.

  3. djsmith says:

    Authorities across the country are increasingly putting the brakes on red light cameras.

    Opposition to the hated devices may finally have reached a tipping point as lawmakers in Illinois, Texas and California move toward legislation to ban them on both civil rights grounds and monetary reasons.

    Red light cameras “have failed miserably,” state Senator Bob Hall (R-Texas) told the Associated Press as the Texas bill cleared the Senate and was sent to the state House.

    Similar legislation was introduced last month in the California House of Representatives, according to LA Weekly, and approved Wednesday in the Illinois House, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    The California and Texas bans are statewide but the Illinois measure would apply mainly to communities outside of Chicago and to a few other suburbs granted local authority in the matter.

    Red light cameras have long drawn criticism for snapping pictures of drivers who then receive traffic tickets in the mail and have to pay fines without giving people the opportunity to defend themselves.

    This streamlined process has also denied countless drivers a basic civil right — due process.

    Everyone is entitled to a fair trial where they are able to confront their accusers. How does one confront a machine?

    The usage of red light cameras has significantly dropped in California from a high of 110 municipalities to only 39, according to LA Weekly. One local legislator griped to the paper that they do not even generate enough revenue to pay for themselves.

    “People hate them, they hate them for a reason,” Rep. Ron Sandack, (R-Downers Grove), told the Tribune. “They are right.”

  4. retire says:

    And politicians don’t understand why people hate and distrust government? It’s this big brother we know best, take your money attitude.

  5. Kalaheo1 says:

    Red light cameras have nothing to do with safety and are major cash cows for corrupt red light camera companies wanting to partner with cash-hungry politicians like Joe Souki who value cash over safety of the public.

    Thinking of new and innovative ways to take the public’s money and redirect it to their friends and family is nothing new for Hawaii politicians, but risking death and injury of local families to get is an new all time low.

    “Major Chicago study finds red light cameras not safer, cause more rear-end injuries” “This entire program is strictly to generate revenue and always has been”


    “Investigative work by the Chicago Tribune revealed that at least 13,000 Chicago drivers were cited erroneously through the city’s red light camera program.” Imagine trying to fight a ticket where there is no accuser and giant corporation taking half.

    “Federal prosecutors charged a former City Hall manager with taking up to $2 million in bribes from the former CEO of the company, Redflex Traffic Systems”


    “NO!” to red light cameras, yes to traffic law enforcement by HPD officers.

  6. whs1966 says:

    I agree with Randy Moore that running lights is epidemic. It’s part of our driving culture. While I support cameras, an alternative is more police officers at intersections.

    • wn says:

      I don’t believe this will remedy the situation this will simply not be enforced. Look up Neighborhood No. 5 January Minutes on enforcing moped license. By all indications the program was implemented successfully, however the spirit of this new law will be enforced as noted. I don’t know what the parameters are for “other stops”. 🙂

      “Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Moped Legislation: Chair West noted that the Department of Customer Service (CSD) has been well organized to carry out the implementation of the moped registration and licensing legislation. Chair West added that CSD has 43,000 mopeds on record and HPD will not use a lack of license plate or registration stickers as a reason to stop mopeds but will check registration and licensing on mopeds during other stops.”

    • pohaku96744 says:

      Officers can’t be at intersection all the time. Calls for service keeps them from intersections. Other issue, no incentive to cite violators. Fines go to State General fund and issuing citations leads to confrontations with the general public then complaint.

    • justmyview371 says:

      Police officers are less reliable since it depends on the officer’s own interpretation of the law (I’ve ran into a PO who didn’t know the details of the red light law), the officer’s biases and moods, the officer’s orders (there used to be quotas at least in other parts of the country), and other factors.

      • fiveo says:

        Maybe but when you receive such a ticket from a police officer, you can have your day in court if you wish to contest the citation.
        In the case of traffic light cameras, this is not the case.

      • pohaku96744 says:

        No quotas, no tags, no complaints, happy sergeant, happy lieutenant. Thank you SHOPO. Lots of traffic deaths, lots of fear, job security, thank you SHOPO.

    • Morimoto says:

      Your alternative is totally unrealistic due to limited manpower. Do you really want officers parked or standing at intersections rather than responding to things like assaults, rapes, burglaries, etc.? And hiring more officers to do this particular duty is also out of the question for obvious reasons.

      • CubbyFan says:

        They do in Mililani. Just go ahead and take a left turn out of the Times supermarket parking between 3-6 PM.

        • Morimoto says:

          Ok that’s one intersection out of how many thousands in the state for 3 hours a day. It doesn’t invalidate my assertion. It’s just not realistic even if you limit it to the most problematic intersections.

        • pohaku96744 says:

          They are there only during peak because of a complaint generated by OIC…. Office of Information and Complaint. Probably from the Mayor’s office, local city council reply., neighborhood board… they, number of tags and warning sent to complainant as response.

  7. roadsterred says:

    Again? Get ready for more rear-end collisions if this bill passes.

  8. peanutgallery says:

    We already went through this, and it was overturned.

  9. wn says:

    Yes we need this. Yesterday I witnessed a van run the red light at Waialae (under viaduct) and Hunakai as I was waiting to make left turn. Pedestrian and dog were waiting to cross and was luckily not struck as they entered crosswalk (pulled dog back just in time). Followed van to Kahala Post Office and noted license plate number, visually I.D.’d driver, and informed the driver that she almost hit the pedestrian / dog and would be reporting the incident. Went back to pedestrian and provided information and my contact information as he will be filing a police report. Hopefully, this might curb the reckless behavior running or simply driving thru a red light.

  10. nalogirl says:

    Seriously? I just read about two counties tthat lost to class action lawsuits regarding red light cameras. One county had to pay back 3 million dollars in fines and the other 20 million. This is just a money grab that will turn into a lawsuit, which we lose and playback all the fine’s money and attorneys.

  11. wlsc says:

    yes, needed badly to get after the egotistic, inconsiderate, prima-donna personalities, who also thinks nothing of stopping in the crosswalk waiting for the light to change. this latter should also be penalized.

  12. Oahuan says:

    Long overdue. As long as it’s not those van-cams. What about installing some cams at certain stop signs too?

  13. ready2go says:

    It is what it is? Red light cameras? DUI road blocks? The need for HPD bike patrols? Why? People speed. Perhaps the Counties should double all speeding fines instead. For commercial vehicles — triple the speeding fines?

  14. kennie1933 says:

    If you can install such cams to catch vehicles, what about pedestrians who cross once the walk sign flashes? What about people p_ _ ing or doing #2 on the sidewalks? Hey, is picking your nose a crime?

  15. islandsun says:

    More clowns wanting to make us like the mainland. How about a bill that forces the mayor to sync the lights? Souki is a throw away from Maui.

  16. laMiranda says:

    Government greed.
    It ain’t your money it’s their money,
    you didn’t build that.
    Just say No Mas !!

  17. JustBobF says:

    No! Don’t do it! A red-light law was repealed once before because it was so unpopular. Los Angeles repealed their law a year or two ago.

    If they really want to get people to stop, visibly position an officer there.

  18. smehara says:

    What exactly is the law for the red light violation? I have heard two versions. One was that you have to be completely out of the intersection before the light turns red. The other is that as long as you enter the intersection on yellow you do not have to speed across the intersection to beat the red. I prefer the second. Seems reasonable to me and something that would not impede traffic. If it is the first, it would see that all drivers would have to brake before they reach the intersection on a green light.

    • wave1 says:

      Lived on mainland where they had red light cameras. Yellow means clear the intersection. You can enter intersection on a yellow light, however you cannot enter an intersection on a red light. In the state I lived, if the camera took your pic with your car in the intersection on a red light, they would check the previous pic to see if you entered the intersection on a red light, if yes you gotta ticket in the mail. Problem was they would purposely set some yellow lights at like 1 second, when going 45 mph no way you could stop before the light turned red so you gotta ticket. It is nerve racking when driving in areas with cams. I always stop at red lights, but when they purposely reduce time on a yellow where you cannot stop, or do you try to stop with an 18 wheeler bearing down on you it becomes stressful.

      • wave1 says:

        Other thing a lot of bicycles do run red lights, but cameras won’t detect and pic a small target, no wonder they want the red light cams…

        • kennie1933 says:

          Yes. Bicycles and even motorcycles do not have license plates on the front, so how will THEY be cited? Seems like a selective system where only cars and trucks can be cited. That would be unfair.

        • Jonas says:

          Life isn’t fair.

        • kennie1933 says:

          IRT Jonas: Remember that next time you are not treated fairly. No complaining, OK?

        • Jonas says:

          Start living in the real world. It’s happened to me. It is what it is.

        • Jonas says:

          By the way kennie – I don’t disagree with your point, but since there’s no way to ticket bikes and motorcycles, not much can be done about that. It doesn’t excuse cars and trucks from running red lights, though.

          So yes, life isn’t fair.

        • kennie1933 says:

          When you buy a shave ice and accidentally drop it on the floor as you walk away from the counter, life isn’t fair. When you wash and wax your car and the next day it storms, life isn’t fair. But when you already have a system that is fair, then you single out a group and let the rest go just because it is impossible to catch them, then we have a problem.

    • tygah says:

      I heard this version of a red light violation. If a vehicle’s front tires passes the stop line & enters the intersection after the light turns red it is a violation.

      • smehara says:

        If that’s the case I’m all for it. If they leave the lights’ timing the same then there really shouldn’t be a reason why you would enter the intersection on red. If you do then you’re doing so on purpose.

        • steveoctober says:

          Wait until you get into an area with an accident and the responding police officer(s) ORDERS you to go through a red light to create room for emergency vehicles. These stop light cameras don’t care about the situation, they will simply mail the ticket to you. To fight it, you’ll have to hire an attorney and subpoena the responding officer to testify that it was an emergency situation, all at your cost.

      • Cricket_Amos says:

        I always thought it was if the entire car was not in the intersection by the time it turned red, you were guilty. So if this is correct, it is stronger than that. You could have the front tires in on a yellow, but if the back were not in before the red happens, youve had it.

  19. Waokanaka says:

    HPD supports this stupid bill because they need the money to pay for Chief Kealoha’s dismissal !! The State supports the bill because they are broke, as evidenced by the proposed gas tax increase !!! Under current Hawaii traffic laws, entering an intersection under a yellow light is LEGAL !! In case the Three Stooges, who advocate this idiocy, have noticed, traffic lights are not standardized in the length of a yellow light !!! If the cameras are set up to catch a vehicle that enters under yellow, and exits under red, it IS legal. This law seems to be devised by the usual numbskulls that discriminate AGAINST taxpayers !!!

  20. Morimoto says:

    I’d like to see studies that compared traffic accidents at the intersections before and after these cameras were installed. There will always be pros and cons to this kind of thing but I’d like to see statistics. If the counties will get the money from fines it should quell the argument that the cameras are there to make a profit rather than to increase safety. I’m tired of red light runners but at the same time I don’t want people stopping on a dime when the light turns yellow.

  21. DowntownMan says:

    The claim about “safety” is malarkey. What proof is there? It’s just another way for govn’t to nickel and dime folks. A tax. Who cares if it’s 4:00 a.m. and there’s no traffic and sensible people do what sensible people do. Starting with House Speaker JOE SOUKI, vote to fire the career politicians. Re-elect no one.

  22. EOD9 says:

    How is it that a camera catches someone running a red light and the vehicle owner gets a citation yet when someone is caught on camera setting off illegal fireworks it doesn’t hold up in court because a police officer wasn’t there to witness it in person? Why the double standard?

  23. btaim says:

    I am fully in support of this bill. If you don’t like the idea of being photographed/ticketed, just obey the law and don’t run any red lights. How hard is that? I wish there was technology to also photograph/ticket pedestrians who enter crosswalks after the walk light begins to flash. Being safe and complying with the law is the responsibility of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

    • wave1 says:

      Yes I am sure you never exceed the speed limit and always come to a complete stop at stop signs. Please post your dash cam on youtube of a day of driving and post the address here so we can view and determine if you speak the truth. No video, never happened…

  24. keonimay says:

    I was gone from Hawai’i, for about 30 years.

    People running the Red Lights, is pretty much, a common practice, since I have returned home.

    Now, Red Light Cameras, are going to bring law & order, back to Hawaii’s Traffic Laws.

    This is going to be, a nice traffic enforcement, magic trick.

    Why now, after all of these years, will there be Order, with the Wild West traffic enforcement ?

  25. wrightj says:

    Kind of curious as to how much the fines will be.

  26. Pirate says:

    “Imada told lawmakers he has 34 years of experience in fleet vehicle maintenance and described the proposed photo enforcement system as flawed, biased and discriminatory.”

    The video is literally going to show motorists running a red light and violating the law. How is this flawed or discriminatory when the acts is caught on video? Imada’s testimony makes no sense. People call everything racist/discrimination these days with no basis.

    • lotstosay says:

      It has nothing to do with race — the bill discriminates against long CDL vehicles because the timing of the yellow lights don’t provide enough time for these vehicles to exit the intersection without being cited. Buses will become this bill’s most frequent victims because bus drivers who try to stop suddenly to avoid the traffic cameras will cause standing passengers and passengers without seat belts to get injured (buses have no seat belts). Once the buses get within a vehicle’s length before the intersection, they are committed to proceed.

    • Derick says:

      What if you’re starting to make a right or left turn and a pedestrian all of a sudden starts crossing in front of you when the flashing red light is down to a couple of seconds. If you yield for the pedestrian and the light turns red before the pedestrian clears, sounds like you’ll get a ticket. This discriminates again the car when the pedestrian is the one who broke the law.

  27. HawaiiCheeseBall says:

    I would suggest that instead of finding new ways of taking money from the people, our leaders find ways to put money back into people’s pockets. I personally would eliminate the vehicle safety checks. Many states have done it with no impact on accidents. It not so much that you same the $14 for the safety check fee, its the time and hassle of finding a service station then waiting in line for the actual safety check.

  28. Jonas says:

    This is a great idea. I see people running red lights every single day. I don’t care where the money goes – we need to stop this habit.

  29. uhsportsfan says:

    I went to Canada a few years ago and they have red light cameras. It’s interesting, no one runs red lights there. As for me, I hate red light runners. When my light is green, theirs is red. That means I get to go and they have to stop. Making me wait while they run the light infringes on my time, and my time is just as, if not more, important than the morons running the red light. I welcome the red light cameras and the tickets and fines that accompany them.

  30. mulletpond says:

    While on the mainland I received so many traffic tickets that I was offered financial assistance for traffic schools. I like the rest of islanders have acquired sloppy driving habits. When returning to Honolulu I noticed a flagrant disregard for yellow lights. Now I see more people running the red because they know there is a three second delay before the other light turns green on most lights. Simple solution use more motorcycle cops and move their posotions daily so drivers are kept guessing of their whereabouts. Safety is the issue. I am amazed that more pedestrians aren’t injured.

  31. hipatriot808 says:

    This type of program is failing across the country and now Hawaii wants to try something without learning from other municipalities that have used it. There will always be red light runners. This will not stop those who already do not drive safely. I’ve witnessed just as many bicyclists running red lights as cars. This smells of just another way the politicians can feel good about themselves without addressing real problems (i.e. infrastructure, homeless, high cost of living). And it is another way to raise funds under the guise of safety.

  32. fiveo says:

    Those who oppose this money grab by the politicians camouflaged under the guise of public safety need to contact their state senators and
    house representatives and voice your opposition. Blogging in this venue is like pissing into the wind for all the good it will do.
    Make your voices heard where it counts.

  33. CubbyFan says:

    After reading all of the comments I changed my point of view a little.

    No Cameras. HPD please enforce existing laws.

    DRIVERS: Please slow down. Stop at lights before turning right.

  34. youngblood says:

    Just get the cops to do their job!

  35. fiveo says:

    You all should know that there is a companion and identical bill for red light cameras in the House of Representatives under HB736 which was introduced by
    Henry Aquino and Joe Souki. So when Joe Souki says he is for the Senate version (SB221) and needs to look into what the bill proposes and
    whether a private contractor will provide the cameras and operate it and that he would want the government to handle the camera operation etc, he is blowing
    smoke. Souki already knows what is in the bill and knows that the operation and maintenance of these red light cameras will be handled by a private contractor like in other jurisdictions which have red light cameras as was the prior failed program (van cams) back in 2002.
    And when Aquino says that he would be willing to have a hearing on the bill, as if this was all new to him, he is also not being forthright given that he and Joe Souki are co-sponsors of the very same identical bill in the House under HB736.

    You should also know that under the bill provisions, the first violation will result in a $200 fine. A second violation will result in a $300 fine and a third violation
    within one year of the first violation will result in a $500 fine. The bill also authorizes the Court to impose jail sentences of various terms and driver education classes.
    In jurisdictions where red light cameras have been put into place, it has resulted in huge revenue windfalls for the jurisdictions and they have been caught in
    manipulating the time sequence of the traffic lights by speeding up the time from when the light turns yellow, and then turns red in order to entrap more drivers
    into violating the law.
    There also have been studies showing that where these traffic red light cameras were installed, the rate of traffic accidents increased substantially due to
    drivers suddenly stopping to avoid being cited and being struck from by the cars behind them.
    For these reasons, red light cameras are universally hated and many jurisdictions have stopped using them.
    This is just another money grab by our wonderful ruling political elite and a way to stream even more revenue to the various jurisdictions that install these
    red light cameras as these bills require that the revenue obtained from the fines be given to the respective counties where the violation occurred.
    However as the fines will be collected by the state, you can expect that the state will “skim” a certain amount of this money for “administrative costs”
    just as they have done with the rail tax and there is nothing to prevent the counties themselves to spend the money heater skelter as it is to be
    placed into the general fund.
    These bills are bound to fly thru the legislature at light speed because both the state and the city get to wet their beaks from this money grab out of your
    wallet. it may also be a good time to buy stocks in the company that will be hired to provide, operate and maintain these red light cameras because it is going to
    be a cash bonanza for them as well.

    Those of you who oppose this money grab disguised as a safety measure need to contact your legislators in the House and Senate and voice your
    objection. Given all the various revenue enhancing measures being green lighted at the legislature this session (increases in the state gas tax,
    vehicle weight tax, registration tax, rail surcharge extension), the average person is going to get taken to the cleaners big time before the fat lady sings,and the
    legislative session ends.

    And lastly, you should know that the Senate version of this bill (SB221) which was just passed out of committee was sponsored by
    Jill Tokuda, Karl Rhoads, Keith Agaran, Lorraine Inoue, and Rosalyn Baker who have all been desperately looking for ways to raise tax revenues from any source they can squeeze, find, or invent.
    I sure hope that you let them know how you feel about what they are intending to do to you all.

  36. yobo says:

    Have they taken into consideration the ‘privacy’ issue of blocking/blurring out the photo of the passenger in case it’s a mistress/girlfriend in the other seat? lol

  37. dragoninwater says:

    You don’t need a real camera, all you need is a few dummy cameras and signs and that in itself will fix most red-light runners. They do this in the EU all the time and it works like magic as you see tourists slow down not aware the camera is a dummy. Wasting money on signs and then millions more on real cameras and the infrastructure does not work, they’ll make up the time by running other red lights without cameras.

  38. Bully says:

    I dont trust our lawmakers, just looking for a way to make it more money from their tax payers without calling it a tax.

    • fiveo says:

      Exactly. That is the game they are playing but I believe that many are catching on and see it for what it is, like you do.
      But it is important that everyone contact their legislator in the House and Senate and voice your opposition and let them know
      that you are wise to what they are trying to do.

  39. chacha555 says:

    He You guys why all the grumbling. If you don’t run the red light no problem. Is it because all the grumbling people are the one who don’t obey the laws. you know no expired safety check , expired car registration. no insurance etc.

  40. BO0o07 says:

    Many good comments, mostly against red light cameras. One thing for sure, too many vehicles running red lights is a big problem. Almost everyday when I’m at a traffic light near my residence, at least 3 out of 5 times I see one or two vehicles running through red lights when the lights were red and they had adequate time and/or distance (at least 100 feet) to stop their vehicle. The maximum speed limit is 25 MPH being a residential area but 95% of vehicle are going 35 to 45 MPH. Comments about HPD doing their jobs or being at intersections with traffic lights is probably asking too much since HPD is supposedly understaffed (no funds to hire more officers) and traffic violators are low on their priority list. Over the last 20 years a couple friends have been stopped for supposedly a traffic violation and before the officer could write the traffic citation, the officer is called away to a more serious incident/crime.

  41. builderguy says:

    Fed light running is so rampard that the new road rage is the driver in back of you getting mad because you stopped or prepare to stop on yellow.
    Looking at these drivers they seem so nonchalant when doing this and not looking around if there is a officer near by because there is no officer looking.
    If officers station under the bridge at the Houghtailing off ramp turning left they would give out hundreds of tickets in a day.

    • jusris says:

      If the officer stays at that intersection the whole day, whose watching the other 20 or so intersections in the area??? Whose responding to the calls that come in If he stays there all day??? #MAGA

  42. inlanikai says:

    Two things: 1) It is not just running a red, they will also get you on failing to FULLY stop before making a right on red. That is where they make most of their money in NY. 2) Initially, NY was short timing the yellow light before turning red. Drivers could not safely stop when seeing yellow, even when traveling at the speed limit, before the light turned red. They were taken to court and proved that the yellow lights were short timed based on national standards and the speed limit and thousands of tickets were thrown out and the state had to go back and re-time the lights.

    This will be a disaster and one more money grab.

  43. ALLU says:

    Whoever voted for the rail– you got it!

    Another “Anything to Pay for the Rail” money making plan! Are ya’ll having fun yet?

  44. HAJAA1 says:

    That’s funny, I see way more bicyclists run red lights than vehicles. WAY more.

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