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Put an egg on it: 10 tasty posts on Instagram


    Grilled asparagus Milanese: Vino Italian Tapas & Wine Bar, Waterfront Plaza, 524-8466

    Though not the star of this dish, a sunny-side-up egg is a picture-perfect finishing touch for this simple, well-balanced classic dish ($17.95) with the plush flavors of white truffle oil and shaved Parmesan cheese.


    Natto cheese omelette: Chez Kenzo, 451 S. King St., 941-2439

    I’m not a natto fan and this dish is not Insta-pretty, so it’s worth noting that Chez Kenzo’s Waimanalo egg omelet ($11) is so fluffy and deliciousthat it makes natto appealing when combined with cheddar and a soy sauce reduction.


    Ribeye Yakisuki: Japanese BBQ Yoshi, 1316 Young St., 784-0067

    Rib-eye is rewarding in itself, but when cooked to rare tenderness on the yakiniku grill and dipped in a silky mixture of raw egg and mountain yam, it will bring you closer to heaven. Cost is $38 for 3.5 ounces of meat.


    Onsen Tamago Salad: Izakaya Torae Torae, 1111 McCully St., 949-5959

    Chef Hide Yoshimoto offers one way to get people to eat more greens by boosting a spinach salad ($9.50) with a ring of mountain yam and centerpiece of slow-cooked Kalei egg. Toss to coat the greens and watch every leaf disappear.


    Eggs and lechon: Shay’s Filipino Cafe, Waipio Shopping Center, 892-1793

    The standard egg-and-meat combo gets a Filipino-style makeover on the all-day breakfast menu. Lechon kawali ($9.50) or sweet or vinegary longanisa ($8.50) are the additional options to accompany two eggs your way.


    Deviled eggs: Spalding House Cafe, 2411 Makiki Heights Drive, 237-5225

    There’s a reason this simple dish of egg whites refilled with spiced yolk has survived since ancient Rome. In its latest incarnation at the museum, the creamy yolks are topped with kale pesto, pickled pepper confetti and sea salt ($9). It’s the devil only to dieters.


    Chawanmushi: Maru Sushi, 1731 Kalakaua Ave., 951-4445

    This luxurious egg custard studded with gingko, mushroom, chicken and shrimp, and topped with mitsuba and bafun uni, elicits moans of pleasure or quiet reverie. It’s one of the highlights of an $180 or $200 omakase meal.


    Loco mocos: Highway Inn, 680 Ala Moana Blvd., 954-4955

    Weekly Moco Mondays give the Kakaako restaurant a chance to try different variations of this dish. These have included a Hawaiian plate-lunch version with full-size laulau, egg, lomi salmon and a pool of beef stew; a chicken adobo moco; and “I Wanna Wana” moco, with uni and nori strips mimicking sea urchin spines. But the two that have permanent residence on the menu are the classic version and Smokin’ Moco (pictured) with a centerpiece of lychee-smoked meat grilled with onions and green bell peppers ($13.95 regular, $9.25 mini).


    Koreana Bowl: Bloomingdale’s Forty Carrots, Ala Moana Center, 800-3638

    Chef Jon Matsubara delivers a beautiful take on bi bim bap with his Koreana Bowl ($25). The eye-catching arrangement of boneless kalbi, pickled wakame, kim chee and onions is delicious whether eaten individually or mixed together.


    Breakfast crepe: Arancino di Mare, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, 931-6273

    Chef Daisuke Hamamoto has reinvented the crepe by folding it into a boxy frame for a double dose of egg in the form of creamy egg salad with Emmental cheese, layered prosciutto and arugula ($13.95). Pure bliss, but just one of several excellent egg dishes here.

Chefs punch up the Instagram quotient of a dish by putting an egg on it. In the question of which came first, the egg craze or Instagram, I suggest the latter. Read more

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