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iDrink puts sparkle in low-calorie beverages


    Remove pin protector from back of the system and insert carbon dioxide canister. The canister will make about 60 liters of sparkling liquid before it needs to be replaced or refilled. Fill bottle to fill line; twist on cap to lock in place. Slide bottle into base at a 45-degree angle, making sure the DrinkMate label is facing you. Push bottle all the way into the base, then push the silver button on top to add CO2. It will fill in seconds; stop when you hear a deflating sound. Remove bottle and lift silver lever to release extra CO2. Push down on blue button under lever to release gas faster.

The iDrink product adds bubbles to beverages, pulped juices excluded. I tested the DrinkMate on water, juice, tea and cold-brew coffee — all were fun to do and drink, except the coffee. Read more

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