comscore More alala to be set free as Hawaiian crow soars
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More alala to be set free as Hawaiian crow soars

  • Hawaii DLNR

    Alala Anti Predator Training Media Clips, Sept. 18, 2018


    Researchers from the ‘Alala Project plan to release about a dozen Hawaiian crows into the wild in the coming weeks. Currently, there are about 125 captive-bred alala at the Keauhou and Maui bird conservation centers.


    A stuffed Hawaiian hawk donated by the Bishop Museum is part of a predator-aversion training production that alala undergo before being released into the wild. Researchers made it a point to make the Hawaiian crows aware of the dangers that will face them after several alala were killed by Hawaiian hawks after being released in 2016.

A year after successfully re-introducing the Hawaiian crow into the wild on Hawaii island, conservation officials are preparing to release their first group of alala in 2018, adding to the small population of birds that survived predatory hawks, avian disease, Hurricane Lane and other torrential rainstorms. Read more

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