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Pilot survives military training jet crash off Honolulu

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    X-treme Parasail's Mack Ladner and Dan Westphal rescued a pilot of a small military training plane in waters south of Oahu. Hawaiian Parasail's Jamey Regelbrugge describes the crash he witnessed.


    The pilot of a Hawker Hunter ejected from his plane over waters off Honolulu on Wednesday. He was picked up shortly afterward by the U.S. Coast Guard.


    A Hawker Hunter military training jet sent up a mighty splash as it slammed into the ocean off Honolulu on Wednesday.


    At left, the pilot who ejected from a military training jet a moment before it crashed off Honolulu was pulled aboard a U.S. Coast Guard vessel on Wednesday. Mack Ladner, in swim trunks at right, jumped into the water to help the pilot.

A camouflaged former military jet shocked two boatloads of parasailors Wednesday afternoon off Kewalo Basin when it appeared to develop trouble and slowed like it was going into a stall before the pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed and rapidly sank. Read more

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