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                                Kailua residents held signs Wednesday afternoon in opposition to a planned affordable rental housing complex on the edge of the single-family Coconut Grove neighborhood.

Plan for affordable housing in Kailua draws controversy

Plan for affordable housing in Kailua draws controversy


                                A male in his 60s was killed, March 1, when the vehicle he was driving struck a concrete rail transit pillar near Kahi Mohala.
Hawaii tallies 30 traffic-related fatalities in first five months of 2020

Oahu had the greatest share of fatalities, with 16, followed by Hawaii County with eight, Maui County with four, and Kauai County, with two. Read more

911 Report

Kunia crash leaves motorcyclist dead; other driver arrested for alleged drunk driving

The crash occurred around 8:20 p.m. when a Dodge truck driven by a 47-year-old man rear-ended the motorcycle north on Kunia Road near the upper Kupuna Loop, police said. Read more

Vital Statistics

Vital statistics: May 15-21, 2020

Each week, the Honolulu Star- Advertiser publishes Oahu statistics for marriage licenses and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health’s Vital Statistics System. Read more

Kokua Line

                                Ruth Iaela-Pukahi, standing in back, shows two of the 7 school meals (each consisting of a Fish Sandwich, Toss Salad with edamame, apple slice, slush drink and milk) she picked up for her 7 students and youngsters including Anya Pukahi, 6, right, and Kiana Johnson-Iaela, 2, front. School meals were available free for children up through age 18 regardless of eligibility for subsidized lunch, on weekdays at various schools in the Hawaii State Department of Education’s free Grab-and-Go meal service for students on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii island and Kauai, Monday, March 23, 2020.
Kokua Line: Free meals don’t stop at 18 for students in special education

Question: There’s been a lot on the news about the free meals handed out at public schools but they always say for children 18 and younger. What about for students with disabilities who continue in public school past age 18? My son is one of them and I know there are many others. May we pick up for them? Read more

Lee Cataluna

                                Milosz Kaczorowski
Lee Cataluna: Quarantined visitor follows Golden Rule

This is a story about a visitor to Hawaii who took the 14-day quarantine very seriously. Read more

Incidental Lives

Incidental Lives: Family-run business thrives on a set of old-school values

If you want to do business with Miller Industries, you’ll need to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with an actual human being or, better, stop by the shop on Kalihi Street, where you can have that same actual conversation face to face with one of those human beings. Read more


                                Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell at a press conference at Honolulu Hale in April.
David Shapiro: Color-coded mayhem marks Hawaii coronavirus response

It’s the last Sunday in May and time to “flASHback” on the month’s news that amused and confused. Read more

Facts of the Matter

                                Clouds drift over a field of flowers in Menkofen, Germany.
Facts of the Matter: Clouds can form an infinite number of stunning displays

Beyond merely noticing how cloudy it is, how often do we really pay attention to clouds? Read more

Volcanic Ash

David Shapiro: As lawmakers fight each other, COVID-19 scores a TKO

In the Legislature’s recent 10-day emergency session, lawmakers devoted more energy to fighting Gov. David Ige than the virus. Read more


                                Astronomers using the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea and the Hubble Space Telescope have captured imagery of a rare galaxy from the early days of the universe. The galaxy, R5519, is about 11 billion light-years away. Left to right: A composite look at R5519 comprising images from the Hubble Space Telescope; a combined color image of the galaxy; and an artist rendering of R5519 by James Josephides of Swinburne Astronomy Productions.
Skywatch: Hawaii observatory is used to glimpse rare galaxy

June signals the last month in our discussion of the star family Kaiwikuamo‘o, the Backbone. Read more

Ocean Watch

                                The kolea population is unknown because the last census was in 1968. With a new website started,, the public can contribute sightings to get an estimate on the population size.
Ocean Watch: Citizen scientists needed to track kolea in Hawaii

This is not a farewell column. It’s a see-you-soon-in-another-place column. I wish everyone the best in these challenging times, and look forward to continuing our connection. Read more

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