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Hawaii News

                                Queen’s Medical Center volunteer nurse Lauline Keller administered the measles vaccine today to Ese Toma, 14.

Samoans grateful for Hawaii medical team

Samoans grateful for Hawaii medical team


Hawaii one of worst states in distracted driving deaths

Hawaii has among the highest deaths related to distracted driving, a new report says. Read more

911 Report

                                Zena Gran, 21, was rescued by lifeguards after being swept off rocks at Yokohama Bay Sunday afternoon. Gran died at The Queen’s Medical Center Tuesday.
Woman, 21, who died after rescue at Yokohama Bay is identified

A 21-year-old woman rescued by lifeguards after a wave swept her off rocks off Yokohama Bay Sunday has died. Read more

Vital Statistics

Vital statistics

Each week, the Honolulu Star- Advertiser publishes Oahu statistics for marriage licenses and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health’s Vital Statistics System.   Read more

Kokua Line

COURTESY PIXABAY drive, driving, driver, lyft, uber, ride sharing, travel
Kokua Line: Even adults must have at least a permit to sign up for driver’s license road test

Question: Can you take the road test without a permit? I am over 18. I’ve never had a license but I know how to drive. Read more

Lee Cataluna

                                Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green checked on the heartbeat of one year old Joanne Semisi who was brought in by Imeleta Silva during a measles epidemic response in Samoa on Thursday, December 5, 2019.
Lee Cataluna: A show of leadership that wasn’t just for show

When state Sen. Josh Green wanted to be lieutenant governor, campaigning not just for higher office, but to serve specifically as an unappreciated No. 2 under the cold, uncollaborative David Ige, it seemed such a waste of an experienced emergency room doctor in a state where we have a perpetual shortage of doctors and an overage of do-nothing politicians. Read more

Incidental Lives

Incidental Lives: Family-run business thrives on a set of old-school values

If you want to do business with Miller Industries, you’ll need to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with an actual human being or, better, stop by the shop on Kalihi Street, where you can have that same actual conversation face to face with one of those human beings. Read more


David Shapiro: How many dead fish does it take to spell ‘incompetence’?

November’s done, and it’s time to “flASHback” on the month’s news that amused and confused. Read more

Facts of the Matter

                                The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree stands in New York decked in more than 50,000 multicolored LED lights. LEDs that appear white generally are actually blue LEDs with yellow filters.
Column: Cool-running LED lights are a hot commodity

The hottest lights on the market today are cool light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. Read more

Volcanic Ash

                                President Donald Trump waves as he arrive at Tuscaloosa Regional Airport Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
David Shapiro: GOP on Trump: ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’

As impeachment proceedings grind on against Donald Trump, it’s fair to ask how much toxic national drama we could be spared if congressional Republicans acted like the patriots they claim to be instead of an unprincipled president’s enablers. Read more


Skywatch: Venus, Southern Cross to grace Hawaii skies in December

As the days get progressively shorter in the winter season, observers will be able to start stargazing as early as 6:30 p.m. Immediately after sunset, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible. Read more

Ocean Watch

                                A peacock flounder with its box crab buddy, lower left, was found on Oahu’s North Shore.
Ocean Watch: Flounder and box crab sometimes ride-share

I may have once seen a peacock flounder with its box crab pal, but I never saw them ride-sharing. Thanks, Charlie, for enlightening us about this extraordinary partnership. Read more

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