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  • Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Hawaii sells affordable housing at discount

Hawaii sells affordable housing at discount


Goodwill Hawaii hosts tax clinics statewide

Goodwill Hawaii again will host free tax clinics statewide for low-income families starting Jan. 29. Read More

911 Report


Honolulu police arrest suspect for allegedly stealing man’s wallet in Chinatown

Remik Ungeni allegedly stole a man’s wallet Wednesday in Chinatown. Read More

Vital Statistics

Vital statistics

Each week, the Honolulu Star- Advertiser publishes Oahu statistics for marriage licenses and birth certificates filed with the state Department of Health’s Vital Statistics System. The dates indicate when the information was filed. Read More

Kokua Line

Kokua Line: No set-aside for Hawaii artists in lottery of affordable lofts

Question: Regarding the new lofts in Kakaako (808ne.ws/artistlofts), will local artists in particular get preference? Read More

Lee Cataluna

Lee Cataluna: Good intention trapped in outdated local style

It’s unfortunate that Case’s attempt to build a connection backfired, because clearly he didn’t intend the remark to come off so badly. Read More

Incidental Lives

Column: Transplant survivor breathes easy thanks to friends and family

Admittedly, Sean Keoni Craig was not a well man when he and a group of friends set out for Los Angeles in September to celebrate his 52nd birthday at the happiest place on Earth. Read More


fl(ASH)back: Going from the ridiculous to the profane

It’s the last Sunday in November and time to “flASHback” on the month’s news that amused and confused. Read More

Facts of the Matter

Column: Science of color and light lies in what we cannot see

All paint inside a can is black until the can is opened. Strange as it might seem, it is true. What we see as color is a matter of perception, intrinsic properties of an object and the light that illuminates it. Read More

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash: Legislature puts new focus on changing state elections

If top state legislators are good to their word, 2019 could be a year of badly needed election reform in Hawaii. Read More


Skywatch: Earth will be at closest point to sun in January

Once again we return to the first of our four star families, Kekaomakali‘i, the Bailer of Makali‘i, as it makes its nightly east-to-west progression across the horizon. Read More

Ocean Watch

Ocean Watch: Upset about pollution? Stop buying bottled water

Like most people, I’m frustrated over the plastic pollution problem and wonder if anything I do will make a difference. Read More

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